Easy updos for medium hair: 7 stylish trends and hairstyles for medium hair styling

Medium lengths of hair allow making variety of hairstyles and styling. Thus, choice depends on desired image, mood, age and available time for hair styling: classic and simple hairstyles or modern and creative, playful or strict, simple in styling, for every day or intricate for an evening event. Let’s consider easy updos for medium hair.

easy updos for medium hair, 7 top hairstyle ideas for medium hair

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easy updos for medium hair, stylish ideas for medium hair styling

Easy updos for medium hair: trendy ideas

  1. Greek style easy updos for medium hair with rim – gum
  2. Greek hairstyle based on tail with rubber band
  3. Madame Pompadour

Separate top part of hair on top of head. Scrub hair at roots with comb with small denticles or brushes. Apply varnish to combed hair roots. Spray varnish from bottom upwards (from roots to tips). This additionally raises and fixes well roots of hair. With fine comb, gently smooth hair in heel area, secure them with invisibility to tone of hair. So separate wide thin temporal strands from both head’s sides and assemble them in tail, fastened with thin elastic band. And in order for hair on sides of head not to break out and not to tumble, use toothbrush!

easy updos for medium hair, stylish Greek style hairstyle for medium hair

easy updos for medium hair, Madame Pompadour hairstyle for medium hair


Make ordinary tail using thin elastic band. Remove from tail hair strand and wrap it around tail, filling tips with elastic band. Also, you can leave one free strand of hair in advance before you collect hair in tail.

easy updos for medium hair, stylish ponytail for medium hair

Beautifully looks strand – pigtail, winding tail. So if you want your hair to look perfectly smooth, before you make tail, straighten hair with iron.

Easy updos for medium hair: hairstyles with braids on medium hair

Spit and braids

They aren’t only children’s version of hair styling! Thus this method of laying hair, like pigtails, always makes image interesting, attractive, sweet, gentle. Use them in easy updos for medium hair, and in evening or wedding styling.

By the way, to create relevant image in grunge style, when hair has wavy texture, it’s enough to braid wet hair for several hours or at night in tight pigtails.

easy updos for medium hair, spit and braids for medium hairstylesBunches and bumps

It’s important to understand that high-raised and bunched hair emphasizes shape and facial features, as well as neck. Therefore, high beam is recommended for those who are satisfied with shape of their face, as well as condition of skin of face and neck. Bunch is best suited to owner of oval and round face.

It’s possible to make such hairdress and with quads, not too elongated rectangular shape. But owner of face form inverted triangle you need to release a pair of wrinkles on sides of face, or wear bundle in combination with large earrings to balance narrow chin with other parts of face. Also, you can try to make a low beam.

easy updos for medium hair, bunches and bampes for medium hair

Bunch on vertex isn’t desirable for those with very elongated facial features. So you can do this in combination with thick long bangs.

Easy updos for medium hair: weaving

To perform this laying, you will need assistant. And also powder for hair (an excellent tool for packing and giving volume to hair), invisible hairpin.

On hair’s roots, strand of hair is applied behind strand. After applying it, you must gently rub it into roots of hair. Alternate strands are taken from head’s each side. Twist into flagella and fix by invisibility.

easy updos for medium hair, weaving of medium hair step by step

The lower shortest hair goes up and is fixed with invisibility. Thus gently stretch twisted strands of hair, making them more voluminous.

easy updos for medium hair, fashionable weaving for medium hair

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