Corset braids: Stylish ways for cool hair ideas!


Making internet and fashion scene boom in 2017 corset braids confidently climb on womens hairstyles 2018 trendiness’ top!

And we’re agree with millions of corset braids fans – that trend gives inspiration for really cool hair ideas! It’s universal hairstyle fitting any age (you can try it with your daughter) and any situation, excepting winter period, when you’re wearing hat.

Show your lacing skills and incredible beauty! Read our «Corset braids: Stylish ways!» article.

Corset-braids-material-womens-hairstyles-2018-Corset braids


Cool hair ideas: Corset materials

First, get material for your corset. We can continue ribbons trend in such wonderful interpretation! So, you’re welcomed to use:

  • satin ribbons;
  • velvet ones;
  • thin chiffon scarves (for bigger braids);
  • artificial suede or leather laces;
  • lace ribbons;
  • any suitable material you like!

Corset-braids-womens-hairstyles-2018-cool-hair-ideas-lace-corset-Corset braids

Choose lace’s color according to you appearance type. It would better contrast to your hair color.

Womens hairstyles 2018 should continue whole image, so you can choose even same material with clothes you wish to accent.

Corset-braids-womens-hairstyles-2018-Corset braids


You’ll also need simple bobby pin for lacing and if you plan to get corset on nape than invite good friend to help you. Watch our photos; think through to create cool hair ideas with lacing, accenting your individuality. So, let’s start!

Womens hairstyles 2018: Corset hair guide

Corset hair needs some skills. But it’s easy to learn!


  • Make parting and two braids you’ll connect with lacing.
  • Thread bobby pin with ribbon.
  • Pass pin into first braids’ knot, than repeat the same with second braid’s knot on same level.

Corset-braids-2018-cool-hair-ideas-Womens hairstyles 2018-cool hair ideas

  • Adjust ribbon’s tips to make their free parts have same length.
  • Now thread pin with ribbon into opposite braid’s knot on same level.
  • Repeat it till you’ll finish corset lacing.

Corset braids: Cool hair ideas with corset lacing

At last, some ideas for inspiration!

  • Corset lacing + hair piercing – look wow!

Corset-braids-and-Hair-Piercing-womens-hairstyles-2018-cool-hair-ideas-Womens hairstyles 2018-cool hair ideas

  • Top or side corset – lace by yourself!

Side-and-top-corset-braids-cool-hair-ideas-Womens hairstyles 2018

  • Womens hairstyles 2018 should include glitter roots effect also. Combine it with corset – make new look!


Hopefully, our «Corset braids: Stylish ways!» article guided you to easy unbelievable makeover!


Corset-braids-womens-hairstyles-2018-cool-hair-ideas-cool hair ideas

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