Mens long hairstyles 2019: Haircut styles, trendy and useful tips for men

Let’s see what mens long hairstyles 2019 are in trend. Throughout the history of mankind, men’s hair have served as a sign of high or low status. For example, in days of antiquity, owners of long hair were mostly aristocracy or soldiers who wore long hair even in long grueling military campaigns.

Long hair was also a characteristic of American Indians before arrival of Europeans in North America. Long hair then was a sign of belligerence and courage.

mens long hairstyles 2019, haircut styles, trendy ideas and tips

Mens long hairstyles 2019: trends and ideas

Men’s love towards long hair reached its peak in the 18th century. Nowadays, men’s hairstyles for long hair are an indicator of status, style, and fashion.

Not every man is able to spend a considerable time and money on daily care of long hair. Stylists and barbers of the whole world don’t cease to invent variety of mens long hair trends 2019.

Fashionable mens long hairstyles 2019

Fashion lawmakers of the world are the rightful representatives of show business and people of creative professions. They aren’t afraid of experimenting with their bows, and often the results of these experiments become popular among townsfolk.

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mens long hairstyles 2019, tips and tricks for mens long hairstyles 2019

Long-haired men must comply with the rules of care. They should regularly be washed, combed. In addition, such hairstyles hide external flaws of the face and the head.

Types of mens hairstyles long hair 2019

Symmetrical haircuts in hair trends 2019

Hair falling on face with straight curls will give any man a stylish look and an elegant appearance. Cascade styling will help to save time on the care. It will add volume to the hair, while in order to restore styling you should dry hair and tousle them with your hands. Symmetrical haircuts are inherent in mostly calm, balanced men. It’s in mens long hairstyles 2019 trends.

Asymmetric haircuts 2019 trends

Creative owners of long curls prefer asymmetrical haircuts. They help to emphasize individuality, attract attention.

The main mens long hair trends 2019 are hairstyles with short bottom and long top.

mens long hairstyles 2019, stylish undercut mens hairstyle 2019

Don’t go with the out of fashion undercut. It’s ideally suited to any style of business person, athlete or ordinary citizen.

Mens hairstyles long hair 2019: Quiff

Men’s haircuts with shaved temples, long top and bangs are fashionable. The crown is shortened towards the back of the head.

mens long hairstyles 2019, quiff hairdo, bohemian style mens hairstyle

Bohemian style in men’s haircut trends 2019

Style of freedom and creativity.


Cut strands in shoulder level length or slightly lower. Hair isn’t collected but worn freely.

Mens long hairstyles 2019: stylish haircuts

Artificial hawk as men’s haircut trends 2019

It gained popularity due to Elvis Presley and rock’n’roll. Hair is cut in an angle, in equal parts from the shaven head to the crown. Vertex resembles a hawk beak. To maintain such hairstyle you need daily care and styling with special tools. Artificial hawk is in mens long hairstyles 2019 trend.

mens long hairstyles 2019, artificial hawk hairdo, pompadour mens hairdo

Pompadour is a tribute to medieval past when fashion wigs were of magnificent shape. In modern times, this kind of stacking of long bangs and formation of hairstyles takes counts from the 70’s to the 20th century.

Features of mens hairstyles for long hair in 2019

Long hair always looks stylish and elegant, but if you won’t take care of them properly, you may get the reverse effect. The stylish haircut may not attract attention, but repel. This is the main feature of men’s haircuts for long hair.

Also, in order for a long hairstyle to look flawless, it’s necessary to avoid hot drying, careless combing and harmful effects of chemical compounds. All this can destroy the structure of the healthy hair. Provided that you eat right, play sports, relax, your hair will possess a healthy color and strength.

mens long hairstyles 2019, features for mens long hairstyles 2019

Popular mens long hair trends 2019

Samurai’s bun is combined with all styles, while very simple to perform.

mens long hairstyles 2019, samurai bun, hairstyles with bandages

Bandages are a new European trend, performed very simply. You need to grow long strands and use a hair strip.

Tails and braids in men;s haircut trends 2019

Yes, they are back in fashion again! Modern stylists and makeup artists came up with a lot of variations of hairstyles with tails.

mens long hairstyles 2019, tails and braids for mens long hairstyles 2019

Men’s caret for long hair as mens long hairstyles 2019

Haircuts for long hair require special skills. Therefore, you can’t do it without going to a hairdresser.

Perform caret by following these steps:

Wash the hair and comb them before getting the haircut. Make a horizontal parting from one temple to another. Leave the strands on the temples to hang. Cutting square begins with edging of the temporal part. Then cut with an arc-shaped line. The strand of the upper occipital and temporal parts should be combed back. Perform fringing along the cut line.

mens long hairstyles 2019, stylish quads for mens long hairstyles 2019

Mens long hairstyles 2019: trendy looks

Long hair on men has always been considered a sign of courage. They were worn by valorous knights, nobles, strongmen of this world. Currently, men with long hair are also common. Sport stars and show business representatives, often with the help of long curls and experiments, try to stand out from the crowd and emphasize their individuality.

Long-haired guys look cute only when their locks have sufficient density and pomp. Consider this when choosing mens long hairstyles 2019. Also, if you have a wide, oval face, a long hairstyle will stretch it slightly, giving it a more correct shape.

Fashionable men’s hairstyles with long hair can be divided as follows:

Classics in hair trends 2019

When you have a haircut in this style, the curls are cut evenly, while the hair is straightened, and parted evenly. Suitable for men of all ages.

mens long hairstyles 2019, military style, grunge style

Military for haircuts 2019 trends

It’s an aggressive haircut in military style. Characterized by careless multilevel styling.

Grunge style

Long-haired guys are increasingly resorting to grunge hairstyles. Shaved whiskey, elongated bangs, disheveled tail, these are trends of the fashion season.

Mens long hairstyles 2019: care for men’s long hairstyles

Here are some basic recommendations for care of mens long hairstyles 2019:

  • Do not use a sharp comb!
  • Long hair, like no other, are prone to damage. Also, don’t forget that regular cleaning of your comb is one of the basic rules for care of fluffy hair. Combing the hair is sometimes necessary for blood circulation. It improves the appearance of the hair.

mens long hairstyles 2019, care for mens long hair 2019

  • Make sure that your shampoo matches the type of your hair. Only in this case the hair won’t look overly dry or give a greasy sheen. Wash your head at temperature of 40-50 degrees Celsius.
  • In case of dry hair use a towel. Owners of fatty and normal hair can resort to the help of a hairdryer. Be sure to visit a hairdresser several times a month and trim the tips, so your hair look neat and tidy.
  • Guys with blond hair should periodically tint the color so that it’s uniform throughout the entire circumference of the head and there are no noticeable burnt strands.mens long hairstyles 2019, trends and ideas for mens long hairstyles 2019Mens-long-hairstyles-2019Mens-long-hairstyles-2019Mens-long-hairstyles-2019Mens-long-hairstyles-2019Mens-long-hairstyles-2019Mens-long-hairstyles-2019Mens-long-hairstyles-2019Mens-long-hairstyles-2019Mens-long-hairstyles-2019Mens-long-hairstyles-2019Mens-long-hairstyles-2019Mens-long-hairstyles-2019Mens-long-hairstyles-2019Mens-long-hairstyles-2019Mens-long-hairstyles-2019 Mens-long-hairstyles-2019 Mens-long-hairstyles-2019 Mens-long-hairstyles-2019 Mens-long-hairstyles-2019Mens-long-hairstyles-2019Mens-long-hairstyles-2019Mens-long-hairstyles-2019Mens-long-hairstyles-2019

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