Hairstyles For Girls 2023: Best 7 Ideas Sublime All Hair And All Faces

Hairstyles For Girls 2023 Hairstyle Ideas

Hairstyles for girls 2023: The change of season rhymes with a change of look!

Faced with the approach of cold days, we are certainly impatient to discover the new hair products that will reign in the next few months. And today, our editors are going to decipher hairstyles for girls 2023 so that the girls stay in the wind!

The XXL volume or the hair tied up in a chic way? Which one among hairstyles for girls 2023 is for you?

Hairstyles For Girls 2023

Focus on the 5 hair styles that we will see on everyone’s head this season.

The new fall-winter hairstyles for girls 2023 are surprising. This year, we will see certain hair styles making a big comeback and chic accessories adorning the hair. So, don’t wait any longer and discover the hairstyle that best enhances your mane!

The Liquid Hair is back and promises a mane as soft as silk

The so-called liquid hair enjoys an unmistakable shiny effect and caused a sensation at the beginning of the year. This fall-winter, Liquid Hair is back once again to eliminate frizz, hydrate hair and restore suppleness and shine.

To achieve this silky finish, the use of an intense keratin-based treatment is essential. Think of shampoos and masks that will nourish and boost your hair while also filling up on the heat-protective spray. Then, blow-dry or straighten and you’re done. No need to visit your hairdresser.

Hairstyles For Girls 2023

Braids will be THE biggest of hairstyles for girls 2023

A chameleon hair style that continues to gain in popularity, braids are THE fall 2022 hairstyle trend that will continue to reign in winter. Glued braids, baby braids, colored additions… there is something for everyone and all trends are allowed.

Whether you have short, long, straight or curly hair, braids are versatile and suitable for every girl. Take a look at the TikTok video above to learn how to master the famous Dutch Braid!

 The XXL volume of the 80s is making a comeback in hairstyles for girls 2023

The fluffy hair of the 80s is making a comeback this season to bring texture to your hairstyles for girls 2023 choice. What succumb to it to add volume to the hair and enjoy a “wow” effect that will turn heads! Curly, textured or wavy manes, voluminous Farrah Fawcett hair is on the rise of hairstyles for girls 2023.

Hairstyles For Girls 2023

YouTube user Jessica Vill shows us above a tutorial of the famous Bombshell hair that is very easy to make at home.

Hairs tied up: hairstyles for girls 2023

How about wearing your hair up this fall-winter?

Contrary to popular belief, this hair look does not only twist manes in summer, but also those of the cold season. What style to adopt among hairstyles for girls 2023? Good news: here, the possibilities are literally endless! Whether it’s a classic or a bubble ponytail hairstyle, in a high, low or half up version… you are certainly spoiled for choice.

But that’s far from all! The hairstyles for girls 2023 advocate chic and ultra-modern accessories that give that little je-ne-sais-quoi to the mane.

Hairstyles For Girls 2023

From a cool velvet bow to an organza scrunchie and scarves, trendy hair accessories 2022 have it all and meet the preferences of every trendy girl. Don’t hesitate to enhance it with a silk scarf for a chic and trendy hairstyle.

The wet look is glamorous and can even be worn hairstyles for girls 2023

Certainly, it was believed that wet hair is reserved for sunny days, but the parades have proven otherwise. The hairstyles for girls 2023 will glorify the wet look which will always be trendy in winter

. The key of hairstyles for girls 2023  is to achieve a smooth surface, but excellently cared for.

To do this, gel or hair oil are at your disposal. If the total wet look bothers you, we offer you a good alternative to consider: glamorous and sophisticated slicked back hair where the roots are flattened and slightly wet while the lengths remain dry. Elaborate look guaranteed!

Hairstyles For Girls 2023: Best 7 Ideas Sublime All Hair And All Faces

Curtain fringe that flatters all faces

Hair signature of Brigitte Bardot in the 70s, the curtain fringe is worn today in different modern ways and for every occasion. However, the retro touch still remains there to bring the charm of yesteryear to our hair.

So-called “curtain bangs” remain quite a popular choice among fashionable girls and have been causing a stir for a few months now.

However, a dynamic variation of this classic cut promises to be all the rage in the weeks to come, too. We are talking in particular about the degraded curtain fringe – a little-known version that has everything to please! Who is it for and how to wear it? Decryption of hairstyles for girls 2023!

The degraded curtain fringe: hairstyles for girls 2023

Short, long, layered… the curtain fringe offers some chic variations that are always on the rise. Popularized in the seventies, curtain bangs are now a fashion effect that seduces girls around the world and even creates hybrid styles to die for.

Such is the case of the Brachel cut which not only aims to freshen up the manes, but also an XXL volume. As you’ve probably guessed by now, it combines Brigitte Bardot’s iconic curtain bangs with Rachel Green’s infamous layered cut (played by Jennifer Aniston) in the Friends series gradient that has the ability to soften facial features and enhance cheekbones.

This 2022 fringe is characterized by longer locks giving pep to the face that will end up blending harmoniously into the lengths.

But who is it best for? Find out in the following paragraphs if you can benefit from it!

Can’t wait to adopt the 2023 bangs par excellence

I therefore give you the good news: the curtain bangs in gradient flatter all types of faces and hair! Go to your hairdresser! Long or short, this remarkable fringe owes its charm to its unstructured appearance. Very easy to style, it allows us to change our heads as we see fit.

A real all-purpose, the gradient curtain fringe delicately frames the face and is worn rather voluminous for a very successful retro chic look. Another great advantage: it is very easy to style and does not require regular visits to the hairdresser. Hair tip: Do not hesitate to opt for one of our tips to add volume to the hair and thus best enhance your curtain fringe.

How to style the degraded curtain fringe?

Believe it or not, you can cut your tapered curtain fringe yourself. Take a look at the video above where a YouTube user shows how to accomplish this task with fairly detailed instructions. You will need barber scissors and a comb.

Do not use kitchen scissors, as they are sharp and not precise. Note that it is essential to cut on dry hair. While the degraded curtain fringe is quite feasible at home without the fuss, I still advise you to visit a professional hairdresser. It’s actually the best option, because that way you don’t risk damaging your hair or ending up with a real hair disaster.

Have you finally succumbed to the famous gradient curtain bangs or are you still hesitating? In either case, it is important to know how to style curtain bangs. Do not panic, because it is very easy and does not take much time.

What’s more, there are a few different methods available to you.

Traditional or degraded, the star fringe of the year bends according to your desires and can look perfect in just a few minutes. With a straightener, with a hair dryer, flat pliers or curling rollers… you are spoiled for choice.

Please check out the video above for several different ways to style your layered curtain bangs. If you are using any of the methods with heat, remember to apply a heat protectant spray before the treatment.

Hairstyles For Girls 2023

Likewise, nourishing care is in order. It is better to rely on keratin-based products to provide your hair with optimal care.

The Brachel cut to chase away the gloom of winter

Love at first sight! Here is the phrase that best describes the Brachel cut – an ultra-trendy hybrid hairstyle that is currently appealing to trendy girls. For those of you who don’t know, this hair style combines the iconic long curtain bangs of Brigitte Bardot with the famous cut of Rachel Green in the series Friends.

Similar to the U shape cut, the Brachel cut adapts to all morphologies and creates the impression of having a spectacular volume. Take into account that it requires specific styling that takes time. You must blow-dry with a round brush and create light waves. Curling rollers are also a good option to consider.

Hairstyles for girls 2023: We love the Shag

Airy and always in vogue among girls hairstyles 2023, the Shag cut embodies the hippie spirit of the 70s and gives the mane an unequivocal styled-disheveled effect! Along with adding volume, the Shag also helps pimp up a bob cut in a retro way that turns heads.

It is a degraded cut on long hair that frames the face while energizing the mane. Do not hesitate to taper a few lengths to adopt a rock’n’roll look! Sounds good to you, doesn’t it?

Air cut: the trendy cut that gives volume to all hair types

Looking for a new hairstyle for the holidays? The new TikTok trend is the perfect solution! It is called Air cut and is rapidly gaining popularity because it can add volume to any type of hair. It doesn’t matter if you are naturally curly, afro or have absolutely straight hair, this technique will give you the desired look.

Hairstyles For Girls 2023

How to adopt the air cut: girls hairstyles 2023

Air hair is another viral trend that originated in Korea. The technique involves cutting layers very close together, concentrating them around the face to frame it and add volume to the hair. The emphasis is on the wispy bangs which bring softness to the facial features.

So when you tousle the hair with your fingers or run a brush through your locks, you’ll achieve that light, full, airy effect – hence the name “Air cut”.

If you want to have long and airy hair, you need thick hair. Is this your hair type? If not, you should choose a shorter cut. But if you think this style suits you, then be sure that at the Christmas party, all eyes will be on you!

The aerial cut is an evolution of more severe hairstyles, like the wolf cut and the “shullet” (a mix of shag and mullet), but it adds more swing and glamour. To enhance the look even more, combine the trendy haircut with a color such as sweeping or highlights/lowlights.

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