Blonde hair 2019: Top trendy shades and stylish tips for blonde hair color

Women with beautiful blonde hair always attract eyes, because their hair has rare and bright color. Beautiful blonde hair color will help to reveal femininity and demonstrate your attractiveness to others. Main thing is to choose right shade among presented palette of coloring pigments. We’ll talk about blonde hair 2019 trends.

blonde hair 2019, top stylish shades and trends of blonde hair

Blonde hair 2019: color features

Blonde color allows curls to open up during sun overflows, makes image of owner bright and stylish. Let’s speak about blonde hair 2019 features.

Advantages of coloring in light colors:

  • you become younger by 5-10 years, as blonde pulls attention to yourself, distracting skin from wrinkles and sagging

You can vary your image due to different shades: cold blonde will make you confident, warm halftones will reveal your femininity, and peach, purple or caramel notes will emphasize extravagance of image

blonde hair 2019, advantages and disadvantages of blonde hair

  • Each manufacturer offers wide palette of blonde shades, so you can easily find your version
  • Blonde perfectly masks gray hair that is just beginning to make its way

Among disadvantages of staining in blonde can be identified aggressive effects of oxidizing agents on structure of curls. Oxides remove own pigment, making hair lifeless and devoid of moisture. If you don’t carry out rehabilitation, then soon curls will become lifeless.

Whom blonde hair suits

Women of summer and autumn type, in which peach, olive or tanned skin and bright expressive blue, brown or green eyes, will suit following options:

  • beige
  • mocha
  • caramel
  • wheat
  • honey.

blonde hair 2019, whom will suit fashionable blonde hair

For fair-haired beauties with green or blue eyes and porcelain skin, experts recommend preferring following tones:

  • ashen
  • creamy
  • pearl
  • platinum
  • cold beige
  • pastel strawberry.

There are also universal colors that are suitable for all color types. For example, golden blonde is recognized as expensive and luxurious shade that can decorate face of any beauty.

blonde hair 2019, stylish golden blonde hair 2019

Popular shades of blonde color

There are various color variations for blonde. It’s important to choose tone that will be in harmony with color of skin and eyes.

Cool blonde

Nordic blonde is trend of current season. Famous models and celebrities paint hair in this color. But it isn’t suitable for everyone.

For example, if woman has dark skin, freckles, dark eye color and decides to dye her hair in ashen or pearl color, she risks losing her attractiveness.

blonde hair 2019, cool blonde hair 2019, Nordic blonde hair 2019

Cool blonde will suit girls with light eyes and pale porcelain or pinkish skin. But brown-eyed beauties do not need to immediately discard such painting option. It’s one of trendiest blonde hair 2019 shades.

Dark blonde

It perfectly harmonizes with gray eyes and olive skin. It’s recommended for use by brown-haired women and brunettes who wish to transform into blonde. Truly noble color that adds bright shimmer to hair.

blonde hair 2019, dark blonde hair 2019, caramel blonde hair 2019


We would recommend this color option to girls with dark hair who plan to gradually turn into blonde. It will suit owners of dark skin, green, brown or gray eyes.

Trendy hues of blonde hair 2019


Color harmonizes well with fair skin and bright eyes of any color. It’s desirable that eyebrows of girls who want to wear this particular tone were broad and with clear line.

It isn’t recommended to use wheat color for women of winter and summer color types, because they risk looking faded and inconspicuous.

blonde hair 2019, wheat blonde hair 2019, strawberry blonde hair 2019

Strawberry blonde hair 2019

It’s symbiosis of blonde with delicate reddish haze. It’ll help girls reveal in themselves real yoke. Muffled strawberry blonde is suitable owners of pink skin. Experiments with this color will make your bow stylish and extravagant. It’s one of fashionable blonde hair 2019 hues.

Sand blonde hair 2019

Sand blonde is formed on basis of two shades: cold and golden. Stylists advise in winter time to conduct staining in warm undertones, and in summer to create cold images, attracting attention of others to their appearance during hot season.

blonde hair 2019, fashionable sand blonde hair 2019

Owners of dark eyes, it’s desirable to select darker shades, for example, wet sand, but blue-eyed and green-eyed beauties, we would recommend experimenting with golden hues.


It’s suitable for both fair-haired and dark-haired beauties. You can choose dark or light mocha. Various variations of color go exclusively to everyone, whether you have delicate porcelain or dark tanned skin.

blonde hair 2019, stylish mocha blonde hair 2019

Other trendy tints of blonde hair color


It’s suitable for girls with color type summer or autumn. It’ll perfectly complement tanned face, bringing touch of extravagance into image. This color is chosen mainly by young girls who are inclined to experiment with their hair. One of stylish tints of blonde hair 2019.

blonde hair 2019, peach blonde hair 2019, gold blonde hair 2019


Luxurious tone that goes to many. Even true blondes can experiment a little with their usual color, creating hairstyle using technique of balayage, Californian or Venetian highlighting with golden notes. Dynamism and volume due to such painting are provided.


Hair gets light pearl outflow with blue, something like luxurious gray hair. Today, color is at peak of popularity.

blonde hair 2019, stylish silver blonde hair 2019


One of popular shades of this season. Muffled vanilla requires regular correction, so choosing this color, you’ll have to visit hairdresser almost every month.

blonde hair 2019, fashionable vanilla blonde hair 2019

If you don’t know whether to choose warm or cold shade, conduct rapid test. Stand near mirror in lighted room and select strand of hair. If it reflects golden, red or brown hue, warm colors will suit you. And, on the contrary, silvery, ashen, gray and other notes indicate that it’s more expedient to paint curls in cold range.

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