Hairstyles for girls 2019: the most stylish options and ideas for hairdos

Fashion for androgynous and boyish haircuts gradually began to subside, being replaced by elegant and feminine models. Important part of new hairstyles will be strands, necessarily framing face, which is incredibly beautiful to look at girls with round face. Thus let’s find out hairstyles for girls 2019 trends and ideas.

hairstyles for girls 2019, stylish updo ideas for girls

Stylish ideas

The most popular options of hairstyles for girls 2019 include:

  • Short bean
  • Caret

hairstyles for girls 2019, caret updo, pixie hairdo

  • Pixie
  • Wavy grunge

hairstyles for girls 2019, stylish wavy grunge hairstyle 2019

  • Hairdo with shaved geometric lines.

hairstyles for girls 2019, hairdo with short geometric lines

In addition, it’s shaving of temples or back of head that can add to image of freshness and flamboyance, especially if you are young girl. Stylists advise making similar models of haircuts closer to hot seasons, so as not to suffer from heat and don’t spend much time on caring for head.

Variations on medium hair

Nowadays, hairstyles for medium length hair are the most popular. This length of hair is really the most universal among others, because it allows you to create large number of different images, but doesn’t require as much care as long length. Although girls recently tried to build themselves curls, in 2019, ideal length will return again as the most sought-after and stylish. Fashion hairstyles for medium hair in 2019 will be following haircuts:

  • Caret with asymmetrical bangs
  • Wavy bass
  • Cascade with very short bangs.

hairstyles for girls 2019, stylish caret with asymmetric bang

Most often these hairstyles are suitable for girls with thick hair because with them it’s much more convenient to create careless, but interesting appearance. Average length allows experimenting with styling even for girls who can’t grow long curls or wear short haircuts.

hairstyles for girls 2019, cascade with very short bang

Hairstyles for girls 2019: options with short bangs

In addition to dividing by length of strands, hairstyles for girls 2019  can be divided depending on presence of bang and its length. Short fringe recently wasn’t too quoted in fashion, but gradually began to return its relevance in view of return of fashion to retro and vintage. Turning to fashion of fifties, it again pleases fashionable world podiums with its return. The most popular haircuts for different lengths of hair are:

  • Pixie
  • Caret, including elongated one
  • Bean
  • Cascade
  • Asymmetric haircut.

hairstyles for girls 2019, elongated caret, elongated bob

Remember that this style of bangs will suit only women who have high forehead to make harmonious combination.

hairstyles for girls 2019, asymmetric hairstyles for girls

Options for round face shape

Separately, it’s worth highlighting models of hairstyles for girls 2019 for chubby girls, because for such ladies to choose appropriate haircut is most difficult. Main ideas of fashionable hairdos for girls with round face shape consist in following theses:

  • Spreading medium or large length, if possible

The longer length, the more effective hairstyle will hide shortcomings, stretching and making face of its owner more slender

  • Selection of oblique and precisely long bangs for short haircuts

If you had to sacrifice length of your hair, try to make as long as possible bang to normalize oval face

  • Creation of hairstyle in pixie style with oblique bang

hairstyles for girls 2019, pixie with bang for girls hairstyles 2019

Straight square or regular bean here will be powerless, and the best option will be just multi-layer pixie-haircut. This won’t only open winning part of face, but also hide the most prominent parts of face

  • Haircut is not above shoulders
  • Choice of average length of hair is main trend of 2019, works well in this case too, allowing you to safely use direct part and hide strands of your face with unsuccessful features
  • Hairstyle in style of ladder or cascade, which begins just below chin.

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