Braided Hairstyles 2023: Top 7 Original Hairdos To Try The Next

Braided hairstyles 2023 Hairstyle Ideas

Braided hairstyles 2023 are popular. And this summer we gladly adopt it whatever the length or color of the hair. Discover the best inspiring models to copy right away!

Glued, classic, long… There are a multitude of ways to make braided hairstyles 2023. And there is bound to be one that you will like! If they are very simple to do on long hair, there are some that are also suitable for shorter hair.

You can make African mats for example, they are ultra-trendy.

Braided hairstyles 2023:The simple braids (but cannons)

If you find it difficult to make them yourself, do not hesitate to start with an easier model so as not to complicate your life among the best options braided hairstyles 2023.

Braided hairstyles 2023

The glued braid is particularly simple to do: just braid three sections of your hair together and take a new section of hair from each side of your head when you tie a new knot.

It’s up to you to make a thick one, or two that arrive on each side of your face, or even just one, but which stops in the middle of the head to come and tie in a half-tail.

More elaborate hairstyles

Some braided hairstyles 2023 are more complicated to do: they are in spikes or group skilfully intertwined locks.

This is the case, for example, of that of the international top model Cara Delevingne: while a braid is stuck on one side of her head, all her hair is found on the other side, tied with a pretty romantic braid quite cowardly. We love!

Braided hairstyles 2023

No idea to tame your lengths? Take inspiration from our special hairstyle selection for long hair!

The gradient to structure:braided hairstyles 2023

To avoid the tow or shapeless effect, ask your hairstyle to degrade your lengths. If you have fine hair, opt for a deep layer that will give volume to your hair.

If, on the contrary, they are thicker, or if you are looking for a more discreet effect, make a gradient only on the bottom and around the face.

Braided hair 2023:Ripples to create movement

Curly hair is popular. Audrey Fleurot, Gisele Bündchen, Jennifer Lawrence… The stars no longer hesitate to let their manes live or create fake curls. If you have naturally straight hair, invest in a curling or straightening iron to create lovely natural waves.

Braided hairstyles 2023

For a more bohemian style, the technique of braiding wet hair in the evening at bedtime is a very effective classic.

The braid, your best ally: braided hair 2023

Braided hairstyles 2023 is ideal for highlighting your long hair. Classic, ear of wheat, African, waterfall… There is something for all tastes and all levels, so have fun.

If you need inspiration, do not hesitate to take a look on Braided hairstyles 2023  gold mines in terms of hairstyle tutorials. Finally, know that the braid is particularly pretty on the swept hair: we find on each of the strands the nuances of the coloring. Magical !

Baby Braids:  inspirations to follow the summer trend

Spotted on the catwalks and adopted by the stars, Baby Braids style braids will be everywhere this summer. Focus on this ultra-simple and quick-to-reproduce hair trend.

While low-waisted jeans are making a comeback in our wardrobes and our mouths are once again adorned with gloss, on the hairstyle side, the Y2K trend is manifesting itself in the form of Baby Braids, these more or less fine braids that “frame ” the face.

Braided hairstyles 2023

In the braided hairstyles 2023 version, this very fashionable hairstyle in the 90s/2000s is displayed both on the catwalks of Fashion Week shows and on stars such as singers Angèle and Dua Lipa, models Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner or again actress Millie Bobby Brown.

Ultra quick and easy to make, find below the images of inspiration to make Baby Braids.

It’s hard to miss the side hairstyle braids trend. It must be said that braids have almost dethroned hair accessories among the ornaments that adorn our hair. On loose or hooked hair, the braid is the hairdressing gesture that seduces. The proof in pictures with the stars.

If you have in mind the bohemian braided hairstyles 2023 , on the side and tousled, or the braid tied around the head like a modern day Heidi, well you haven’t seen it all.

Braided hairstyles 2023

The braid is indeed a hairstyle trend that does not stop there. Hairstyles adorned with braids can also give a rock, couture or even glamorous look.

The stars show us the way with braids worn to adorn a bun or to make a pretty head wear on loose hair by braiding locks on one side, or on each side of the skull. The braid that reaps the most success? The one worn at the bottom of the neck, the hair on the side. A trend to adopt if you have long hair.

The braid, a hairstyle suitable for all

But the braid, and once again celebrities prove it, can be worn on almost any hair type. It is precisely a hairstyle that can discipline almost all types of hair.

Finally, the braid can also be a trick to hide bangs that grow back or to hang hair squared in a fuzzy way.

Braided hairstyles 2023

Tip: if you don’t have very long hair you can make a braid from the side of the skull and hide its end under a lock of hair, on the other side, with a few flat pliers to hold it in place.

Tip: for the bohemian side, we leave a few locks free and we don’t start exactly from the middle of the head for the braid.

The braided bun

There are multiple options for wearing the braided bun.

Instructions for use: isolate 3 large strands of hair, 2 on each side, and the rest of the mass. With an African braid technique we braid everything before joining them in a single bun.


Medusa ponytail: the original trendy hairstyle of 2022 to test now

Tired of classic ponytails? Let yourself be tempted by the medusa ponytail, a hairstyle that has already been very trendy for a few weeks.

Nothing better than a nice ponytail when it’s hot or when you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s as elegant as it is super hot and trendy.

Braided hairstyles 2023

A real safe bet in hairstyles, the ponytail is endlessly versatile.

So far, we have already told you about the “barbie” ponytail, the disheveled ponytail or even the half-ponytail, but today is a little news which makes its appearance: the medusa ponytail. Why this name?

Because this hairstyle is inspired by the tentacles of jellyfish. If at first glance the image may not seem very charming to you, rest assured, this hairstyle is really hot. In reality, it is simply a ponytail to which we have added small braids, look!

How to make a medusa ponytail?

In addition to being really pretty, this hairstyle is very simple to achieve. To obtain a medusa ponytail, make it preferably on dirty hair, which will allow the hairstyle to hold better. It’s not very glamorous, of course, but hey, it’s practical.

Then follow these few steps:

  • Brush your hair back and pull it tight for a classic high ponytail. If your hair is clean, feel free to dampen it slightly.
  • With hairspray or styling gel, flatten your hair, so that no frizz appears.
  • In your ponytail, make mini-braids that you will attach with small thin rubber bands. It’s up to you to make one, two, three or more!
  • Also note that this “jellyfish” style can also be done on high duvets. Well, that’s it ! We told you, it’s simple, right?

Braided hairstyles 2023

African hairstyle idea with small braids glued to the side

For the braided hairstyles 2023  you see above, you need a little more patience. Very lightly brush the base of your hair. Take the part of the forehead in small bun. The remaining hair, you divide into three equal strands. Secure with pins the part in the middle, just like in the picture above.

The two parts that remain free on the sides, we will use them to make small glued braids. Separate again into three strands for each braid.

Moisturize well with oils of your preference before you start braiding. Take the left strand to place it on the middle one. Then place the right strand on the middle strand.

Braided hairstyles 2023

Then, take a small strand below the braid with your right hand to add it with the right strand before passing it over the middle one.

Take each time a small wick below the mat before passing the strand in the middle. Continue this procedure according to the length of the hair.

Then, secure the braids on the upper part of the hairstyle. This hairstyle is not very simple, but gives very pretty results.

Braided hairstyles 2023: The knotless braids

First of all, impossible not to mention this hairstyle which has been part of the trendy hairstyles in France. The “Knotless Braids” which are literally translated as knotless braids look exactly like box braids.

With the difference that with these braids, your hair is not directly in contact with the additions.

Braided hairstyles 2023

Then, Butterfly Locs (or butterfly locks), which is a hairstyle derived from faux locks will give you a roots and classy look. In order to achieve it, you will need curly locks and depending on the density of your hair, more or less 10 packs of locks.

As well as clips, rubber bands and a comb. This is why you can follow this tutorial which shows how to achieve this hairstyle on afro hair. The finish is very nice!

Cornrows or glued mats among braided hairstyles 2023

First, the glued pigtails is one of the easiest hairstyles on afro hair to do. Moreover, it must be said that this hairstyle has long been seen as cheesy, but it is nowadays trendy.

Indeed, it can serve as a simple and elegant hairstyle. And that, we totally validate. For example, you can also do this hairstyle with or without additions, using a little gel or wax to give your hairstyle more hold and shine.

The Fulani braids

No need to make a presentation, since this hairstyle has remained one of the most trendy for several years now.

There’s something for everyone ! Indeed, it is available as desired, bun, loose or with hair accessories such as pearls. In short, you will then have a wide choice available to you!

Braided hairstyles 2023

It is one of the major hairstyle trends for this spring. Besides, we only saw her on the catwalks of Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2022: cornrows version (Lanvin, Balmain), XXL (Erdem, Courrèges), or knotless (Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu).. .

“The craze for braids goes hand in hand with the desire to respect hair textures, like personalities: they are part of the multiculturalism that is particularly present in fashion today,” explains hairdresser Damien Boissinot.

The braid has never been so present, from the catwalk to the street.

In terms of style, exit the classic braids, no longer in tune with the times.

“We are always a little behind in France when it comes to braids…”, slips Nelly Dagba, the originator of Mayowa Nicholas’ braids, seen this season on the Givenchy, Burberry and Balmain catwalks.

It was therefore in the United States, in 2018, that the expert went to train in the two major trends of the moment: cornrows (braided very close to the scalp) and knotless (without ties at the root).

Their particularities?

1) A natural look. These techniques make it easy to hide the extensions, which are essential for gaining length.

2) they are also the ones that take the least root. Beyond their aesthetic aspect, the braids allow you to forget your hair, to avoid soliciting them and to put the bulbs to rest.

Braided hairstyles 2023

The expert also recommends sticking to one or two shampoos maximum throughout the wearing of the braids, which should not exceed three weeks to avoid suffocating the scalp.

Also remember to let your hair breathe for at least a week before renewing the braiding.

From a practical point of view, “doing braids alone is not given to everyone… You can easily do simple things, but not glued braids for example”, explains Nelly Dagba.

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