Formal hairstyles for long hair: 7 best fashionable ideas for formal long hair

Owners of long hair aren’t so easy to maintain their tresses in proper form, but when it comes to choosing hairstyle, then there is a lot of opportunities. Long hair can be beautifully wound, curled or just smoothly combed. Also, long hair can be gathered in bundle or combed up, which is very suitable for formal parties. Thanks to the fact that you can do almost anything with long hair, and there are many ideas for hairstyles for their owners. Let’s find out formal hairstyles for long hair ideas.

formal hairstyles for long hair, 7 top fashionable formal updos for long hair

Trendy ideas

Let’s try one of trendy formal hairstyles for long hair. From front, hair is combed on one side, and separated from rest of hair with help of nice hoop. Loose hair from behind is slightly twisted.

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Lightly flowing curls fall down soft wave on shoulders. It’s this kind of hair that works best for evening dress without strapless. Despite the fact that hairdo is ordinary, overall image is absolutely gorgeous. You can add some accessories to this hairstyle.

formal hairstyles for long hair, stylish formal hairstyle with hoop

Long Bohemian Waves

This amazing hairstyle is also quite simple to perform. It’s easy to carry and looks just wonderful and suitable even for the most formal evening activities. Hair parted slightly shifted from center of head parting, curling in so-called bohemian waves.

formal hairstyles for long hair, stylish bohemian curls for long hair

Elegant hairstyle with hair up

Beautifully combed up hair always look handy at formal events, as well as at parties. This type of hairstyle looks very elegant and can’t be ignored. There are many ways to make such hairstyle. Some girls prefer not to add anything to it, some produce a bang. Comb bangs to one side, which gives image incredible elegance. Bangs really affect how hairstyle in general looks, and also emphasizes some facial features.

formal hairstyles for long hair, hair up updo for long hair

Formal hairstyles for long hair: stylish ideas

Lovely curls

Long cute curls are easy enough to make using suitable curlers, and bangs can be modeled with special gel. This hairstyle is really good for long hair, besides it can be decorated with various accessories to give image even more elegance.

formal hairstyles for long hair, stylish lovely curls for long hair

High hairstyle

Haircut described below will suit girls and women whose hair is below shoulders.

Comb your hair so that it isn’t tangled, for this hair should be dry, preferably not just washed. Apply a little untangling on hair and then pick them up in tall tail. Take care that your hair is really smooth and fasten with rubber band.

When tail is fixed, put dividing comb on hair and secure it near base of tail. Fix decomposed comb with large invisible objects, perpendicular to direction of crest. When comb is well fixed, remove elastic band and hair will be fixed.

formal hairstyles for long hair, high hairstyle for long hair

Next, start separating about 2 centimeters of strands from inside along perimeter of ridge, using comb with iron tip. Strands are gently smoothed with fingers and a little combed, and then spread out into wide soft curls. Continue to separate and staple strands until entire top of ridge is hidden. Fasten invisibility always with ribbed side to scalp, because thanks to this, strands will be better fixed.

Formal hairstyles for long hair: modish ideas

Bant of hair

  • Loose hair can be decorated with bow made of your own hair.
  • Take two strands from temples and tie them with thin rubber band so that loop turns out.
  • Divide loop into two pieces and fasten them with studs to make them look like bow.
  • Ponytail, left at bottom of loop, wrap around middle of bow and secure.
  • Remaining hair can be curled with curls or make light waves.

formal hairstyles for long hair, fashionable hairstyle bant of hair

Formal hairstyles for long hair: Waterfall

Excellent festive hairstyle for loose hair with elements of weaving. It looks very impressive, but it’s quite simple.

Step through following algorithm:

  • Separate three identical strands near forehead. Designate them conditionally upper, lower, middle.
  • Place upper strand on middle strand, then place lower strand between middle and top.
  • Release bottom of string, and from bottom take a new one of same thickness.
  • Add a little hair to top strand, lay it on middle.
  • Place lower strand between upper and middle.

formal hairstyles for long hair, fashionable waterfall hairstyle

Repeat steps 3-5 until required length of weave. You can decorate your hair with decorative hairpins, and curl your hair with curling hair.

formal hairstyles for long hair, fashionable waterfall updo for long hair

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