Hairstyles 2018: New hair trends and tendencies for fashionistas


Hairstyles 2018 tend to democracy, comfort and individuality. New hair trends help women make easy transformations from day to day. And all this won’t require complicated long-term styling. Negligence, at times thought out, will only give out your good taste. 2018 hairstyles for women include Retro, Ethnic, ultra-modern models. They developed to make everyone beautiful and self-confident. Hairstyles 2018 accent your face advantages, hair color, work with accessories. They work for whole image.

Be already in trend! Read our «Hairstyles 2018: New hair trends» article.

Hairstyles-2018-2018-hairstyles-for-women-new-hair-trends-hairstyles 2018

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Hairstyles 2018: Textures

Looking on fashion scene we’ve selected main hairstyles 2018 tendencies. First thing we noticed was textures variety. Let’s discuss it.

  • Textures mixing considered becoming most actual of new hair trends. Wavy hair combines with straight, slicked with careless zones. Such texturing gives interesting light and shadow play.

Textures-mixing-Hairstyles-2018-2018-hairstyles-for-women-new-hair-trends-hairstyles 2018

  • Same tendency comes in 2018 hairstyles for women with wet look transformation. Now it won’t be used fully or for roots, but partially, for some accented stripe. Stripe can be wavy or slicked straight. It combines with dry hair.
  • Too voluminous hairstyles on naturally straight hair stay in past. At most shows we see 2018 hairstyles for women with absolutely slicked hair at roots.

Anti-volume-and-Crimped-Hairstyles-2018-2018-hairstyles-for-women-new-hair-trends-hairstyles 2018

  • Carelessness as in the morning becomes trendy! It’s very democratic, rebellious and romantic.
  • New hair trends glorify individuality in broad sense. They’re not only should be harmonic with your inner world, but with outer factors also. It means styling should be made with emphasis on hair natural texture. Straight hair smoothness accents by sprays with shine effect, and curly hair is given complete freedom and volume.
  • Crimped elements stay actual, as before. Make accents with it. Small crimp texture braids fine.

2018 hairstyles for women: To loose or not to loose?

Hairstyles 2018 need no answer! You can beautifully combine both!

  • Bun + ponytail look too cute to make you pass over without being noticed!

BunPonytail-Hairstyles-2018-2018-hairstyles-for-women-new-hair-trends-hairstyles 2018

  • Ponytail with loose hair on front stays on top. Just think off textures, you’ll better make them different.
  • New hair trends make elastic bands your best friends. Transform ponytails with them, call to accuracy (but still make it stay careless).
  • Long hair is still popular, but in 2018 hairstyles for women loose option gives way to complicated ponytails. For example, it’s wrapped in small braids or “blooms” with bright flowers.
  • If you like previous option, but got shorter hair, uses extensions.
  • Careless buns stay half-up half-down. New hair trends repeat your school time hairstyles in more rebellion manner.
  • Hairstyles 2018 become functional! Styling you wore for sports or holiday vacations now suitable for work or party. Hairstyle wearing convenience became very important in new hair trends.

Loose-Sport-Hairstyles-2018-2018-hairstyles-for-women-new-hair-trends-New hair trends

  • Simple low ponytail on straight hair should still stay on top. It’s often combined with massive earrings.
  • Loose 2018 hairstyles for women look really charming! Experiment with retro-tricks and parting. We’ll tell you about it below.
  • Romantic hairstyles with soft large curls you’ve seen on Classical paintings come back! Combination with natural makeup and modern clothes gives great effect!

New hair trends: Important details

Hairstyles 2018 pay our attention on details, as parting, bangs, strands direction, etc.

  • One can argue, what’s trendiest bangs length. But main thing you can notice from fashion scene – bangs in 2018 hairstyles for women selected to fit face. It’s cause of their diversity on scene and invariably impeccable look.

Bangs-Hairstyles-2018-2018-hairstyles-for-women-new-hair-trends-New hair trends

  • Though, most often we see hairdos without bangs on catwalk. But remember – it should fit you!
  • If you like variety, any faux bangs are allowed – from retro to asymmetric and punk! Believe your fantasy and taste!
  • New hair trends brought unusual geometric partings back! Experiment and find, which ones look best for you. Find way you like to emphasize your cool work! For example, shadow roots, glitter roots, etc.

Parting-Hairstyles-2018-2018-hairstyles-for-women-new-hair-trends-New hair trends

  • Another trendy option in 2018 hairstyles for women – making parting and hiding it. That tricks make you look amazing both with vintage and grunge hairdos! Combine such retro styling with wet effect for more shine and mysteriousness. Antonio Marass show caught eye with such amazing retro hairstyles, combined with asymmetric eye makeup. Grunge hairstyles allow showing their “carcass” – elastic bands and bobby pins. It’s really bold modern women’s choice!

Retro-Hairstyles-2018-2018-hairstyles-for-women-new-hair-trends-2018 hairstyles for women

  • And few words about style. One of new hair trends – combining same hair and clothes style. For example, boho braids and tunic. Though, we know, opposites attract – box braids make explosive ensemble with business suit!

Hairstyles 2018: Braids kingdom

Braided hairstyles 2018 captured catwalks and our hearts wholly! Instagram, Youtube, beauty blogs fill with varied braiding types’ instructions with geometric progression! This isn’t surprising, cos women’s demand for them grows without dependence from age, profession and preferences. Braided 2018 hairstyles for women should adorn both vulnerable and romantic persona, as well as strict dressed business ladies and most brutal imaged subcultures representatives. And all they look wonderful with so variable braids!

  • Healthy lifestyle philosophy brings new hair trends, inspired by boxer women. Beauty and power in one person certainly admire! In addition, their hairstyles are very practical. So, boldly learn from those wonderful ladies! Make boxing braids whenever you want!

Boxer-braids-Hairstyles-2018-2018-hairstyles-for-women-new-hair-trends-2018 hairstyles for women

  • Hippie hairstyles with tiny childish braids near face look so cute! On Valentino show that incredible hairdo was efficiently combined with brightly drawn lower eyelid.

Hippie-braided-hairdo-Braids-near-face-Hairstyles-2018-2018-hairstyles-for-women-new-hair-trends-2018 hairstyles for women

  • Braids near face should be very popular also.
  • Complicated braiding with “inadvertently” shown bobby pins will fulfill strict look.
  • Preppy two braids with some carelessness bring your face adorable freshness.
  • Over past year, we’ve been seeing Vikings’ image popularization in mass culture. It influenced on hairstyles 2018 also.

Viking-Hairstyles-2018-2018-hairstyles-for-women-new-hair-trends-2018 hairstyles for women

Hopefully, our «Hairstyles 2018: New hair trends» article should help you be extra beautiful all year long!

Hairstyles-2018-2018-hairstyles-for-women-new-hair-trends-2018 hairstyles for women

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