Layered Haircuts 2021: Top Fashionable Styling Ideas ( 40 Photos+Videos)

Layered haircuts 2021 is a splendid option for creating nifty and out-and-about look. Its lightness and playfulness are perfectly suited both for every day and for celebratory occasions.

So what is a layered haircut? You will find out about layered haircuts 2021 trends in our article.

Layered Haircuts 2021

This is a hairstyle, which was formed with thinning and smooth transitions. Firstly, we should get started with the characteristics of layered haircuts 2021.

Only after this, you’ll be able to determine whether or not it’s appropriate for you:

Layered haircuts can be performed on strands of any length. Short hair give dynamics, marvelous volume, long-notes of romanticism.

Layered Haircuts 2021

  • For women with thick hair, grading is an ideal choice, because it allows to reduce the weight of heavy hair
  • Thus layered haircuts look great on both straight and wavy strands

Layered Haircuts 2021

  • Grading can be added with special staining – coloring, highlighting
  • Layered haircuts can be with bangs of various shapes: straight, oblique, asymmetrical, torn.

Layered Haircuts 2021

Short layered haircuts 2021

They look bold, eccentric and very original. Layered haircuts 2021 give lightness and don’t require complicated and long laying. Such haircuts can will work for round faces as well.

When creating a short layered haircut, you must follow several rules:

  • Don’t part in the center, consider side parting
  • Don’t cut the top layer too short
  • Decorate your hair with side bangs

Layered Haircuts 2021

Among the most popular short layered haircuts 2021 we can include models such as the layered square.

Layered square can be classical or asymmetric. Thus it wonderfully frames elongated and oval faces, creating benign transition from the lush crown to layered strands near the cheekbones.

Layered Haircuts 2021

Medium layered haircuts 2021: Caret on leg

Another fashionable option is a layered caret on stalk. Characteristic peculiarity of this haircut is a lush cap on back of the neck, which opens up the neck.

This hairstyle can be composited with skew or outright bangs. Also lengthened side strands, painted in different colors, will help accentuate stratified square on stalk.

Layered Haircuts 2021

Medium layered haircuts 2021: Layered bean

It looks particularly impressive on straight strands.

Layered bean welcomes the presence of all kinds of bangs, but the most prosperous option is the obliquely thinned out, with beating out sharp tips.

So this combination of soft contours and abrupt edges draws the attention to the eyes, underlines the cheekbones and contours of the face, creates magnificent volume.

Layered Haircuts 2021

Layered haircuts 2021: Short layered haircuts 2021 ladder and pixie

The list of layered haircuts 2021 simply can’t be complete without one of the most advanced solutions: layered ladder. It’s suitable for straight and curly hair and has no age restrictions.

With layered ladder, hair is cut with falling layers from the crown to the ears. Thus each next layer has its own length. So the hair looks even more interesting.

Layered Haircuts 2021

Short layered haircuts 2021: Pixie haircut

Layered shearing of pixie looks great on both young girls and on mature women. The texture of the hair also doesn’t really matter.

They can be both straight and wavy. As for the bangs, most often it’s an elongated asymmetric one, descending till the middle of the cheekbones or slightly lower. It hides high foreheads and softens the features of the face.

Graduated pixie has no limitations to face shapes. Ideally, it should be on an oval or round face, but the master will be able to adapt it to any type of face: from rectangular to heart-shaped.

Having decided on short layered haircuts 2021 pixie, keep in mind that it completely bares the neck and draws attention to the lips and eyes.

Medium layered haircuts 2021

You can perform traditional square, bean, ladder, and cascade on medium length strands. These updos with graduation help to refurnish your look and make your hair more voluminous and lush. Also, another great plus is the variety of styling ways.

Layered haircuts 2021 can be stacked with diverse methods on average length depending on the mood. Moreover, with them, even the weakest and the most rebellious hair become alive and dynamic.

For damaged ends, a layered haircut will be a real salvation. To do this, it’s sufficient to treat only the top layer of the hair with scissors.

The most popular layered haircuts 2021 will be:

Graduated cascade

Layering in cascading haircuts makes it possible to make sleek transitions and give airy forms to the hair. So, cascade on average length is done with a curling iron, twisting the tips by brushing or simply straightening.


Soft forms of layered bob-care are ideal for the oval face type. Thus this hairstyle looks feminine and affectionate, creates large volume, which women with thin hair will surely appreciate.

Layered Haircuts 2021

Shot layered haircuts 2021: Ladder

Layered ladder is a universal model that will suit almost everyone. Also, ladder looks most successful on straight and thin strands, but it’s no less attractive on curls.

Layered haircuts 2021: Long layered haircuts 2021

Layered haircuts on long hair have been in trend for many years. Depending on the structure and characteristics of the strands, graduation is performed at different levels:

Light gradation at the tips is the most common option. This technique is nor for very thick hair, when you need to move away from straight and stern lines. Graduating makes such haircuts easy and light.

  • Graduation from the ears, continuing along the entire length. Girls can choose this haircut for straight and curly hair
  • Lamination in the upper part of the head is indispensable for thin strands. So the main thing is that the hair shouldn’t be shorter than 5 cm! Done otherwise, you can get hedgehog effect.

Layered Haircuts 2021

Here is list of long layered haircuts 2021:

Long layered haircuts 2021: Cascade hair

Cascade with or without bangs carry out on all circle of the head or only on the face. Thus the shortest layer of hair is on the vertex. Then layers go smoothly to the tips.

Layered Haircuts 2021

Italian hair for long layered haircuts 2021

This is one of the varieties of cascade. Also the characteristic peculiarity of the Italian is the ultra lush, multi-layered crown. Cut the remaining strands according to standard circuit, and surplus the volume in occipital-parietal area, removing with a razor or thinning scissors.

How to choose the right layered haircuts 2021?

Styling of layered haircuts 2021

Photos of layered hairstyles have already shown you all the different ways. Let’s clarify few more points.

For daily styling, it’s sufficient to dry the strands with a hairdryer with a slotted nozzle and a flat comb. Process begins with the temple zone and ends at the back of the head. The hairstyle is very lush and neat.

Layered Haircuts 2021

For those who wish to emphasize the multilayerness, we recommend using modeling wax or gel. Apply any of these to dried tips.

On extended models, more variety is allowed. These hairstyles with curls, braids, babettes, beams, seashells, tails will look perfect. The wet effect looks very nice with graded haircuts.

Layered Haircuts 2021

Layered Haircuts 2021

Layered Haircuts 2021

Layered Haircuts 2021

Layered Haircuts 2021

Layered Haircuts 2021

Layered Haircuts 2021


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