Contemporary Valentine’s Day hairstyles: Inspiration, tutorials and photos

Great Valentine’s Day hairstyles

Soon special day will come, so COOL HAIRCUTS prepared new Valentine’s Day hairstyles photos and tips. Of course, we all need looking perfectly charming waiting for little miracles on that holiday.

Maybe, you’re tired of finding similar Valentines hairstyles with heart braids year by year? Maybe, it’s not bad, but it’s not your style or you’ve tried it before and need something different.

We understand you and so, here are really fresh and original ideas to make you look unforgettable!

We propose last trends for Valentines hair creation!

Read our «Contemporary Valentine’s Day hairstyles: Inspiration, tutorials and photos» article.

Accessories: Valentine’s Day hairstyles

Of course, Valentine’s Day hairstyles depend on how you’ll spend the holiday. Party requires brighter accessories, than candle-lit meeting.

  • Ribbons look perfectly for Valentines hair! Black satin ones considered being trendiest, but maybe, red, violet or cherry shades should be better for that holiday? Choose it depending on your color type. Contrast with your hair color is highly recommended. Just tie ribbon to loose hair or decorate ponytail, braid or bun.

Ribbon and satin headband Valentine’s Day hairstyles

  • Few jeweled pins will accent your eyes’ shine!
  • Love trendy pearls? Use that trick: put old necklace pearls on simple bobby pins. Same is ok with any beads.
  • Flowers appeared in models hair on most fashion shows 2018. So, they’re perfect for Valentine’s Day hairstyles too! Use unfading or artificial flowers. Plait few small ones into braid and your perfect Valentines hair is ready!

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Flowers in Valentine’s Day hairstyles

  • Fond of fantasy? Minimalistic elven tiara makes wonders even with simplest hairstyles!
  • Boho hair extensions should help you gaining hearts.

Boho hair extensions Valentines hairstyles

Valentines hair: Braids

Valentine’s Day hairstyles are hard to imagine without braids nowadays, as they’re captivated fashion trends! Let’s check options for you!

  • Just few thin braids and you’re a queen!
  • Enrich simple plaiting with thin braids and loose strands near face.

Braid with loose front strands and braided bangs Valentines hairstyles

  • Make braided bun, leaving some strands (or braids) loose. As Valentines hairstyles should be festive, accent it with glitter roots.
  • Got short hair with long bangs? Maybe, it’s time to braid it!
  • Renaissance style revives again! Just look at that epoch inspired braids… And then make by yourself or ask for friend’s help.

Renaissance braids Valentines hairstyles

Valentines hairstyles: More ideas

Valentine’s Day hairstyles aren’t bounded just with festive romantic options.

  • If you’ll be invited on adventure date with bungee jumping, snowboarding or camping, of course, avoid accessories usage! Sport hairstyles look no less feminine, than classic ones. Maybe cute tight braids, fixed with gel, will serve you as suitable Valentines hairstyles. Though, don’t be afraid if your hairdo will become careless. It’s trendy this season! And at last, does it matter, if you’ve gone through such great impressions together?

Sport style Valentines hairs

  • Will you attend masquerade ball or just love cosplay? Maybe it’s time to transform into your favorite fairytale princess or other character?

Disney character image Valentines hair

  • Crimped hair is also trendy this season. It looks festive by itself.

Crimped Valentines hair

  • Short Valentines hair can be styled with gel. Choose wet look, retro waves or stylish spiky side bangs, falling on eyes. It makes your visions so beautifully mystic!

Hopefully, our «Contemporary Valentine’s Day hairstyles: Inspiration, tutorials and photos» article will inspire your unbelievable look creation! We wish you a happy Valentine’s Day! With love, your COOL HAIRCUTS!

Great Valentine’s Day hairstyles

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