20 Chic Chocolate Mauve Hair Coloring Ideas To Try This Year


Chocolate mauve hair shades look wonderful for any season. In general, it is in winter and spring that every woman begins to look for the ideal color option, which is moderately saturated, beautiful, and dazzling.

Deep shades are used, including chocolate mauve hair color.

You can experiment with the image and show your individuality in a new way using such a simple technique as hair coloring.

However, a positive result should not be an accident, therefore, a change in the color must be carefully planned, taking into account both the most fashionable trends of the new season and the features of your hair.

20 Chic Chocolate Mauve Hair Coloring Ideas

The chocolate mauve hair color is beautiful and capturing. The shade itself looks no less beautiful. The author of the idea is the American stylist and hairdresser Anna Edelman.

Chocolate mauve is a shade that suits dark-haired girls incredibly.

The main role is played by the chocolate color tone. Anna Edelman advises mixing it with red, yellow, pink, green, and purple to get the color of a chocolate lily. It is, of course, better not to experiment on your own.

Ask a professional for a fantastic shade.

Here, you will find some exclusive ideas to make your hair even more attractive.

Mauve vs. Lilac

Most ladies consider mauve simply as a lilac color scheme shade.

However, the tones are different: lilac is lighter and softer while mauve is brighter. But, both of them evoke only positive emotions devoid of vulgarity.

These shades are referred to as warm purple tones.

20 Chic Chocolate Mauve Hair Coloring Ideas

Who Is Chocolate Mauve Hair Suitable for?

Chocolate mauve hair is chosen by courageous women with an active lifestyle. It has no age limit.

For mature ladies, it gives freshness and playfulness, and young ladies with a warm chocolate mauve shade of hair look like mysterious forest nymphs.

Chocolate mauve is ideal for women who have a winter color type (fair skin and bare gray eyes). It is best for brown-eyed dark-skinned women to opt for partial staining. It is enough to make a few strands purple, and the image will become unique.

20 Chic Chocolate Mauve Hair Coloring Ideas

A warm shade of purple can highlight the virtues of the look and at the same time distract from the flaws.

As for the variety of purple chocolate, it suits young ladies with dark eyes and olive skin. Chocolate-lilac will add mystery to the image and warmth in winter.


The advantages of the original shade include the following characteristics:

  • Chocolate mauve hair color will become a highlight of any female image;
  • It is ideal for a noisy party and a romantic walk;
  • Perfectly dyes gray hair;
  • It is suitable for hair of various lengths and structures.


However, with all the advantages of lilac color, disadvantages are still present.

For example, this shade is not quite suitable for women working in serious government structures.

Also, a bold color requires constant adjustment, which is quite costly. In addition, the purple tone is not so easy to obtain.

Everything will depend on the procedure and the right products.

Chocolate-Lilac Ombre

The chocolate-lilac ombre looks very modern, versatile, and stylish and suits brown-haired women and brunettes with an olive skin tone.

Indeed, the presented type of highlighting implies a color transition from chocolate at the roots to lilac and even light pink at the tips.

This method allows you not to injure the entire length of your hair with coloring, and you do not have to regularly tint the roots.

20 Chic Chocolate Mauve Hair Coloring Ideas

Appropriate Makeup for Chocolate Mauve Hair

It is necessary to emphasize such coloring with appropriate makeup, for example, Smokey eyes, where you can apply a mix of two tones at once – brown and lilac.

Hair Styling

All popular styling will work great on chocolate-lilac highlighting, making the hair color even more noticeable and attractive.

For example, you can always make light waves on the strands or make a hairstyle – a bun on loose hair.

20 Chic Chocolate Mauve Hair Coloring Ideas

Chocolate Mauve Hair Highlights

Chocolate Mauve will definitely warm you during the colder months of the year.

Moreover, the length of your hair is not at all important here. You can try some creative highlights on short pixie hair with long bangs, on medium bob or bob, as well as on longer versions in the form of cascade or ladders.

20 Chic Chocolate Mauve Hair Coloring Ideas

Chocolate Mauve on Curls

The structure of the hair is not so critical.

You can safely apply the presented coloring if you have straight hair, however, you will certainly achieve a more beautiful look if you use stylish highlights on wavy curls.

20 Chic Chocolate Mauve Hair Coloring Ideas

How Do You Get Chocolate Lilac Hair Color?

Chocolate-lilac hair color belongs to dark cold shades and, according to the theory of color types, is ideal for a winter look.

There are other ways to match hair color to your skin and eyes, and rules are needed to be broken. Therefore, sometimes a dark lilac shade can beautify a girl with dark golden skin.

As you can see, not only blond can be cold. Chocolate lilac hair color also belongs to the cold palette of shades, which are not as easy to achieve as golden and red.

20 Chic Chocolate Mauve Hair Coloring Ideas

Chocolate lilac hair color is not found naturally, but you can always get it. The easiest way is to dye your hair in one color. This deep dark shade between chocolate and purple is sometimes referred to as eggplant.

Eggplant Hair Color

This shade was once very fashionable, then it has ceased to be a trend for a while. Isn’t it time to return to the well-forgotten old?

Chocolate lilac hair color can be called one of the most beautiful ways to shade dark hair today. For brunettes, it can become the same trendy solution as for fair-haired girls – strawberry blond.

20 Chic Chocolate Mauve Hair Coloring Ideas

Purple Chocolate

Another popular hair shade among modern women of fashion is purple chocolate.

This is a multifaceted, original, and tasty tone. As a result of hair dyeing, the hair roots remain dark brown, and the rest of the strands acquire a rich pink-purple hue.

20 Chic Chocolate Mauve Hair Coloring Ideas

Chocolate-Purple Ombre

Ombre from chocolate to purple will make you stand out from the rest of the brunettes.

You can also add purple strands to your chocolate-colored hair using the highlighting or balayage technique.

20 Chic Chocolate Mauve Hair Coloring Ideas

Chocolate & Pink

You can perfectly combine chocolate with lighter, pink shades.

If you have found your own successful way of getting chocolate and pink hair, you have the opportunity to look fresh and unique without standing out too much.

20 Chic Chocolate Mauve Hair Coloring Ideas

What Color Is Chocolate Hair Color?

Chocolate hair – a brunette hair color resembling chocolate candy hues.

Brunette women have an assortment of shades to choose from. Milk or dark chocolate, cocoa, spicy, or even raspberry-tint chocolate are some vivid examples.

20 Chic Chocolate Mauve Hair Coloring Ideas

What Is Mauve Hair Color?

Nowadays, the trends in the beauty world are changing so fast.

Before you know it, there is a new hair shade in the list of the trendiest hues. And this is definitely about mauve hair color.

This shiny tint is a cross between purple and pink, with gray undertones, resembling the rose gold tint.

20 Chic Chocolate Mauve Hair Coloring Ideas

How Do You Make Chocolate Mauve Hair?

Chocolate mauve hair is made by the combination of bleaching and adding pastel pink tints through the process of balayage.

So, if you have no prior experience, we advise you to start by dyeing your hair in one color.

To perform the balayage technique yourself, it is better to have experience or contact a professional.

20 Chic Chocolate Mauve Hair Coloring Ideas

Chocolate Mauve Hair Color at Home

In the case when you just decide to buy paint and dye your hair at home, try to follow these tips.

  1. Choose a paint not by the picture on the package or the name, but by the number. The markings may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, but usually, the first numbers 2-4 indicate the tone level from dark to light brown. Further, the numbers 5 and 6, respectively, indicate the presence of a red-violet or blue-violet pigment.
  2. Before applying the paint, apply a drop of the paint composition to a small area of the skin, such as the crook of the elbow, in advance. We know that many people ignore this rule, but it helps to identify an allergic reaction!
  3. Make sure that with your hair tone level you can use the dye without additional bleaching.

20 Chic Chocolate Mauve Hair Coloring Ideas

How to Get the Desired Shade?

You can create a beautiful, spectacular color in a beauty salon and at home. If we talk about full staining, then the procedure consists of several stages.

20 Chic Chocolate Mauve Hair Coloring Ideas

Hair Bleaching

For fair-haired young ladies, gentle means (6%) are suitable, and brunettes are best suited to use formulations with an oxide content of 12%.

Hair Coloring with Paint or Tint Tonic

The first product will give an excellent saturated color. Tint tonics and balms have a gentle composition but do not differ in durability.

Applying Nutrients to Colored Hair

These formulations are used to make hair shiny and soft.

You can also get a lilac shade with the help of special sprays and varnishes. However, such products wash off quickly and stain the scalp badly.

As for the shade of chocolate mauve, you can purchase hair dye (eggplant).

In this case, the hand of a professional is required.

Chocolate-mauve-hair-cold-color-type-Chocolate mauve hair-hair coloring ideas-fantasy hair color


For example, one of the most popular methods is the ombre. This technique involves merging two colors. In this case, the hair at the roots will be dyed brown, and the rest of the strands will sparkle with mauve shades.

In addition, adding light purple to chocolate-colored hair will turn out using the balayage and highlighting technique.

What Is the Ugliest Hair Color?

Pantone 448 C is known to be the ugliest color in the world. It is a color in the Pantone color scheme. It is also referred to as – drab dark brown.

20 Chic Chocolate Mauve Hair Coloring Ideas

Chocolate-mauve-hair-coloring-ideas-fantasy-hair-color-Chocolate mauve hair-hair coloring ideas-fantasy hair color

Chocolate-mauve-hair-fantasy-hair-colo-Chocolate mauve hair-hair coloring ideas-fantasy hair color


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Chocolate-mauve-hair-hair-coloring-ideas-fantasy-hair-color-on-tiger-eye-Chocolate mauve hair-hair coloring ideas-fantasy hair color

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