Mens haircuts 2019: stylish hair for various lengths and shapes

Let’s see what mens haircuts 2019 are in trend. Hairstyle is an integral part of a chosen style and look. In 2019, men’s haircuts of various lengths and shapes are in fashion. Starting from ultra-short and long, classical, with clear shapes and slightly careless or curly to geometric bangs or textured strands.

mens haircuts 2019, top stylish male hairdos for various shapes and lenghts

Mens haircuts 2019: stylish trends

In order to determine mens haircut trends 2019, you can use the guidelines created by stylists from the fashion industry. Choosing a new haircut, take into account the structure of your skull, speed and direction of the hair growth. The quality of your hair, as well as overall style and lifestyle are also important.

Main fashion trends of mens haircuts 2019:

  • Medium length hairstyles: stylists offer to wear them with falling loose strands or curls falling on the forehead. Dressed back with a gel hairstyles also have a place in trendy mens haircuts 2019.

mens haircuts 2019, medium lenghth male hairstyle 2019 trends

  • Ultra-short mens haircuts 2019: such experiment will suit brave young men with expressive features.

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mens haircuts 2019, ultra short haristyles for men 2019

  • Natural styling: on many past fashion shows we can see models having medium-length hair.

mens haircuts 2019, natural styling of mens haircuts 2019

  • During the last Dior fashion show, most models got on the runway with Side Part haircut. Side Part is a traditional English hairstyle in classic style and has a firm place in men’s haircut trends 2019. Typical strokes of such haircuts are side part, short temporal region, voluminous crown and parietal zones. Thus general asymmetry of Side Part haircut allows you to correct the shape of the face.

mens haircuts 2019, stylish side part men hairstyles 2019

Mens haircuts 2019 should have a texture to avoid a boring look.

mens haircuts 2019, fashionable crop men hairstyle 2019

  • A short haircut with bangs is named crop. It can have a clear border or be combined with a fading technique. The most effective crop is with asymmetrical bangs on smooth or discolored hair. You can choose from men’s haircut trends 2019 the textured crochet with ragged strands in grunge style or combine a smooth neck with torn or asymmetrical bangs.

Trendy mens haircuts 2019: short hair

The short options of mens haircuts 2019 are appropriate for busy business people, active youth and sportsmen.

British is a fashionable option from classical mens haircut trends 2019.


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Haircut Britannica as mens haircut styles 2019

Haircut Britannica from the 50s of the last century has gained popularity in 2019. It will suit men with thick hair with curls.

mens haircuts 2019, stylish British hairstyle for men 2019

Modern British haircut in mens haircut trends 2019

Modern British haircut often is a combination of long bangs, a shaved whiskey and a back of a head. Sometimes it could have some patterns. Thus, bangs are stacked in bulk, in direction of the nape. Also, British haircut in sports style has a smooth transition from short to long hair.

The length of  the bangs should not exceed 5 cm. Often, in order to trim the teenagers’ hair, stylists and parents prefer sport haircut options in 2019.

British in grunge with ragged patches, disheveled, asymmetrical, painted in bright colors, with bangs carelessly raised up to the peak of popularity of trendy mens haircuts 2019. Men with straight hair will choose the option of military hair. Multilayered haircuts, without filing.

mens haircuts 2019, stylish classic British men hairstyle 2019

As an experiment, use staining technique from mens haircut trends 2019. The effect of burnt strands on textured curls and the combination of several close shades have a firm place in mens haircut styles 2019. Lightening of short hair and darkening of long ones will look trendy in 2019.

Boxing and half-box styling as mens haircut trends 2019

Boxing and half-box are the most popular mens haircuts 2019 for short hair.

Box is characterized by ultra short (up to 0.3 cm) hair in occipital and temporal zones, with longer (0.5-4 cm) hair on vertex. Transition from short strands to longer ones passes above the nape. It can be smooth or sharp.

mens haircuts 2019, box men hairstyle 2019, half box men hairstyle 2019

Mens haircut styles 2019: shaving

Modern technology often involves complete shaving of the back of the head and temples. Hairstyles can be supplemented with graphic bangs, which begin from the vertex. Longer strands are laid on one side or on the back, forming a Mohawk or pointing upwards. You just have to ruffle them for fashionable looks in 2019. Children and adolescents love to combine boxing with shaved drawings on shorter parts.

Half-box has more elongated strands in the upper part (up to 8 cm), presence of a border, passing on occipital area or below and shaved temples. Long bangs can be attributed to trendy mens haircuts 2019, painted with the effect of burnt strands (ombre, sombre) or in bronze technique.

Mens haircuts 2019: modish undercut and pompadour

Literally, the  name undercut is translated as under the hairstyle. This is due to the sharp transition between occipital-temporal zone (strands not longer than 2 cm) and long maculo – parietal. Men’s undercut isn’t suitable for wavy and thick hair.

Men’s undercut is suitable for smooth and elastic hair with medium hardness. More effective and brutal looks are in dark colors, due to more pronounced contrast between strands of divers lengths.

mens haircuts 2019, trendy undercut men hairstyle 2019

Interpretations of men’s undercut for 2019:

  • Only one shaved temple with a pattern or a tattoo
  • Slanting bangs
  • Retro style, which includes smooth short hair on temples, long on parietal area and crown, combed back.
  • Elvis style, which means a short whiskey and a back of the head and long milled vertex.
  • Punk style, which has long strands on vertex.

Trendy mens haircuts 2019: Modish Pompadour

Pompadour is a fashionable retro style haircut. It owes its existence and popularity to Elvis Presley. The lateral zones are cut short. Bangs and crown-parietal zone are left long and combed back.

In 2019, two interpretations of pompadour haircut are popular:

mens haircuts 2019, stylish pompadour men hairstyle 2019

Classical pompadour in mens haircut trends 2019

Classical pompadour haircut is in the style of the 50’s. Hair combed on one side, and the upper part is combed back. It goes well with a beard.

Creative pompadour in mens haircut styles 2019

Creative pompadour has more pronounced contrast between short and long locks. Long hair are combed back, forming a strong volume. This crest visually increases growth and extends the face.

Stylists for 2019 offer modern options with smooth transition to undercut and underlined parting. In this case, shaving the temples and occiput is acceptable. You can use gradual transition from short to long hair to the back of the head. Creative pompadour is one of the popular mens haircut styles in 2019.



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Mens haircuts 2019 for medium length hair

Mens haircuts 2019 with lock of hair

To get a hairstyle with a small lock of hair, hairdressers often combine a tale with undercut and suggest a shaved temporal area. A bundle with a beard will also look perfect in 2019.

mens haircuts 2019, stylish men hairstyles with bunch 2019

Top knot is the most fashionable version of mens haircut styles 2019. In this hairstyle, the hair is collected on the vertex in combination with a shaved or short-cut temporal-occipital part in samurai style.

The easiest way is to collect a top knot from straight and slightly curly hair. They are laid in a bundle with small volume. Transition between zones can be sharp or smooth.

Graduated square for 2019

Graduated male quads have no restrictions on hair texture and depend on the shape of the face. This is an excellent choice in 2019 for the owners of curly hair. Fluffy hair is the only exception.

Graduated mens haircut styles 2019 assume a cascade length with locks. Supplement the square by long (possibly asymmetrical) bangs. Graduated mens haircut trends 2019 are one of the trendy mens haircuts 2019.

mens haircuts 2019, stylish men hairstyle quads, bean men hairstyle 2019

Men’s bob

According to the fashion shows, men’s bob promises to be popular in mens haircuts 2019.

Unlike the female version, the back of the head doesn’t have any volume, it lies flat. It looks best on dense and straight hair, slight waviness is possible.

mens haircuts 2019, stylish grunge style men haordo 2019

Mens hairstyles 2019 in grunge style

Almost everything refers to grunge style haircuts, which can be laid either carelessly or in a certain way. The features of grunge style hairstyles are:

  • asymmetrically shaved whiskey,
  • multi-level,
  • cascading and torn strands,
  • patchwork haircuts,
  • bright staining.





























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