Cool long hairstyles: Make it laughing!

Cool-long-hairstyles-long-hair-ideas-braided-hair-updos-1 Women hairstyles

COOL HAIRCUTS prepared something great for women with admirable long hair! Braided hair updos make any woman look bright and extra modern! Soon you’ll discover cool long hairstyles 5 min. technique, making you easily achieve perfect evening or every day look.

We know, hair ideas 2018 would be crazy, but…

Some hair bloggers appear with braided faux beard! Are you shocked?

We were too – even twice! You’ll be pleasantly surprised, finding out why they did it!

And surely do the same – easy and laughing!

Read our «Cool long hairstyles: Make it laughing!» article to end to know!

Cool-long-hairstyles-long-hair-ideas-braided-hair-updos-Cool long hairstyles-Braided hair updos

Braid hair updos: Mirror friendly!

So, they do it for… easy great hairstyle making! It should be actual long time for festive, fantasy, romantic everyday images and take honorary place between hair ideas 2018.

Let’s go!

  • Make central parting.

Cool-long-hairstyles-braided-hair-updos-step-Cool long hairstyles-Braided hair updos

  • Start braiding from strands closest to face. Choice any braid you like – fishtail, french braid, etc. Only important moment – braid should be firmly fixed!
  • Braid hair updos’ fans know about problems with fixation. Let’s avoid them, fixing with small elastic bands after every hair crossing! Bands will be invisible in final result.
  • Braid till end, fix with elastic band.

Cool-long-hairstyles-braided-hair-updos-step-Cool long hairstyles-Braided hair updos

  • Accurately lift your “beard” and reverse it to nape.

Cool-long-hairstyles-braided-hair-updos-step-Cool long hairstyles-Braided hair updos

  • Fix with small spray amount, if it’s necessary.
  • Share your joy with others, going out with mesmerizing beautiful hairstyle!

Cool long hairstyles with previous updo

  • Fix your free braid higher with small barrette. Try decorative one, if you like.

Cool-long-hairstyles-long-hair-ideas-barrette-Cool long hairstyles-Braided hair updos

  • Hair ideas 2018 often include ribbons. Braid them with hair. Technique takes longer time.
  • Dreadlocks and African braids look amazing with that updo! Decorate free tips with beads.

Long-hair-ideas-braided-hair-updos-fantasy-Cool long hairstyles-Braided hair updos

  • Leave front strands loose. You’ll see again – braid hair updos become easier than ever!
  • And at last little “lazy” surprise fitting shorter hair owners also! Our team member with middle hair length tried same technique, making ponytail “beard” just from two front strands… She’s delighted! We won’t add photo – it’s a surprise… We just advice you to try it right now!

Hopefully, our «Cool long hairstyles: Make it laughing!» article gave you much fun and great makeover!

Cool-long-hairstyles-braided-hair-updos-Cool long hairstyles-Braided hair updos


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