Easy hair ideas: Wet look hair


New hair trends become more democratic than ever. Wet look hair doesn’t require full drying and too accurate styling, still looking miraculously. It’s real salvation for hot summer weather! Despite seeming simplicity it translates into multiple easy hair ideas, giving large field for stylish creativity.

Let’s discuss it in our «Easy hair ideas: Wet look hair» article.

Wet-look-hair-new-hair-trends-easy-hair-ideas-Easy hair ideas-Wet look hair

New hair trends: Wet effect tutorial

First, think of your look. Wet look hair stays actual in any season. No wonder, woman with wet hair after swimming in sea or pool and after rain looks equally romantic. Base on naturalness: your hair can get wet full or partial, if your walk in rain lasted short. It means you can vary full length and partial wet effect – near roots, for few strands, etc. New hair trends allow any modifications!

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Let’s find ways of these beautiful effects creation.

  • Wet effect styling gel considers being universal solution – and irreplaceable for sleek roots. Few minutes and disheveled hair turns into aristocratic accurate ponytail or wet lose ones. Do like top stylists! Apply gel with brush (you can use brush for hair dyeing).

Wet-look-hair-new-hair-trends-easy-hair-ideas-Easy hair ideas-Wet look hair

  • Styling mousse – ideal for “after sea” effect! Even ideally straight haired women should get that fancy curly look. Wash hair, keep it under towel for 10 minutes, apply small mousse quantity on full length, than squeeze strands with hands. That style ideally combines with summer inspired new hair trends, such as surfer highlights.

Curly-Wet-look-hair-new-hair-trends-easy-hair-ideas-Easy hair ideas-Wet look hair

  • If you need wet roots too, combine last method with gel for them.
  • Partial wet effect implies drying for remaining strands.

Wet-look-hair-new-hair-trends-easy-hair-ideas-Easy hair ideas-Wet look hair

Easy hair ideas: Wet look hair style variations

Associate wet hair just with sleeked back? Read list below!

  • Wet + glitter roots – your wow look is ready!

Glitter-roots-Wet-look-hair-new-hair-trends-easy-hair-ideas-Easy hair ideas-Wet look hair

  • Make live headband!

Headband-Wet-look-hair-new-hair-trends-easy-hair-ideas-Easy hair ideas-Wet look hair

  • Experiment with parting.

Wet-look-hair-new-hair-trends-easy-hair-ideas-Easy hair ideas-Wet look hair

  • Try vintage waves.

Vintage-Wet-look-hair-new-hair-trends-easy-hair-ideas-New hair trends

  • Combine with braids.

Braid-Wet-look-hair-new-hair-trends-easy-hair-ideas-New hair trends

Hopefully, our «Easy hair ideas: Wet look hair» article gave you great inspiration right from sunny holidays and romantic rainy autumn.

Wet-look-hair-new-hair-trends-easy-hair-ideas-New hair trends

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