Fade haircuts 2019: execution technology and types of men’s fade haircut

Fade broke into our lives! Haircut fade is one of iconic and fashionable styles among men, giving manly, but neat appearance, which is ideal for everyday or professional situations. Let’s find out fade haircuts 2019 trends and styles.

fade haircuts 2019, stylish types and execution technology of fade haircut

Fade haircuts 2019: stylish trends

Fade is haircut that creates fuzzy transition from short hair at back of head to any desired length at crown. Thanks to its versatility, fade is suitable for both men in business attire and athletes.

fade haircuts 2019, stylish trends and ideas for fade haircuts 2019

Not everyone can make perfect fade, as haircut requires prior experience and incredible accuracy. Slight change in length of hair can change overall appearance, and styling options change accordingly.

This haircut requires creativity, years of experience, accurate eye, hand coordination, and perseverance.

fade haircuts 2019, stylish tips and tricks for fade haircuts 2019

Preliminary preparation of fade haircuts 2019

  • Hair preparation: before starting, wash your hair or just moisten your hair
  • Length: you’d know how short haircut should be trimmed and which length long section should have.

Fade haircuts 2019: technology of fade updo


Fade, as a rule, begins behind ears and becomes shorter, up to neck. Transition behind ears is often suitable for all forms of head, but you should take into account following factors:

  • if person’s hair is thinner in some places, then transition should be started where hair texture changes (regardless of ears)
  • if person has tuft, plan to start transition just above or below it.

fade haircuts 2019, execution technology of fade haircuts 2019

Move clipper vertically. Just like when shaving your face, shave your hair in opposite direction of growth. Start from temporal part of head and move towards back.

  • Move clipper up and down, make a little effort to shave off all unnecessary hair
  • Also, move clipper to sides along transition line. Don’t turn machine horizontally, continue to hold it vertically. Remember that hair of fade line goes from one length to another.

fade haircuts 2019, styling ideas and trends for fade haircuts 2019

Slowly shave your hair in small sections with solid and precise movement.

In order to continue cutting transition line, change nozzle. If everything is done correctly, you’d get smooth transition line, without layers. Hair should gradually be shortened as it gets closer to head.

Getting to top

If you want long strands on top of head, then use scissors. They will fit in such styles as quiff, pompadour or messy top. If you wish shorter version, use clipper with appropriate attachment. Machine is needed for such styles as Caesar or crew cut.

fade haircuts 2019, stylish types and styles of fade haircuts 2019

Using your fingers or comb, lift your hair, gradually cutting off all that is above them. Take into account angle of cut. Trim hair at angle as you approach back of head to achieve smooth transition and avoid smooth lines.

Fade haircuts 2019: types of fade updos

There are many diverse styles of fade haircuts 2019, to help you understand them, we present selection of photos from the best masters in the world.

  • Low wedge-shaped fade
  • High conical fade
  • Medium wedge fade

fade haircuts 2019, high conical fade, medium wedge fade

  • Temp fade
  • Very short fade
  • Drop fade

fade haircuts 2019, very short fade, drop fade haircut 2019

  • Iroquois
  • Afro fade

fade haircuts 2019, Iroquois haircuts, afro fade haircut 2019

  • Comb over fade
  • High top

fade haircuts 2019, comb over fade haircut, high top fade haircut

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