Easy hairstyles for short hair: top 5 fashionable hairstyles for short hair

Short hairstyles are convenient, universal and unpretentious. To a number of listed advantages, one disadvantage is added, impossibility to create attractive hairstyle and to diversify image.

Whether this is really the case or there is a way to turn short hair into hairdresser’s masterpiece, let’s understand further.

So find out easy hairstyles for short hair ideas.

easy hairstyles for short hair, top 5 fashionable hairstyles for short hair

Easy hairstyles for short hair: stylish ideas


This is one of easy hairstyles for short hair. Thus this hairstyle is suitable for owner of elongated square with or without bang.

Before you take up weaving, you should need not only skill of hands but also patience, the thinner strands, the more attractive will be tail.

easy hairstyles for short hair, stylish fish tail for short hair

Wash your head in usual way and blow it dry, pulling strands of brushing. Also, with sharp tip comb, divide hair with side cut and start braiding French braid.

On the opposite side, braid usual three-strand braid.

Stepping back 2 cm, plait another braid and connect them with rubber band in hair color. On back of head, cross two braids and fishtail, secure with invisibility.

Thus fix remaining free ends with ploy of medium diameter.

easy hairstyles for short hair, trendy fishtail for short hair

Wreath of braids and beam

To create this hairstyle, pre-wind hair on large curler or curling iron. So it is important that curling iron is placed vertically. Collect hair in occipital region into tail, leaving strands of temples intact. From formed tail make bundle, fixing several invisibles.

easy hairstyles for short hair, wreath of braids for short hair

Loose strands on left side of braid in French beam. Spit scythe above bundle, and fix tip below. Thus do same with another side.

easy hairstyles for short hair, stylish wreath of beam for short hair

Trendy ideas

 A bit of romance

To create trendy hairstyle you will need:

  • curling iron
  • hairdresser’s hair clip
  • hairpins
  • elastic.

easy hairstyles for short hair, romantic hairstyles for short hair

The entire mass of hair is divided by oblique parting, leaving loose strand in face. Rest of curls gather into tight tail at back of head. Hair in tail is formed into bundle with foam roller or hairpins (if length allows). In the end, fix hairstyle with strong lacquer.


Main ones in retro style are smooth hair, light large waves, sharp lines of haircuts, clear straight bangs. Picking your own image, you will have to abandon intricate weaving and braid, no matter how popular they are now.

easy hairstyles for short hair, fashionable retro hairstyles for short hair

Option 1

Divide whole mass of hair into two parts with help of horizontal parting, going from ear to ear. If you have naughty locks, preliminarily straighten them with iron and apply fixative.

easy hairstyles for short hair, stylish retro short hairstyles

Strands of temporal zones secure by invisible spines on occiput. Thus having lowered top part of hair, twist tips inside and fix varnish.

Easy hairstyles for short hair: stylish retro

Cold Wave

For the first time, hairstyle was demonstrated by hairdresser Marcel Grato, after whom cold wave is often called Wave of Marseilles.

Hair divide oblique vertical parting into two parts, it is not forbidden and direct, but oblique is still considered classic hairstyle. Separate strand width of 4-5 cm from top. Also, distribute styling product. Movement, as if drawing letter C, comb strand from forehead back and to the side. Resulting shape is fixed with crocodile clip without teeth.

easy hairstyles for short hair, cold wave short hairstyle

Using comb with frequent prongs, slide strand to the face (in opposite direction). When removing comb, try to shift hair upwards, this will help to get more expressive wave. When fixing clip, place it parallel to each other. Similar movements should be made, descending below strand until you reach tips.

Do not rush off barrettes. Wait for hair to dry completely. Also, use of hairdryer is not recommended, if there is not time to wait at all, put on hairpin for hairstyles, and only then go to drying process.

So after removing hairpins, smooth wave combs with frequent teeth and apply fixative.

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