Ombre hair color 2019: how to choose hue for coloring in ombre technique

Perfectly chosen color for coloring in ombre technique is almost one hundred percent guarantee of success. It should be perfectly combined with base hair color. So let’s see what ombre hair color 2019 are in fashion.

ombre hair color 2019, stylish colors for coloring hair in ombre technique 2019

Ombre hair color 2019 on dark hair

Best option for ombre is difference of 1-3 tones.

Also, stylists recommend giving preference to ombre hair color 2019 that are in harmony with skin tone. Thus you can choose colors depending on season, trendy colors for spring and summer are light warm colors, for autumn and winter are deep shades. It’s usually enough to find harmonious combination with main color.

ombre hair color 2019, stylish tips and tricks for ombre hair 2019

Ombre on dark hair

Professional hairdresser, looking at natural dark skin of woman and her dark hair, usually advises two options: classic or contrast.

ombre hair color 2019, stylish ombre on dark hair 2019

In the first version of ombre on dark hair, two colors will be used, which in process of blending will give smooth transition from dark roots to lighter ends. In this case, beautiful effect of burnt hair is created.

Method of contrasts for ombre on dark hair is to make visible transition border due to color at tips, which is very different from natural. How to choose color for lower strands depends only on personal preferences.

ombre hair color 2019, fashionable ombre on dark hair 2019

Owners of black hair are recommended to try chocolate shades, dark-skinned beauties should choose copper and cherry, light tan in harmony with light brown shades.

Stylish ombre hair color 2019 for blonde and brown hair

Ombre on blonde hair

Choice of ombre hair color 2019, in this case, determines color of skin. If it’s olive tone, then you should prefer brown or mahogany. Darker skin looks beautiful in frame of any shade of light paint. Marble skin creates contrast with copper or red shades.

ombre hair color 2019, trendy ombre on blonde hair 2019 ideas

To natural blondes, regardless of their skin color, will suit ashy and caramel colors.

It’s believed that light blonde hair just made for ombre.

It’s easy to experiment with them by applying variety of colors. Shades of coffee, chocolate, cinnamon, wheat, chestnut, amber, walnut, honey allow you to create exclusive image and emphasize natural beauty of woman.

ombre hair color 2019, stylish ombre light blonde hair 2019

As for ombre on dark blonde hair, and for medium blonde, classic version is suitable: soft transition from dark roots to brighter tips. If natural hair is light-colored, they can dominate at roots, and lower strands can be colored in darker blonde colors.

What can be offered to brown-haired?

Creative brown-haired women can try ombre contrast method, using both pastel colors and bright colors: lilac, pink, silver, blue, green. Whole secret of successful performance, in this case, lies in clear horizontal strip.

ombre hair color 2019, stylish ombre on brown hair 2019

To achieve femininity helps shades of red or reddish, which are painted lower strands.

Choosing desired tone of paint, it’s necessary to remember about its combination with skin color. If it’s light, then copper and reddish shades will win. For dark skin, brown, chocolate, chestnut tones are ideal.

ombre hair color 2019, stylish dark blonde ombre hair 2019

Ombre hair color 2019 for blonde hair and for redheads

Ombre hair color 2019 for redheads

In combination with red hair look great red and chestnut tones. White-skinned girls should choose copper or something from red shades.

ombre hair color 2019, fashionable redhead ombre hair 2019

Owners of olive skin are advised to pay attention to brown or chocolate tones. Also, dark, tanned skin is in harmony with all colors.

It just looks great ombre on red hair with multi-layered haircuts and styling.

ombre hair color 2019, stylish redhead ombre hair 2019, red ombre hair 2019

All kinds of layered updos or cascade with dark ends or curled with large strands can not only become solemn hairstyle but also radically change image.

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