Easy hairdos for long hair: Top Trends and ideas for long hair updos

Judging by fashion collections of this season at Fashion Week stylists decided on hairstyles with short hair, then, more often, they were very radical haircuts. But absolute majority of hairstyles are still upstyles for long hair. Let’s see what easy hairdos for long hair are in trend.

easy hairdos for long hair, top trends and stylish ideas for long hair

Stylish ideas

Peculiarity of easy hairdos for long hair is their simplicity. Hairstyle should look like it was done yesterday, but today it’s considerably messed up.

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easy hairdos for long hair, messed up long hairstyle

In fashion there will be updos with different textures. Updos with hastily pinned and carelessly laid out are in trend.

And the most modish hairstyle is simple with loose hair, parted by parting. Hairstyle with flowing hair can have several options.

easy hairdos for long hair, fashionable parted loose hair

Firstly, hairdos for loose hair can differ in style: either smooth straight hair or if disheveled by the wind. Stylists propose to wear long loose hair divided into straight line or oblique parting. Hair is often placed behind ears.

By the way, owners of very elongated face (faces of rectangular shape) aren’t recommended to wear hairstyles with straight parting, but with oblique parting will be perfect.

Also, updos with long flowing hair decorate with marvelous flower or rim.

easy hairdos for long hair, stylish loose hair with a bang

Hairstyles with loose hair without bangs are in vogue. However, there are also variants with straight, thick bang. Hairdo with bang is still recommended to lay behind ears.

Easy hairdos for long hair: trendy ideas

It’s worth noting that easy hairdos for long hair with straight style, in which hair is laid behind ears, won’t suit everyone. These hairstyles highlight face, emphasize cheekbones. Therefore, if face’s shape isn’t ideal oval, then it’s better to wear hairstyles with oblique cuts, in which hair isn’t laid behind ears. For example, some hairstyles with shows of Balmain and Gucci.

Also, if your face’s shape is circle or square, simply avoid bangs. But long hair will be stylish, as they will visually stretch your face.

Hairdos with long flowing hair, stylists suggest wearing both nude-style makeup and emphasis on lips: bright scarlet, cherry, purple lipstick.

easy hairdos for long hair, loose hair styling behind ear

One more variant is updo with low tail. In this case, hair itself should be straight and smoothly combed. Tail should be tied with the simplest hair gum. Front hair should be divided into straight part. Ears should be open, as in hairstyles with loose hair.

easy hairdos for long hair, stylish low tail with long hair

Modish ideas

Also fashionable will be hairdos with different weaves. Upstyles with long flowing hair should outwardly create sense of carelessness. However, weaving from hair can be either minimal or difficult enough. Thus hair is braided not completely, but partially.

easy hairdos for long hair, stylish weaves step by step guide

Hairstyles of long hair with beams are in trend. So, there are variants of hairstyles with low beam, that is, practically classic Greek knot hairstyle. But there are also more extravagant variants in which bundles can be collected high on vertex.

easy hairdos for long hair, fashionable beam on long hair

easy hairdos for long hair, stylish Greek style hairstyle on long hair

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