Cool haircuts for men 2019: 9 cute trends that have stood the test of time

Men’s haircut, as well as women, can tell others about owner’s style, character, and even lifestyle. In order to get haircut that you want, you need to contact specialist. In addition, he can advise how best to make haircut. We want to help you with this task by informing cool haircuts for men 2019 trends and ideas.

cool haircuts for men 2019, 9 stylish ideas and trends for men's hair styling

Ideas of cool haircuts for men 2019

Fade haircut isn’t long haircut, in which hair behind and on sides of head are trimmed with machine
This haircut’s roots go to the USA. When G. Washington created the Continental Army, he ruled that recruits should wear short hair. Certain manner in which soldiers of that time cut their hair is considered inspiration of modern fade haircut. Fade haircut is in cool haircuts for men 2019 trend.

cool haircuts for men 2019, stylish fade haircut for men 2019

Characteristic feature of structure of this hairstyle is smooth transition from long to short strands.

If earlier courageous image was associated with short militaristic haircut, then today even the most brutal men choose hair of medium length.

Essence of Canadian haircut is that fairly large amount of hair is left in forehead and crown. While back of head, top of head and temples are cut much shorter.

cool haircuts for men 2019, stylish Canadian hairstyle for men 2019

Canadian haircut came from Canada when the Canadian national hockey team came to competition in the Soviet Union (the 70s). Many hockey players had such haircut and it very quickly became popular. This hairstyle has no age restrictions, Canadian suits almost everyone.

Modern stylists modernize Canadian haircut, making it more interesting and fashionable.

Fashion list of cool haircuts for men 2019

Undercut haircut comes from Germany, this haircut is characterized by short temples or even shaved hair and volume of hair at crown and back of head, which you can stack or vice versa randomly dishevel. This hairdo is also in cool haircuts for men 2019 trend.

cool haircuts for men 2019, stylish undercut haircut for men 2019

Since beginning of the 20th century, undercut hairstyle has been popular with young people of working class, especially members of street gangs. Over time, fashion for such haircut faded away. And only in 2010 new wave of popularity of undercut haircut began. To this day it heads popularity ratings of cool haircuts. This haircut chooses Brad Pitt, David Beckham, and other world stars.

If man has very thin hair, then it’s better to keep hair as short as possible, but at crown, length should be longer.

Undercut haircut you can perform in different interpretations and it’s also in cool haircuts for men 2019 trend.

Stylish top knot hairdo

Top knot haircut received its name from two English words: “top” and “knot”. It originates from Japan, where samurai wore it in ancient times.

Most of haircut top knot suits people with round and oval face shape, besides men with straight or not too curly hair. Density of hair also plays important role in this haircut, because on rare thin hair haircut won’t look very good. This haircut is perfectly combined with beard and light unshaven image.

cool haircuts for men 2019, stylish top knot updo for men 2019

Minimum length of strands for this hairstyle is 15 centimeters, which is approximately equal to length of palm.

It’s done as simply as possible, it’s enough to collect elongated hair in rubber band, tying at crown, or even lower.

Voguish trends of cool haircuts for men 2019

All the same, the most marvelous men’s haircuts are for short hair because they are unpretentious in care and don’t require time and money for styling products.

cool haircuts for men 2019, short haircuts for men 2019

This stylish haircut came to us from Britain, and then it spread to the USA and Europe (in middle of 20th century).

British style haircut you can adapt to individual preferences: with or without parting, with bangs and without. Bangs of natural length neatly fit on side or to back of head.

cool haircuts for men 2019, stylish British style haircut for men 2019

On back of head, hair should be short. In this case, bangs are not removed. You can slightly trim hair with scissors. Haircut should have neat transition from back of head to temporal.

Today, at peak of cool haircuts for men 2019 is modified haircut with shaved parting. It’s suitable for both teenagers and older men.

Stylish men’s haircut for wavy hair

For modish curly hair, master should take into account direction of their growth. Otherwise, hairstyle may not look easy and brutal, but aggressive and chaotic.

cool haircuts for men 2019, stylish haircut ideas for curly hair 2019

Wavy hair is suitable for undercut, pompadour or Canadian haircuts, leaving long, naturally curly hair on your forehead and crown.

You can give them texture with styling means or leave natural curls.

Modish long updos for men

Not many men fit long hair, but for many men, long hair is holistic way of life and lifestyle, this is choice of their certain image. First of all, long hair requires careful care, time and money (for care products).

cool haircuts for men 2019, stylish haircuts with long hair 2019

Hair with such haircut can be worn loose, slightly casually laid or collected in bun.

In cool haircuts for men 2019, retro style is in fashion: Hollywood hero of the 50s. Short haircut with long, combed back bangs is in trend. Bright and unique images of the 50s don’t give rest to modern mods. Thus, style of rock idol Elvis Presley, feature of hairstyles of which was lush hair, laid in knot is in fashion.

cool haircuts for men 2019, stylish retro haircuts for men 2019

Asymmetrical men’s haircuts with bangs

Effectively look short asymmetrical haircuts with bangs hanging on face.

Thus it’s necessary to take into account that in 2019 long and smooth bangs, hanging on one eye is fashionable.

cool haircuts for men 2019, stylish asymmetrical haircuts for men 2019

So theme of stylish asymmetrical haircuts is also supported by short haircuts with slanting short bang. These haircuts are especially good for very thin, elongated and oval faces, as haircut gives appearance of drama. So lines of this haircut should be graphically accurate.

cool haircuts for men 2019, stylish asymmetrical haircuts for men 2019

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