Fancy hairstyles for long hair: top 12 fashionable upstyle ideas for long hair

We suggest getting acquainted with stylish list of fancy hairstyles for long hair. Read our selection of trendy ideas and make your choice!

fancy hairstyles for long hair, top 12 trendy hair styling ideas for long hair

Stylish upstyles

  1. Hairstyle Elegant Horse Tail

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This hairstyle looks very feminine and elegant, and it’s extraordinarily simple to make. Collect hair beautifully in tail according to instructions.

fancy hairstyles for long hair, elegant horse tail upstyle

  1. Hairstyle with complex scythe

Looking at result, it’s hard to imagine this hairstyle among fancy hairstyles for long hair. And just looking at turn-based scheme, you understand that there is nothing easier than to create your royal image.

fancy hairstyles for long hair, updo with scythe, piglet fishtail updo

  1. Piglet Fish Tail

The fastest and lightest hairstyle for long hair is, without doubt, fishtail spit!

  1. Everyday bundle

Everyday bundle is easy to make. Follow instructions on photo.

fancy hairstyles for long hair, upstyles with bundle

Fancy hairstyles for long hair: modish updos

  1. Use of accessories in hairdressing

Using different accessories for hairstyle, you can quickly create very noble image.

  1. Hairstyle elegant updo from harnesses

Incredibly nice and beautiful hairstyle you can make of harnesses. And we couldn’t miss it in our selection of fancy hairstyles for long hair.

fancy hairstyles for long hair, stylish updos with harnesses

  1. Hairstyle stylish French scythe

Again, scythe among our list of hairstyles takes honorable place. It’s very simple to turn ordinary French braid into stylish hairstyle! Just add super volume with fleece and fix it with hairspray.

fancy hairstyles for long hair, stylish French scythe updo

  1. Hairstyle attractive Horse Tail

Looking at this hairstyle, we understand that slight negligence can look very stylish and fashionable. And it’s especially convenient to make such ponytail when you don’t have habitual hair gum at your hand. You only need one invisible!

fancy hairstyles for long hair, horsetail updo, voluminous chignon updo

  1. Hairstyle voluminous chignon

An indispensable hairstyle for work, if you don’t have enough time. Just make one of updos, chignon gives bulkiness with help of fleece. This hairstyle is guaranteed to last all day long!

Fancy hairstyles for long hair: trendy upstyles

  1. Classic French twist

This unjustifiably forgotten updo can be quite universal for different reasons. Classic French twist is also called cockleshell and it fits perfectly as hairstyle for medium hair.

fancy hairstyles for long hair, French twist, bundle wrapped in fishtail

  1. Elegant bundle wrapped in fishtail

Magnificent bunch doesn’t give up its positions for certain season. It’s excellent hairstyle for long hair, because thanks to length of hair, you can achieve larger beam volume, without using large hair band.

fancy hairstyles for long hair, stylish spit waterfall

  1. Spit-waterfall

Such simple hairstyles for long hair look marvelous when hair is painted in ombre technique. Trick of this simple hairstyle is that you can create haircut effect without applying it. Just make oblique part, leave front part of hair loose, and tie rest of hair with elastic band on side, without pulling ends of hair to the end (leave desired length). From loose strand, begin to weave spit-waterfall and fix its end near with rubber band.

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