Blonde dreams: New light hair colors


COOL HAIRCUTS prepared many materials about creative bright hair dyeing. But what about blondes? Fair color never stops being actual! Inspired by noble blonde shades’ magnetism  create masterpiece hair coloring ideas for light haired women and ones who turn into them with dye magic. Check hottest trending hair colors for blondes! Read our «Blonde dreams: New light hair colors» article.

Blonde natural nuances: light hair colors

Blonde colors could be conditionally divided into lunar and solar. Notice difference between platinum and wheat colors: first looks icy, second one includes accented warm sub tones. Rely on your color type choosing trending hair colors. Moon shades for cool color type, sunny tones for warm ones.

Light-hair-colors-trending-hair-colors-hair-coloring-ideas-light hair colors

Modern hair coloring ideas often base on cool and warm tones combinations. Boldly arm yourself with them, if your appearance includes both shades’ groups: for example, porcelain skin, icy blue eyes and sunny copper hair.

So, if you need natural looking trending hair colors, choose from list below.

  • Snow light hair

Light-hair-colors-trending-hair-colors-hair-coloring-ideas-light hair colors

Remember little snowflakes softly laying and sparkling on fair hair… Looks pretty touchingly, doesn’t it? Well, we won’t offer you going out without hat in winter. Never sacrifice health for beauty, especially such short-termed one.

Snowlight-hair-Light-hair-colors-trending-hair-colors-hair-coloring-ideas-light hair colors

Modern hair coloring ideas help keeping that smooth snowy shine for long term – even in summer! Snowlight hair means adding silvery highlights on blonde base (often with soft warm notes). Often starting from roots or top. Snowlight hair main technical difference from other highlights: dyeing should be made in T-shape.

  • Surf hair

Summer answer to Snowlight trend! Surfer’s hair gets naturally bleached in some parts after salty water and Sun interaction. Ask your stylist recreating that effect – dyeing chaotically one-two tones lighter on strands near face and on top.

Surf-hair-Light-hair-colors-trending-hair-colors-hair-coloring-ideas- hair coloring ideas

Creative trending hair colors: Light & Bright!

  • Platinum Blonde, fully white hair fits cool color type.

Light-hair-colors-trending-hair-colors-platinum-blonde- hair coloring ideas

  • Actual Granny hair got new transformation: few silver shades usage.

Silver-hair-Light-hair-colors-trending-hair-colors-hair-coloring-ideas- hair coloring ideas

  • Salmon hair – for pink fans.


  • Peach hair – tender summer shade.
  • Holographic hair.


  • Bubblegum hair – new sweet pastels’ interpretation.


We hope, our «Blonde dreams: New light hair colors» article provided enough options for our beautiful fair haired readers to shine!


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