Breakthrough originality: Shadow roots hair


Hair coloring ideas become more democratic, comfortable and simultaneously wonderful last years. Technical progress made us see, how original ideas breaking through drab existence making our lives more interesting, creative and bright.

History and art tendencies, of course, reflected in fashion, including hair trends.

You’re welcomed to express your bright personality with shadow roots hair – technique of contrast roots color making.

That color softly melts into basic one, creating beautiful effect.

Shadow-roots-hair-fantasy-hair-color-hair-coloring-ideas-Shadow roots hair

Let’s discuss it’s nuances in «Breakthrough originality: Shadow roots hair» article.

Fantasy hair color: Shadow roots options

  • Feminism brought naturalness trends. Easiest option is just leaving your roots grow or un If in past it considered being inaccuracy, nowadays it makes you extra stylish!

Shadow-roots-hair-grow-out-roots-hair-coloring-ideas-Shadow roots hair

  • Extreme fantasy hair color isn’t for you? Try natural color near roots, contrasting with whole hair length color. Such trick gives hair more vividness, and you – more experiments opportunity.
  • Combine cold and warm colors, suiting you, make two accents: for example, root color could accent eyes brightness, whole length one – refresh skin color.
  • Bright hair coloring ideas will give your style new life. Maybe, you’ve noticed color lays brighter on roots, so that effect’s easy to get! Saturated roots’ shade, melting in whole length tone looks really poetic! Both colors should fit well together and with your skin, eyes color, full image.

Shadow-roots-hair-fantasy-hair-color-hair coloring ideas

  • Hair coloring ideas are really boundless! Use few close (or not?) colors for roots!

Shadow-roots-hair-fantasy-hair-color-hair-coloring-ideas-few-colors-hair coloring ideas

  • Hide fairytale in your roots! Fantasy hair color fans gone crazy about rainbow trend, now you should try rainbow roots! Or, maybe, ocean or galaxy ones.

Rainbow-shadow-roots-hair-fantasy-hair-color-hair-coloring-ideas- Fantasy hair color

  • Go high-tech! Pixelated roots look unbelievable! Make it just with stylist.

Pixelated-shadow-roots-hair-fantasy-hair-color-hair-coloring-ideas- Fantasy hair color

  • If shadow roots seem too bold for you, try similar temporary trend – glitter roots. Their and shadow roots combination impresses everyone!

Shadow-roots-hair-fantasy-hair-color-with-glitter-roots- Fantasy hair color-Shadow roots hair

Shadow roots Hair coloring ideas crib notes

Choosing fantasy hair color combination seems hard for non-professional. COOL HAIRCUTS proposes you color schemes crib note, used by different spheres’ designers.

Shadow-roots-hair-fantasy-hair-color-hair-coloring-ideas-color-schemes- Fantasy hair color-Shadow roots hair

Shadow-roots-hair-fantasy-hair-color-hair-coloring-ideas- Fantasy hair color-Shadow roots hair

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