Womens short hairstyles 2019: top female short hairstyles 2019 trends

Womens short hairstyles 2019 will pleasantly delight the lovers of unpretentious hairstyles with their novelty and creativity.

Returning to the podium traditional bob, garcon, Sassoon and cascade in their trendy modified versions will help to transform young beauties into fashionable women in just a moment. Let’s see what female short hairstyles 2019 are in trend.

womens short hairstyles 2019, stylish short updos 2019 for women

Properly selected laides short hairstyles 2019 can’t only help to radically change the look, but also hide the minor flaws, focusing on the merits.


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Slight negligence and pomp have come to the fashionable Olympus, as opposed to last year’s smoothness.

Even very short haircuts in 2019 look a little messy due to the combination of modern cascade transitions and layers with any hairstyles. You can see this fashion trend at Jason Wu, Etro’s fashion shows.

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womens short hairstyles 2019, stylish naturalness of short hair 2019

Leading stylists, such as Alberta Ferretti, suggest combing the shaved temples and Iroquois, which don’t give up their positions in lades short hairstyles 2019, with canons bob, garcon, cascade bob, and hedgehog.

womens short hairstyles 2019, retro and futurism for short hair 2019

Absolutely any variations of bangs will be in womens short hairstyles 2019 trends.

Like thick, straight, asymmetrical and figured; graded and in pixie-bangs form, also hairstyles without bangs are in female short hairstyles 2019.

Catch the ideas from MSGM.

womens short hairstyles 2019, short updos with bangs and without bangs

Womens short hairstyles 2019 for curly hair

What womens short hairstyles 2019 are ideal for the owners of chic curls? Experienced hairdressers know that in this case, much depends on the type of curls and the stiffness of the hair. So for soft and thin curls, according to experts, it’s better to choose modern versions of trendy bob, cascade, and their newfangled combinations.

For lovers of ultra short hair sports solutions under the boy and hedgehog will suit perfectly.

However, we’d note that such hairstyles visually increase the proportions of the face. Take a look at Alexander McQueen’s fashion shows.

womens short hairstyles 2019, stylish short curly hair 2019

Layered short hairstyles 2019

For any type of hair, classic bob and cascade will be an excellent and a fashionable choice in its asymmetrical combinations. In case you have a large face, you should take a closer look at the asymmetrical bob-cascade, original pixie. Extravagant female short haircuts 2019 with figure-shaven temples and Mohawk ladies short hairstyles 2019 are at the peak of popularity,

Thus flirty and chaotic bob cascade with side parting or without it, cropped short with smooth or oblique not very long bangs are also in trend of womens shot hairstyles 2019. The effect of light waves will make it possible to achieve hairstyles as a layered pixie, super short cascade.

womens short hairstyles 2019, stylish curly short hair with shaved sides

Female short hairstyles 2019 with bangs

Stylish fashionable short haircuts in hair trends 2019 allow fashionable women who are used to having bangs, to diversify them in any variation. The only thing that stylists pay attention to is the choice of the style of the bangs depending on the shape of the face. It should also be in harmony with the overall appearance and improve it, not the other way around.

womens short hairstyles 2019, stylish short hair with bangs 2019

Front thick bangs that mask a high forehead, visually shift the accent from the nose and wide cheekbones. So original solutions are curly and textural triangular, oval and rectangular versions with sharp,even or offset angles.

womens short hairstyles 2019, multi layered bangs with short hair 2019

Avant-garde asymmetry in obliquely ragged, multi-layered, graded and arch-shaped, thick bangs are in trend. Thus they not only give originality to the hairstyle itself but also can drastically change the look, modernizing it.

For unruly curls, the best choice, if you decide to get a haircut with bangs, can be layered and multi-layered updos.

Fashion trend is widely used in fashion shows of Calvin Klein Collection, Anna Sui and Michael Kors.

Womens short hairstyles 2019 without bangs

Womens short hairstyles 2019 are presented by modern modifications of many styles, which will please the lovers of hairstyles without bangs and those who prefer not having bangs. So, fashionable ladies short hairstyles 2019 can be:

  • traditional cascade and bob with offset parting or strictly in the center
  • bob and pixie without partitions
  • cascade bob, messy bob, layered bob
  • unique cropped garcon, shaved with one or two temples and patchwork haircuts.

womens short hairstyles 2019, messy bob 2019, pixie hair 2019

Pixie haircut for female shot hairstyles 2019

Want to have an extraordinary appearance, choose female short hairstyles 2019 with multi-layered accent at the roots of the hair.

Open areas behind the ears and the clipped neck are also in fashion. This hairstyle will be an ideal option for the owners of thin, straight curls and with long bangs.

Also, it’s an excellent base for diverse experiments with appearance. Even and asymmetrical elongated bangs can be stacked in many ways, like pixie itself without bangs.

womens short hairstyles 2019, stylish short pixie hairdo 2019

According to stylists, elongated strands are appropriate for oval faces. Asymmetry is suitable for round faces. You can choose shaved temples for a youth style.

Women’s short hairdo pixie doesn’t work for everyone, because they visually slightly distort the proportionality of the physique, giving volume to the face, and can’t look perfect on curly hair.

Therefore, for women with luxurious forms and for their natural curls, it’s better to abandon the ultra short and smooth asymmetrical pixie hairstyles and look at other options of garcon. Get inspired by Lanvin’s and Fendi’s fashion shows on this theme.

Female shot hairstyles 2019: Stylish bob

The fashionable creative bob hairdo in all its versions became the leader of ladies short hairstyles 2019. It’s comfortable, because it doesn’t require frequent visits to hairdressers for correction.

Bob-cut and traditional bob are equally suitable for any type of hair.

Smooth and clear lines will be an excellent option for elegant fashionistas of all ages. Ragged, with shaved areas and offset to the sides will be suitable for extravagant ladies who prefer full avant-garde in everything.

womens short hairstyles 2019, fashionable bob hairstyle 2019

Asymmetrical ladies short hairstyles 2019

The real mega trends of the new season are short haircuts with asymmetry and multi-level graduations that look great on any of the fashionable types of hairstyles from Sassoon to cascade. Beveled bangs and strands give the look originality, and the shaved nape and temples give extravagance and boldness.

This haircut with bangs is also good, because you can create several visual interesting accents at once, if you experiment with bangs. Catch some ideas from fashion shows of Peter Pilotto, Kenzo and Miu Miu.

womens short hairstyles 2019, stylish short asymmetrical hairstyles 2019

Fashionable female short hairstyles 2019 hair colors

Creative short haircuts 2019 stand out from the general background and color range. Thus naturalness is always in fashion, for those who love brutality and non-triviality. So leading masters offer elongated and very short womens hairstyles for 2019:

  • ashen, red and blond, purple and pink hues
  • with multi-colored strands of the whole rainbow palette, but you’d harmoniously combine them with the main tone
  • with highlighting in two or more tint variations
  • gradient smooth and contrast transitions.

womens short hairstyles 2019, purple short hair, rainbow short hair

For bold ideas of different hair colors, you can follow the fashion shows of Vivienne Westwood and Maison Margiela.

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