Cheap hair products: Unexpected hair hacks


Sometimes our natural craving for beauty plays us cruel joke: we overpay for brand. But competent home hair treatment shouldn’t always be expensive! Even kitchen, nearest pharmacy “hides” useful stuff! COOL HAIRCUTS team found hair hacks for effective cheap hair products usage. You’ll see looking your best can be fun and easy!

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Cheap-hair-products-hair-hacks-home-hair-treatment-Cheap hair products

Oils power: Home hair treatment

Lavender oil

  • Hair hacks with lavender oil become real salvation! Just add few drops to conditioner and hair will be clear longer than ever!
  • Lavender’s antiphlogistic properties help fighting with seborrhea.
  • It also stimulates hair growth and moisturizes it.
  • Lavender aroma calms nervous system.
  • Never use it undiluted!
  • Contradictions for lavender home hair treatment:
    • Pregnancy first trimester;
    • Allergic reactions;
    • Taking iodine-containing or iron-containing preparations;
    • Hypotension;
    • Anemia.

Cheap-hair-products-hair-hacks-home-hair-treatment-with-lavender-Cheap hair products


Burdock oil

Real home hair treatment treasure! Read about it here.

Cheap-hair-products-hair-hacks-home-hair-treatment-Cheap hair products


Coconut oil

Keep it on head 1 hour, than wash. Coconut oil repairs damaged hair structure, makes it shining and soft.

Cheap-hair-products-hair-hacks-home-hair-treatment-home hair treatment


Cheap hair products

Sulsena Paste

Sulfur, included to paste, strengthens and nourishes hair from inside. And simply you’ll notice your hair has become more radiant!

Cheap-hair-products-hair-hacks-home-hair-treatment-home hair treatment


Lamination with that simple product makes wonders! Use it, if you need hair straightening. Avoid gelatin lamination or masks for colored hair – it slowly removes dye. Don’t make it before dyeing also – gelatin film hinders pigments penetration into hair structure.

Cheap-hair-products-hair-hacks-home-hair-treatment-gelatine-lamination-home hair treatment


One of most nice hair hacks!

  • Boil tea, wait it to cool enough and rinse hair with it. Tea successfully fights with head skin oiliness.
  • Need easy straightening? Rinse with sweet tea!

Cheap-hair-products-hair-hacks-home-hair-treatment-hair hacks


Fermented rice water

Save water after cooking rice! Use it for conditioning and you’ll understand, why eastern women proud of their perfect long hair!

Cheap-hair-products-hair-hacks-home-hair-treatment-hair hacks

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Cheap-hair-products-hair-hacks-home-hair-treatment-hair hacks

Cheap-hair-products-hair-hacks-home-hair-treatment-hair hacks

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