Cute updos for long hair: 17 Stylish and creative upstyle ideas for long hair

We have picked up cute updos for long hair which you may make less than for 20 minutes! These stylings are absolutely universal, you will have magnificent appearance in any ambiance!

cute updos for long hair, stylish trends and ideas for long hair

Stylish upstyles

  • Spit around head

Beautify your updo with your own braid, you’ll need literally 5 minutes! Part hair with central part and twist two loose braids. Wrap each around head and clip it with invisibles.

One of  cute updos for long hair is ready.

cute updos for long hair, spit around head, Dutch spit

  • Dutch spit

Use technique of weaving reverse braid to get this nice hairstyle. Great option for any image. Plaiting  Dutch plait is easy!

  • Low tail

This hairstyle seems stunning on any hair length.

To prepare hair for styling, treat it with texturing spray, collect them in low tail.

To close elastic, wrap small string around tail.

cute updos for long hair, low tail, free spit on side

  • Free spit on side

Not enough time for styling? Scrape free braid on your side, and you’re a queen!

  • Low beam

Romantic styling, creation of which will take only 5 minutes. Even outstretched strands will look appropriate, so don’t try to do your hair neatly!

cute updos for long hair, fashionable low beam upstyle

Cute updos for long hair: modish upstyles

  • Fishtail

This braid is real salvation in unusual situations!

cute updos for long hair, stylish fishtail upstyle

  • Flowers in hair

Don’t have time to do your hair? Decorate hair with flowers!

cute updos for long hair, flower in hair upstyle

  • Flower from hair

Have you a little more time for styling? Then make flower from your hair!

cute updos for long hair, upstyles flower made from hair

  • Scythe at head back

Give usual bundle or tail of twist, twist braid on back of head!

cute updos for long hair, scythe at head back, half tail updo

  • Half tail

Just make tail, taking in it not all hair, or tie knot.

  • Two braids

What could be better pigtails? Of course, two braids! Try to make them careless, it’s fashionable!

cute updos for long hair, two braids, high tail updo

  • Swirling tail

Original solution! You can wind tight braids, and more relaxed.

Fashionable upstyles

  • High tail and scythe

Excellent combination in style of Boho!

  • Two buns

Manage atmosphere! The higher the beam, the higher the mood!

cute updos for long hair, two buns, volumetric spit updo

  • Basket from hair

Stunning styling in various variations. Focus on free time!

  • Volumetric spit

Marvelous hairstyle which you may execute in matter of minutes. And decorating braid with beautiful accessories, you will turn into real fairytale princess!

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