Updos for long hair: 12 top fashionable trends and hair styling ideas for long hair

Long hair is always beautiful. They can simply be combed, or laid with hairdryer and ironing, or curled in many different ways. And for them, there is a countless number of hairstyles, very different: with braids, with tails, with fleece. In this article, we will show you updos for long hair in stages.

Updos for long hair: stylish ideas

So, let’s consider 12 updos for long hair step by step:

Hairstyle from ponytails and plaits

You will need two elastic bands, two small (silicone) rubber bands and studs, as well as any hairpin for decoration.

Step 1-2. Make high tails.

Step 3-4-5. Ends of each tail lead over elastic, turning them.

Step 6. Screw two braids, tied up at very ends with small elastic bands (they will have to be hidden).

Step 7. Optionally fix braids with studs so that ends of braids are invisible.

Step 8. Decorate with hair clip, bow or flower.

updos for long hair, stylish ponytails and plaits for long hair

Ponytail with scythe of 5 locks

To perform this hairstyle you need hairbrush for parting, hair clip, elastic band. And ability to weave braid of 5 strands.

updos for long hair, stylish ponytail with scythe of 5 locks

Separate large wide strand from forehead back and twist braid of 5 strands. Then scythe along with remaining hair, take it back to tail, cover elastic band with small lock, stabbing with invisibile.

Updos for long hair: trendy ideas

Bezel trim

It’s one of original, but simple updos for long hair for every day. You need a comb and invisible hairpin.

Step 1. From behind and below, separate small strand of hair and tightly tuck thin pigtail.

Step 2. Make two such pigtails on each side.

Step 3-4-5. In turn, drop pigtails over your head in form of rim, secure with invisible hairpin.

Step 6. Whip loose hair and toss it forward.

updos for long hair, fashionable bezel trim hairstyle

Hairstyle with fleece

To create this hairstyle, prepare curling irons, a comb for combing hair, hairpins, invisible hairpin, elastic.

Step 1. Lightly curl your hair with forceps.

Step 2. Divide hair into 4 strands, as in photo.

Step 3. Scrub upper strand.

Step 4. Twist it and secure it with pins.

Step 5-6-7. Lateral strands brush, twist back around upper strand and secure with studs.

Step 8. Fix it with varnish.

updos for long hair, stylish hairstyle with fleece

Updos for long hair: modish trends

An unusual way to create voluminous hairstyle with fleece

Here, significant amount of hair is attached not only to hair but also lump from hair. Prepare a comb to create parting, invisible hairpin and hairspray.

Step 1. Separate strand of hair from inside, on back of head.

Step 2. Cover it.

Step 3. Screw it into harness.

Step 4. Wrap tourniquet in bump and secure with studs.

Step 5. Separate top strand of hair, which will close bump and scratch it.

Step 6. Close top strand with cone and gently brush it.

Step 7-8. Secure with help of invisible hairpin and hairspray.

updos for long hair, stylish voluminous hairstyle with fleece

Hairstyle for long hair with scythe from forehead

Hairdo, though simple, but requires maximum accuracy, so that braid came out straight. Prepare small silicone rubber.

Step 1-2. Starting from forehead, twist even, neat braid.

Step 3-4. Screw braid to the end, fastening with small silicone rubber band, and leave it hanging freely.

updos for long hair, hairstyle with scythe from forehead

Unusual hairstyle with knots

You will need foam for styling and small silicone colorless rubber band.

Step 1. Apply foam for styling along entire length of hair.

Step 2. Divide hair into two equal strands.

Step 3-4. Tie up usual double knot.

Step 5-6. Secure it with small transparent elastic band and hide it under hair.

Step 7-8. If desired, hair can be combed and sprinkled with varnish.

updos for long hair, fashionable hairstyles with knots

Updos for long hair: voguish ideas

Unusual spit for long hair

You will only need an elastic band.

Step 1. Divide hair into three strands.

Step 2. From each strand, braid the braid. There will be three braids.

Step 3-4. Of three braids, braid one large braid.

Step 5-6. With help of stretching lanyards, create additional volume.


updos for long hair, unusual spit for long hair

Malvina with flagella

The ends of hair must be slightly curved. Twist strands in bundles and secure them with invisible hairpins.

updos for long hair, fashionable malvina with flagella

Waterfall, sophist, Babette

Waterfall hairstyle is a very good option for styling for every day. It’s easy to create, but attractive enough.

Flat barrette trimmed with velvet is in trend, it’s with a hole in middle and flexible enough to bend it in different directions and thereby create

designs from hair. This barrette was called sophist twist or twister.

updos for long hair, stylish Babette hairstyle, waterfall hairstyle

Fashionable hairstyles with twister look great both in office and at the banquet. Even an ordinary tail or bundle can transform into original fashionable hairstyle. It isn’t difficult to master this adaptation, it won’t take long to study, but with results, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Updos for long hair: trendy ideas

Long Beams

Very good, simple and fast option is tail on the side. Hair can be slightly curled or left smooth, release a few strands or slightly dishevel, use accessories or wrap tail of one of strands.

We will complement tail with hair, and we’ll have a completely different hairstyle. Long hair can create incredible weaving. Spits don’t go out of fashion and are constantly supplemented with something new. So plait with fleece is a wonderful option for both everyday incarnations and for more solemn. From braid, we can do not only a variety of weaving but bundles, knots.

updos for long hair, fashionable long beams

Just loose hair can also be turned into gorgeous hairstyles. One of the simplest manipulations is curling (small curls, large curls, just a slight waviness).

Tails, bunches, and braids are the most common elements of all sorts of different hairstyles and the components of mixed unusual images. In addition, an unusual, stylish hairstyle will complete the image of a modern, self-sufficient, fashionable woman.

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