Hair color 2018: Photos, inspiration and hair dye tips

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COOL HAIRCUTS welcomes all fashionistas thinking of great hair color 2018! Runways and hair artists already present admirable hair color ideas 2018 for any taste. Tendencies go more away from banal appearance decoration. Modern hair color inspired from high art and humanism, making us closer to both ones. Designers take care of us! Hair color 2018 makes our life more convenient, doesn’t require meticulous accuracy. And in most cases, you can make coloring by yourself, armed with some hair dye tips.

Hair-color- 2018-hair-color-ideas-2018-hair-dye-tips-hair color 2018

Read our «Hair color 2018: Photos, inspiration and hair dye tips» article and be in trend!

Hair color 2018: Blondes

Blonde hair color 2018 comes on new level. It’s perfect and careless simultaneously. If your natural tone is darker, you’ll need bleaching and toning. So, don’t forget about oil care! Let’s list fair hair color ideas 2018.

  • Platinum blonde.

Platinum-blonde-Hair-color- 2018-hair-color-ideas-2018-hair-dye-tips-hair color 2018

  • So called Swedish blonde – northern women’s charming natural hair color.

Swedish-blonde-Hair-color- 2018-hair-color-ideas-2018-hair-dye-tips-hair color 2018

  • New split dye trend: blonde and chocolate, often mixed by styling in bob.

Blonde-chocolate-split-Hair-color- 2018-hair-color-ideas-2018-hair-dye-tips

  • Ashen blondes with dusty pink highlights.

Pink-highlights-grown-roots-Hair-color- 2018-hair-color-ideas-2018-hair-dye-tips

  • Grown roots effect.

What hair dye tips can we give? Nuance highlights should be very popular! You can do such toning by yourself! Apply tone slightly different from basic one with simple toothbrush.

Reds, darks: Hair color ideas 2018

We united that hair color 2018 kinds, as they’ll rarely meet severally. Mixing creates more expressiveness and volume effect.

  • At first glance, runway hair tones seem natural, but something confuses attentive viewer… It’s caused by fact: most designers drew inspiration from great artists. For example, Gucci’s 2018 resort show’s models remind women from Reneissance canvas. As rule, artists transmitted natural hair color as more saturated. So, use that trick for your hair color ideas 2018: strengthen some tone in natural hair color!

Renaissance-canvas-Hair-color- 2018-hair-color-ideas-2018-hair-dye-tips

  • Most often we see cognac, ashen chocolate, highlighted brown, black hair color.

Dark-and-reds-Hair-color-2018-hair-color-ideas-2018-hair-dye-tips-hair color ideas 2018

  • Same hair dye tips left here: experiment with roots and highlights.
  • Transition from chocolate to copper reds should be very actual!

Hair dye tips for fashion extremals

  • Hair color 2018 often goes clear and bright, even with no nuances! Look at Vivienne Westwood show models! Some natural-close base + juicy bright accents work perfectly! We recommend using immiscible dyes for same effect.

Extreme+Natural-Midnight-Blue-Hair-color- 2018-hair-color-ideas-2018-hair-dye-tips-hair color ideas 2018

  • Wanna go extreme without bleaching your black hair? Try deep midnight blue black.
  • Copper red slightly surrenders positions. But clear red and all berry shades stays maximally trendy.

Hopefully, our «Hair color 2018: Photos, inspiration and hair dye tips» article made you find your ideal new color!

Hair-color- 2018-hair-color-ideas-2018-hair-dye-tips-hair color ideas 2018

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