Golden blonde hair 2019: modish hues and trends for golden blonde hair

Golden hair color is always in fashion. Today, it’s again at peak of popularity, especially all shades of blonde. Golden blonde hair attracts men. Let’s speak about golden blonde hair 2019 trends.

golden blonde hair 2019, modish hues and trends for golden blonde hair

 Golden blonde hair 2019: stylish trends

Definitely golden blonde doesn’t suit girls with dark skin, as it can give grayish face. Golden blonde goes to girls with spring color type. Appearance of girl in this color type is light and radiant. What is spring color type?

golden blonde hair 2019, whom golden blonde hair color will suit

  • Eyes should be green and blue, as well as combinations of blue and green
  • Skin is usually in peach tones, or combination of peach and porcelain, apricot tones
  • Spring is characterized by freckles

golden blonde hair 2019, golden blonde hair for spring type ladies

  •  Spring type is striking brightness and sunshine, so if your color type is spring, then choose golden blonde
  • If you have brown eyes, darkish skin, but you want blonde color, then choose blonde with shades of cream and beige.

Girls of fall color type will also suit golden blonde hair 2019, but of copper, light brown and dark tones.

Golden blonde hair 2019: advantages vs. disadvantages

Advantages of golden blonde hair 2019:

  • Gives grace to image
  • Attracts attention of men
  • Emphasizes advantages of appearance, hiding minor flaws
  • Golden blonde allows you to look a few years younger.

golden blonde hair 2019, advantages and disadvantages of golden blonde hair


  • Hair spoils under influence of dyes, bleaching
  • With natural dark tone, regrown roots are quickly seen
  • Blonde requires special care. Special shampoos, masks, balms are needed
  • Excessive dryness. When exposed to moisture, for example, in the rain, curls may over-push.

 Trendy hues of golden blonde hair 2019

You will be surprised by variety of hues of golden blonde hair 2019. Each shade is unique in its own way.

  • Wheat is one of popular shades. It’s suitable for spring type girls, but for summer type is contraindicated. Golden blonde will fit girls with blue eyes.
  • Dark blonde color also has golden shade. There is interesting color topaz, which is trendy in this season.

golden blonde hair 2019, wheat blonde hair, topaz blonde hair

Honey and amber are also in trend. Honey color is not for all girls. Eye color should be brown, amber, green. In no case light: blue or gray. Skin color should be olive or delicate palette. And one more nuance, it would better go to girls who have native wheat hair shade.

  • Copper is ideal for autumn color type. It’ll emphasize eyes and make you irresistible bright. It’s important that skin color should be warm.

golden blonde hair 2019, golden honey blonde hair, golden copper blonde hair

  • Golden nut is beautiful color. In palette, there is stunning tone of roasted coffee, coffee, and chocolate-chestnut tones.

Caramel is gentle and saturated color. Caramel is suitable for spring and autumn color types. Eyes should be in hazel, amber, green shades. It’s suitable for girls even with bronze and dark skin.

golden blonde hair 2019, golden chocolate blonde hair, golden caramel blonde hair

Rose gold is very fashionable color. It isn’t necessary to dye all hair in pink color. You can make a couple of strands.

golden blonde hair 2019, trendy rose gold blonde hair 2019

Folk remedies

Folk remedies are not able to drastically change color of curls. However, you can give pleasant shade, slightly lighten and treat hair.

So, tool number 1! This is lemon. How to carry out procedure?

golden blonde hair 2019, folk remedies for dyeing golden blonde hair

It’s important to know that lemon mask is suitable only for fat and dense curls. Squeeze juice of one lemon. Mix with little water. Pour into plastic dishes. Lemon will brighten maximum of 1 tone. Additional bonus is that hair becomes silky.

Tool number 2 is chamomile. Brew chamomile. After washing head rinsed with resulting decoction. Your hair will acquire golden hue.

golden blonde hair 2019, stylish hues of golden blonde hair 2019

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