Balayage hair color 2019: TOP trendy balayage colors for your unique style

Coloring is pleasant but quite delicate job. With help of balayage technique, individual strands are clarified. It’s often confused with ombre or shatush technique. But they are all different techniques. We decided to share with you secrets of balayage technique and talk about balayage hair color 2019.

balayage hair color 2019, stylish balayage hair colors for your style

Balayage hair color 2019: reverse balayage

Balayage is universal technique that fits any length. Due to game of glare, volume is created. For balayage technique choose natural hair color, while new shade should adapt to main color.

balayage hair color 2019, stylish ideas of balayage hair 2019

Reverse balayage

New trend of 2019, it looks quite impressive and unusual. Different shades of brown turn into dark brown on hair tips.

Stylist-colourist from Colorado @deryndaniels in her Instagram blog showed interesting options for such coloring.

balayage hair color 2019, stylish reverse balayage hair 2019

Main disadvantage of technology is that it’s necessary to paint roots more often. This fact is very contrary to main advantage of technology – durability.

Ashy and pearl color

These two colors are in balayage hair color 2019 trend. They refresh image due to overflows and give charm. By the way, such shades are suitable for ladies with blue, green or gray eyes.

When choosing your shade, be careful, because it affects color of your skin.

balayage hair color 2019, ashy balayage hair, pearl balayage hair

Balayage hair color 2019: voguish bright colors

This year, brands continued fashion of bright curls. The most fashionable colors: pink and purple. No need to be scared, because they can be displayed differently on hair.

balayage hair color 2019, green balayage hair, blue balayage hair

Coloring in style of balayage doesn’t cause severe harm to your hair, so it’s suitable even for thin and weak hair. Balayage should be used no more than three times a year.

balayage hair color 2019, pink balayage hair, purple balayage hair

Choice of balayage hair color 2019

Standard balayage hair dye involves use of following pairs of tinges to create marvelous contrast of hair tips and roots:

  • summer color type: sandre (ashy) – pearl or hazelnut – ashen
  • winter color option: eggplant – Burgundy or blue-black shade – red

balayage hair color 2019, eggplant and burgundy balayage hair, red and black balayage hair

  • autumn color type: murky chestnut – bronze
  • spring color option: bronze – amber.

balayage hair color 2019, chestnut and bronze balayage hair, bronze and amber balayage hair

Balayage hair color 2019: stylish tips

It’s especially good to paint balayage if these recommendations on color type are taken into account. In this case, shades are bright, rich, unique and inimitable.

After all, transition of tints will look divers. If you still have doubts whether to use balayage technique or not, look through list of its advantages over other methods of coloring techniques.

balayage hair color 2019, stylish tips for balayage hair 2019

Recently, celebrities from film industry, models and TV hosts prefer balayage: pay attention to haircuts of Jared Leto, Jessica Biel, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, Bianca Balti, Olsen sisters, Ashlee Simpson.

balayage hair color 2019, balayage technique on short hair 2019

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