Haircuts For Thick Hair 2023: 6 Best Ideas That Work With Your Glorious Volume

Haircuts For Thick Hair 2023: Hairstyle Ideas

Haircuts for thick hair 2023 will bring you a whole new look for the upcoming year, for sure

In recent years, the word “thick” has taken on a whole new meaning! But if you’re a woman with thick hair, you might not see this word as a compliment.

As  beauty lovers, very familiar with the trials and tribulations of having too much hair. With this hair type, you deal with some very frustrating issues—both in the salon and while styling at home.

That’s why we compiled this guide and gallery on the ideal haircuts for women with thick hair! By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have no problems choosing a fabulous hairstyle during every salon appointment.

Haircuts For Thick Hair 2023:

What is Thick Hair?

Thick hair is characterized by a high density of individual hairs per square inch. Studies have found the average human hair density is between 800 – 1,290 hairs per square inch.

That said, it’s not exactly easy to measure this! If you’ve ever been told you have thick hair while getting your hair done, that’s a clear indicator. You can also look in a mirror. If you can’t see your scalp at all while your hair is down, you probably have thick hair. Haircuts for thick hair 2023 are ready to astonish you.

Haircuts For Thick Hair 2023:

And having thick hair comes with its own trials and tribulations. For example, finding a cut that removes enough bulk but is still long enough to ponytail can be tricky. Long shags are among the most versatile haircuts for women with thick hair.

But you can wear it short, too! Bob haircuts are an excellent option for making thick hair feel lighter.

Feel lighter: haircuts for thick hair 2023

Honestly, any length can suit thick hair, so long as the cut is tailored to suit you. Even medium-length hairstyles can reduce bulk and add movement!

Those of us with thick hair usually have one objective when considering a new haircut: to decrease the potential for poof. As Jasmine Burnside, editorial and celebrity hairdresser, explains, “With thick hair, you have a high density of strands per square inch of your scalp.” Some folks also have thicker individual strands (hi!), which adds even more bulk.

The good news is that volume is never an issue. Rather, you’re optimizing your abundant mane by creating some shape and movement throughout. “For me, it’s less about finding the best haircut, but more about how you cut the hair and the techniques and tools you use,” says Burnside.

“Depending on the desired haircut, I would approach the look by using a razor to take out weight from the inside, which you can see in action here. If the hair is on the frizzier side, using a scissor to slide cut gives similar results,” she adds.

Haircuts For Thick Hair 2023:

This is why finding a skilled stylist who can work with your hair and styling preferences is so important. Having some points of reference can also help, which is what we’ll help you with ahead.

The Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

Your biggest goal is most likely getting your thick hair to feel light and manageable. But you should never get a haircut without considering your face shape. The same style looks completely different on 2 women who both have thick hair if their face shapes are different.

So, I’ve compiled some tips for each face shape below. But keep in mind that we’re all unique individuals! If you feel that you don’t 100% fall into a specific category, that’s okay. Try to marry my tips from the 2 face shapes that are closest to yours.

  • Diamond. You’ll want a haircut that makes your cheekbones look a bit less wide. If you like edgy cuts, a chin-length mullet would be perfect. For something timeless, a textured bob with lots of facial framing would suit you well. Long hair is fine, too—the facial framing is the key element.
  • Heart-Shaped. The goal with a heart-shaped face is to make your forehead look narrower. Avoid styles with lots of volume in the top and crown. A shoulder-length lob would look great. If you have curls, a medium shag will create the perfect balance.
  • Oval. This is the ideal face shape, so you aren’t trying to create any specific illusion. Any haircut that lightens your thick hair and suits your lifestyle will be a great fit.
  • Round. You always want to make a round face look longer. Long hair is the best way to do so. At the same time, you still need layers to reduce bulk. Try a shoulder-length cut with facial framing and textured layers for the best of both worlds.
  • Square. The ultimate goal here is softening and rounding the hard angles of your face. So, blunt lines are a no-go. Any length can create softness so long as you have lots of texture, even through your ends. No matter what cut you choose, ask for facial framing starting around your cheekbones and point-cutting throughout.
  • Rectangle. A common challenge with this face shape is sunken or hollow-looking cheeks. The best way to counteract this is with a chin-length layered bob or shag. I suggest asking for layers that create volume around your cheekbones, too. This combo creates the illusion of an oval face shape.

Haircuts For Thick Hair 2023: 6 Best Ideas That Work With Your Glorious Volume

Short haircuts for thick hair 2023: secret weapons

For those who prefer a low maintenance cut, adding long layers throughout can break up the bulk without requiring any more upkeep. As Trace Henningsen, a celebrity hairstylist and ambassador for Leonor Greyl explains, “The secret weapon to thick hair is long layers because they create movement and make your hair feel lighter.”

Pro Tips on Hair Lengths for Women with Thick Hair

Every length of hair can be customized in lots of ways. This is especially true when you have thick hair. You literally have more hair to work with than someone with medium or thin density!

But each length can present certain advantages and challenges, too. Next, I’ll go over my tips for each length.

Haircuts For Thick Hair 2023: 6 Best Ideas That Work With Your Glorious Volume

Very Short Hair

“Very short” haircuts are either clean around your ear or barely cover your ears. Pixies, lixies, and ultra-short bobs are good examples.

If you’re a thick-haired curly girl, this length can be a lot of fun. You can show off your personality by styling the top without fussing over controlling the sides.

This length is great for thick-haired women of any hair type, though. Having so much hair gives you tons of personalization options. You can get punky with designs shaved in the sides, or even shave a side shorter than the rest.

For something more polished, you can try a bob that skims your cheekbones or a pixie with a swoopy bang. Styling doesn’t take long since you don’t do much with the sides, besides maybe wetting them down and combing.

The one thing to consider is salon maintenance. Precision haircuts on thick hair tend to lose shape and sharpness faster than thin hair.

If you’d rather visit the salon as rarely as possible, a short or medium haircut is a better option.

Short haircuts for thick hair 2023: Here what’s on trend

“Short” haircuts are about chin-length or a bit longer. Most bobs fall into this category, as do short mullets and shags.

A shorter hair length can make life a lot simpler if you have thick hair. Your ends will be too short to pull back with a scrunchie. So, you can go crazy with layers and texture– this will lighten your hair quite a bit. And unlike medium or long hairstyles, you aren’t aiming for lengths that can be pulled back.

At this length, you can still get creative with clips and small braids. Getting the fringe or the sides off your face isn’t impossible.

Haircuts For Thick Hair 2023: 6 Best Ideas That Work With Your Glorious Volume

If you have curly hair, this length can create more volume instead of reducing it. But you can still ask for lots of layering and texture to reduce the actual weight of your hair.

This length isn’t ideal for thick-haired curly girls who want their hair to lay flatter. If this describes you, choose a medium or long hairstyle.

Haircuts for thick hair 2023: thin hair don’t care

“Medium” hairstyles are any that skim your shoulders or hit at your collarbone. Lobs, medium shags, and layered cuts can be this length.

Depending on your lifestyle, this length can be great for thick hair. The ends are usually long enough to pull back, but you aren’t stuck dealing with the weight of long hair.

But keep in mind that lobs and shags can be tough to put in a ponytail or bun. The various layers and shaping mean that some pieces might fall out of your scrunchie. The same is true for any braids you might do.

Haircuts For Thick Hair 2023: 6 Best Ideas That Work With Your Glorious Volume

If you need to be able to get everything pulled back into a style, a medium-length blunt cut will do the trick. But you might need trims every few months to keep this style from getting too heavy.

Long Hair

“Long” hair is any style that hits around your shoulder blades or longer.

Long hairstyles can be good or bad for women with thick hair. It’s always nice to be able to pull everything into a ponytail and get it off your face.

But the longer your hair is, the heavier it’ll be. You can add layers, but if they get too short, you won’t be able to pull them back.

If you want to rock long locks, facial framing and layers will help lighten your hair and reduce bulk. But think about if you need to be able to pull every hair back. Personally, I prefer having a few piece-y bits to frame my face. But I’m also not working in environments where I need my hair 100% up!

Think about your own lifestyle and needs. And don’t be afraid to explain them to your hairdresser! When we know what you need from a haircut, we can customize it to suit you.

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