Men Short Hairstyles 2023: 7 Best Ideas To Be This Year’s Trendsetter

Men Short Hairstyles 2023 Mens haircuts

Men short hairstyles 2023: When it comes down to it, there isn’t competition for a haircut that boasts longer proportions up top and distinctively shorter sides

Most trendy men short hairstyles 2023 with these proportions have been popular since the early 1900s and were most popularized in the forties and fifties, where volume reigned supreme.

The Noughties, however, cemented the popularity of haircuts with these proportions for good. Why the constant fascination with this style of cut?

Men Short Hairstyles 2023

Well, it’s favorable for many good reasons. Haircuts with short backs and sides are clean, presentable, and most importantly, allow you to add shape to your hairstyle in a way that product can’t.

Thus, in celebration of these cuts, we’ve compiled our top ten coolest men’s short back and side haircuts, which you will absolutely not regret.

French Crop: Men short hairstyles 2023

The French Crop is the embodiment of minimalism in Men short hairstyles 2023. Typically, shorter, very neat, and highly manageable, the French Crop is an appealing option for the gent who is always on the go and doesn’t like a lot of products in his hair.

Be cautious if you have a thick, wavy, or curly hair type, given the French crop tends to work better for blokes with poker-straight locks. If you do have a more unmanageable hair type, ask your barber to cut strategically to ensure your French crop won’t hassle you too much with styling.

Men Short Hairstyles 2023

Faux Hawk

The faux-hawk allows you to get a little punk rock, but also lets you enter your office building without getting stared down.

A less extreme version of the Mohawk, the faux-hawk allows you to play with the proportions of the original cut, but rework it for a more manageable, more proportioned aesthetic among men short hairstyles 2023.

Now, our men short hairstyles 2023 refers to haircuts with shorter backs and sides, so you will need to make some alterations to the typical faux-hawk.

Just make sure to tell your barber to preserve a somewhat longer strip of hair down your head, but to give it a tidy up from the back, to ensure you have a good amount of distinction between the top and the back of your hair.

Side Part

The side part is the ultimate one among men short hairstyles 2023 for every stylish gent.

What’s not to love? It screams traditional gentleman when styled in a certain way (yes, a tonne of shiny, wet look product will help you achieve this with a comb), or it can also read more contemporary with the help of a matte hair mousse.

short hairstyles for men 2023

For added texture and dimension, have your barber fade out the back and sides of your hair, so that it gets progressively shorter.

This hairstyle is also a versatile pick; it will work for a wide range of face shapes and hair types, just ensure you use a product that will work cooperatively with your hair type.

Men short hairstyles 2023: The Buzz Cut

Sure, it is a military cut, but trust and believe that for some gents, a buzz cut can completely change up your facial proportions (in good and bad ways, you will need a specific face shape to pull this off!).

Oval and square face shapes work best with this cut, but we cannot stress the importance of retaining at least a little bit more hair up top, just for some texture and dimension for your whole look.

The greatest part about the buzz cut is that it is entirely maintenance-free, effortless, and super neat and tidy.

Pompadour’s time: Men short hairstyles 2023

Now we are talking quintessential short back and side haircuts. The haircut of the fifties, the pompadour, was the beloved hairstyle of Elvis Presley, which means it was very well-preserved throughout history.

Gents who love a whole lot of volume rejoice because the pompadour lets you take your love for thick, well-blow-dried hair to the next level.

short hairstyles for men 2023

Just keep in mind that when you are styling this beloved cut, you choose a product that will work well with your hair type. Even though the back and sides will be very short, still apply some product to maintain consistency throughout your entire hairstyle.

Crew Cut

Perpetually prized for its iconic shape and simplistic proportions, the crew cut is one safe, yet stylish from men short hairstyles 2023. To achieve the crew cut, the hair is tapered to the shape of the head, leaving more volume toward the front of the hairline.

This cut also needs shorter proportions to work, so ensure your barber is neat and tidy with the back and sides. Style accordingly with a matte hair product for a modern take on this most identifiable cut.

Ivy League

With its strong collegiate influence, the Ivy League is gentlemanly and masculine alike. It is also easily adaptable for different hair lengths and textures, meaning that it can work for both thick and unruly to straighter, less voluminous hair types.

short hairstyles for men 2023

This ‘do, however, relies on great styling so ensure you are blow-drying your locks right for a stronger hold and finish off your styling with a light pomade and quick coat of hairspray for added longevity for your hair throughout your day or night.

The box fade earned its popularity with men with thicker, more unmanageable hair types. When it comes to the box fade, however, beware. It doesn’t suit a lot of gents, and it relies on a pretty darn good barber to get right.

We recommend weighing up whether this cut will actually suit you and if you have the right hair type for it. Also, ensure that you are working with a great hair product to ensure your styling is less tedious.

High and Tight

The high and tight haircut needs barely-there proportions on the back and sides of the head, and a tad more length up top. It tends to suit gents with longer face shapes, as its shorter proportions do well not to exaggerate longer dimensions.

The primary thing you need to remember about the high and tight is that it really does work much better for gents with straighter hair.

Men Short Hairstyles 2023

Curly hair that is styled in this haircut may not work as well, but experiment with lengths and determine the appropriate dimensions to suit your face shape and features if it’s a haircut you are dying to try.

What is a short back and sides haircut: Men short hairstyles 2023

A short back and sides cut is just that — a hair cut that is short on the back and sides, often with length on top to create a contrast and strong silhouette.

It’s neat, easy to maintain, and looks stylish. Examples include a French crop, faux hawk, side part, a pompadour, crew cut, Ivy League, a box fade, high and tight, and a flat top.

While often selected for its practicality and smart appearance, short hair needn’t be the safe choice. In fact, a cropped cut makes an excellent option for fashion-forward gents who want to stand out while looking sleek.

short hairstyles for men 2023

From sharp crew cuts to cool quiffs, today, there is an abundance of on-trend and bold new looks. But, with so many choices, deciding which short-haired style to try can be challenging.

Thankfully, we can help make your decision much easier with a selection of inspiring cropped cuts. Here is our roundup of the best men’s short haircuts to try right now.

Comb Over

The comb over  from men’s haircut trends 2023 can have a very masculine appearance and can suit different textures and lengths. It is brushed to one side, hence the name, creating volume at the top of the head and appearing fuller. It can be paired with several other styles, such as a fade for a more modern approach.

short hairstyles for men 2023

Men short hairstyles 2023: Quiff

The quiff has some length on the back and sides, but most of the volume is in the forelock and is often more casual and textured in appearance than the pompadour, although the two looks share many similarities. It is a timeless and classic style that has been popular since the 50s and can be easily adapted for a more modern appearance.

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