Cool haircuts for women 2019: stylish options and trends for female haircut

Beautiful hairstyle is pledge of self-confidence of women, way to attract attention of man, attribute of femininity. But for this, woman just needs to follow fashion trends that annually offer stylists, changing format and vision of haircuts that have already been successful last season. Let’s find out what cool haircuts for women 2019 are in trend.

cool haircuts for women 2019, top stylish haircut ideas for women

Short fashionable haircut ideas for 2019

Choice of length in cool haircuts for women 2019 isn’t relevant, as haircuts are presented in wide range: these can be smooth long strands or ruffled sloppy feathers, gentle waves and fleece, layering and playing with lengths.


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Also under each image are assumed variety of bangs: torn and neat, super-short and long, slanting and straight.

cool haircuts for women 2019, stylish trends and ideas for women haircut 2019

Many women lead active lifestyle: they organize their business, constantly rush, thus they prefer short haircuts. In addition, short hair emphasizes beautiful features of face. Consider the most fashionable short haircuts in 2019.

Bob is usual short haircut, which remains relevant always. There are many options to cut bob for short hair, you can choose softer contours without sharp transitions or give preference to geometry.

cool haircuts for women 2019, stylish bob haircut trends 2019

Pixie is stylish, elegant haircut that hides age of woman, but also creates fragile and touching image. Great for fine hair. Many Hollywood stars such as Rihanna, Natalie Portman, Halle Berry, and others have already tried this haircut. Word pixie means elf, and really this haircut gives image a bit of playfulness and fabulousness.

cool haircuts for women 2019, stylish pixie haircut 2019

It’s equally good for both aged women and young beauties. Suitable for oval and round face shapes. Classical pixie haircut implies short hair on sides and elongated at back of head, as well as presence of oblique bangs.

Cool haircuts for women  2019: stylish ideas

Open ears are trend of season, and you can cut off your hair or simply lay it behind your ears.

cool haircuts for women 2019, trendy haircuts with open ears 2019

Shag is fashionable creative haircut. You can clip hair sectionally, which will create unpredictable, slightly sloppy and expressive image. Such haircut can rightly be in stylish trend of cool haircuts for women 2019.

cool haircuts for women 2019, trendy shag haircut ideas 2019

It gives image stylish look and doesn’t require much effort. Shag haircut is ideal for fine hair, as it creates volume and structure. On thick hair, you need additional filing to remove excess thickness and volume.

cool haircuts for women 2019, stylish haircuts with shaved sides

Creative haircuts with shaved temple or back of head are in fashion. Truly bold haircut to which not many girls decide, its variations can be different. For example, you can make ultrashort haircut only on one side or only on back of head.

Cool haircuts for women 2019: long options

This season glamorous simplicity is in fashion, which characterizes updos for long hair. Thus fashionable long haircuts perfectly transform appearance of woman, adjust features and shape of face.

cool haircuts for women 2019, trendy long bob haircut ideas 2019

Bob and elongated bob are classic haircuts that are always in trend, but current fashion dictates for first option: layered structure and slanting bangs, and for the second: elongated side strands, bangs with blunt cut and graduated strands.

cool haircuts for women 2019, fashionable layered haircuts 2019

Cascading layered haircut for long hair without bangs is unusually showy and stylish, beautifully flowing. In trend of this season is combination of asymmetric and smooth lines.

cool haircuts for women 2019, long hair with shaved sides 2019

Creative haircuts occupy leading position in 2019 season. One of marvelous varieties of such haircut is combination of long hair with shaved temple. Also, another option is short cap of hair with long lower tier, asymmetrically trimmed strands on bangs and near face.

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