Green hair 2019: choose green hue starting from lime to sea-green shades

Young girls always want to stand out from crowd. Excellent solution will be bold hair color. Due to variety of shades, green hair is more popular than ever. Green hair is a great way to stand out. Don’t believe that it may look good? We will convince you! Let’s talk about green hair 2019 trends.

green hair 2019, fashionable shades of green hair color 2019

Green hair 2019: how to achieve fashionable color

If you are interested in temporary effect, mascara for hair or colored spray will be best solution for green hair 2019. You can flash at party or concert and calmly return to usual color in morning. If you are ready to amaze your friends for a week or two, choose shampoo.

green hair 2019, how to achieve fashionable green hair color

If you have experimented and truly fell in love with green hair, then your choice should be resistant dye. Before such coloring, it will be necessary to lighten hair. Make sure that both you and your hair are ready for this.

green hair 2019, hair staining trends and ideas, stylish tips for green hair staining

In order to restore hair after procedure, use mask instead of balm. Mask should be kept on hair just 1 minute. Thanks to keratin repair technology, mask helps to restore hair structure from inside.

Don’t save on dyeing means, health of your hair depends on it. It’s best to carry out staining in salon with professional master.

Green hair 2019: how to choose green hair shade

Incorrectly selected shade of green will give your skin painful look.

If your natural hair color has warm shade, give preference to warm shades of green hair 2019 or shade of yellow: for example, bright yellowish-green, emerald, neon-green.

green hair 2019, yellowish-green hair, emerald hair color 2019

Fair-haired girls, as well as ashy blondes, fit cool shades of green: for example, mint, bluish-green, aquamarine, smoky dark green.

green hair 2019, mint hair color 2019, aquamarine hair color 2019

Bright saturated colors will decorate dark-haired girls, especially if you make ombre or color highlights.

green hair 2019, ombre green hair 2019, highlights green hair 2019

If you plan to make color or rainbow coloring, remember that green goes well with turquoise, violet, gray and pink.

green hair 2019, pink and green hair 2019, gray and green hair 2019

Green hair 2019: how to get rid of green shade

If green color came as surprise to you, that is, it turned out by chance (for example, as result of attempt to give cold shade to reddish strands without first lightening), there are several home ways to get rid of it.

Remember that effect of natural ingredients is not always predictable, so it’s always best to do allergy test or consult professional hairdresser.

green hair 2019, how to get rid of green hair color, tips and tricks

The most effective, but also the least benign way is removing colors using cosmetics. Depending on exposure time and composition of damping emulsions, hair either becomes discolored or acquires its original shade.

green hair 2019, how to get rid of green hair shade with natural ways

Undesirable shade will help remove tomato juice. It contains large amount of acid, so it effectively removes paint. Natural tomato juice is applied over entire length of hair and incubated for 30-40 minutes. Then juice is washed off with moisturizing balm.

Brighten too bright color will help lemon juice. To do this, it’s mixed with water in ratio of 1 to 2 and applied to hair for 30 minutes. If desired, concentration of lemon juice can be increased.

green hair 2019, stylish trends and ideas for green hair staining

If you want to wash off color gradually, taking care of your hair, natural oils are perfect solution. Heated coconut oil will give perfect effect. Procedure will need to be repeated several times until dye is completely washed out.

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