Hair color numbers: Read secret key!


We often choose hair dye by attractive photo and come to collapse, getting result right opposite to desired! That disappointment often haunts home hair dyeing lovers. Let’s minimize risks regarding hair color numbers with our hair beauty tips!

Looking just on hair color chart isn’t enough.

Small numbers and letters on hair dye package we often leave without attention include important information about coloring final result – and our success code!

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Our «Hair color numbers: Read secret key!» article deciphers it!

Hair color numbers: hair color chart symbols

  • First symbol means natural color and it’s depth. Clear natural colors include just one digit in their number.
  • Second symbol means main tone
  • Third digit (if it presents) means additional shade. It’s quantity equals main color’s half (in some colors their ratio is 70% to 30%).

Let’s read first symbol (natural tones).


Some manufacturers prefer lettering.



Women rarely stop on natural shades only, so, we continue our hair beauty tips. Let’s learn second and third symbol meaning (main and additional shades).




Besides hair color chart, pay attention on level. It tells about some hair dye ingredients and color lasting duration.

Be careful! Higher level achieves by aggressive ingredients, as ammoniac and peroxide!


What should ensure your result reliability else? Read COOL HAIRCUTS’ dyeing and hair beauty tips below!

More hair beauty tips: Important moments

Even perfect knowledge of hair color chart numbers meaning still shouldn’t be enough! Need perfect color? Think through few moments.

  • Hair health

Is your hair seriously damaged? You would better forget about bleaching, hair dyes with levels 2 or 3! Use intensive hair care, color balms with nutrition ingredients.


  • Hair characteristics

Less porosity means better health (or lower age), but harder dyeing. Thinner hair bleaches easier.

  • Hair color before dyeing (base)

These hair beauty tips base on colors interaction knowledge.

Define your natural color tones. They interact with your dye tones! For example, sometimes blue dye gives green on blonde base, as fair hair includes yellow tone.

Hair-color-number-hair-mens-dyed-hair-hair-color-chart-hair beauty tips

Already dyed hair creates interaction with previous (remaining) tones.

Always save previous hair color numbers! It should make your work easier.


  • Remove undesired tones before dyeing.

Get toner with shade, opposite to undesired one in that color chart. Try on thin strand for seeing result and required time.

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Hopefully, our «Hair color numbers: Read secret key!» article should lead you to great hair color! Now, download COOL HAIRCUTS’ crib notes to your phone and boldly go searching your ideal hair dye!



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