Long hairstyles 2018: Runway inspired hairstyles and tips for women

Trendiest runway Long hairstyles 2018

Classical length will never be out of fashion, so many women think off long hairstyles 2018 choice. Long hair ideas we see on runways sometimes make wander: why didn’t I guess it before?! Simple, but so elegant and bright tricks make them perfect. They’re really varied and easy! Another interesting feature of long hairstyles for women 2018: history and ethnic traditions influence. It’s not surprising, cos luxurious long hair was fascinating humanity from its birth to present day.

Are you intrigued? Read our «Long hairstyles 2018: Runway inspired hairstyles and tips for women» article right now!

Long hairstyles 2018: Basic kinds

Long hairstyles 2018 please us with variety, allowing accenting any face shape’s advantages. Let’s list main kinds.

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  • Loose hair with multiple textures and accessories. Read about them little below.

Natural textured lose hair Long hairstyles 2018

  • Long hairstyles for women 2018 include interesting trend: Renaissance inspired look. Try to recreate smooth waves and décor from famous paintings of epoch.
  • Half-up half-down – elegant option both for everyday and evening styling.

Half-up half-down with trendy ribbon Long hairstyles 2018

  • Multiple buns stay actual.
  • Braids stay extra trendy. Give them opportunity to play great ensemble with buns or lose hair! Long hair ideas should be boundless!
  • Are bangs naughty today? Don’t matter, braid it! You’re welcomed to add new strands from hair length into plaiting and create braided contour.

Triangle parting gilded long hairstyles for women 2018

  • Few words about parting. Pay attention on triangle ones from Jean Paul Gaultier show. Here are really awesome long hair ideas! Accent that cool parting (as any else) with golden glitter.

Side parting long hairstyles for women 2018

  • Central and side parting won’t lose popularity also.

Long hairstyles for women 2018: Such great accessories!

We didn’t notice almost any “theatrical” big volume or other eye-catching “special effects” in long hairstyles 2018. But accessories make them unforgettable!

  • If last years Greek hairstyles meant some volume and big curls, Chanel’s 2018 Resort Show changed our minds. Modern interpretation in long hairstyles for women 2018 includes more natural look with two thin strands near face. And, of course, Greek Goddess diadem: satin headband or awesome flower or laurel tiara.

Chanel Greek Goddess Tiara long hairstyles for women 2018

  • Flower wreaths are all you need for good party or wedding hairstyle!

Flower wreaths long hair ideas

  • Hair piercing makes you look extra cool!
  • Elie Saab models images remind us about medieval queens and magic fairytales… And such tiaras are really made for reign our hearts!

Eli Saab Medieval Tiaras long hair ideas

Long hair ideas: What about color?

Long hairstyles 2018 should depend from your hair color also. No wonder, cos who doesn’t like to show perfect hair color?

  • Enrich your natural shade with some smoothly bleached flares. Natural and beach waves accent such dyeing best.
  • Force any shade with toning. Good for “picture inspired” Renaissance hairstyles.
  • Extreme hairstyles leader is purple.

Color great purple long hair ideas

  • Accent hidden dyeing with braids, high ponytails and knots.
  • If you like styling your hair fully to one side, use following long hair ideas. Comb your hair on left side and dye upper half layer with first tone. Than comb on right side, dye remaining part with second tone. Or leave it natural. So you’ll change your hair color just styling hair on side you want!

Hopefully, our «Long hairstyles 2018: Runway inspired hairstyles and tips for women» article inspired your great everyday makeovers!

Trendiest runway Long hairstyles 2018

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