Green hair color: Nature feast!


Green hair color shades, associated with fresh grass, spring leaves, coniferous forests, reptiles, lime and even aliens! Long time it stays nature lovers’ symbolic color. No wonder, colorful hair ideas funs wish to wear it on their heads! Though, such happy color can refresh and make more elegant strict hairstyles also.

Green, still being fantasy hair color, doesn’t require special appearance type or style. You just should find your shade.

Green-hair-color-fantasy-hair-color-Green hair color-fantasy hair color

Get inspiration reading our «Green hair color: Nature feast!» article.

Ways to get green hair color

Green color includes blue and yellow pigments. That’s cause of our advice to make coloring with professional stylist.

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  • It’s easier to get on blonde hair. Keep in mind, natural or bleached blondes often already include yellow pigment. If you’ve got desired green shade dye, remove yellow tone with violet toner.

Green-hair-color-on-blonde-base-colorful-hair-ideas-Green hair color-fantasy hair color

  • You can get royal dark green shade even on black base! Such fantasy hair color ideally suits winter color type.

Green-hair-color-fantasy-hair-color-on-black-base-fantasy hair color

  • Sometimes black dyed hair wrong bleaching gives green. Leave it or make it brighter, if you love such shade.

Green light to colorful hair ideas!

  • Most warm green fantasy hair color tones suit Autumn color type! Pure greens, not too saturated ones with yellow secondary tone, olive, khaki – all that options made for you!

Green-hair-color-fantasy-hair-color-colorful-hair-ideas-for-autumns-fantasy hair color

  • Winters have big choice also – all neon shades, blue-green (cool) ones. You can easily try real robot image! Such colorful hair ideas create unearthly beauty!

Green-hair-color-fantasy-hair-color-unearthly-beauty-cyber-style-fantasy hair color

  • Ocean hair with green “waves” also ideally suits Winters. Lighter options sometimes fit Summers and Springs.

Green-hair-color-fantasy-hair-color-colorful-hair-ideas-ocean-hair-colorful hair ideas

  • All pure fresh light green tones reveal Spring type women admirable beauty. As we said before, ashen tones fit you also.

Fresh-green-hair-color-fantasy-hair-color-colorful-hair-ideas-colorful hair ideas

What about cyan? It suits bright Winters also.



  • Got tired of your Granny hair? Transform them into ashen green with toner!

Ashen-Green-hair-color-colorful hair ideas

  • Pay attention on eyes and skin tone also. Get color papers or textiles and bring them to face. If you see how skin and eyes shine near some tone, choose it boldly!
  • So called mermaid fantasy hair color gains popularity. Try unbelievable green color combinations with your stylist!

Green-hair-color-mermaid-fantasy-hair-color-colorful hair ideas

  • Colorful hair ideas shouldn’t be relevant for your job? Hide “greens” or even ocean under natural tones hair layer!

Hidden-green-hair-color-fantasy-hair-color-colorful-hair-ideas-colorful hair ideas

Hopefully, our «Green hair color: Nature feast!» article provoked you to become even more beautiful!

Green-hair-color-fantasy-hair-color-colorful-hair-ideas-colorful hair ideas

Green-hair-color-fantasy-hair-color-colorful-hair-ideas-Green hair color

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