Pixie haircuts 2019: Most fashionable trends and styles for pixie hair

Modern and very creative haircut pixie has recently hit all records of popularity. And today we would like to discuss the most creative haircut options for pixie. It will be cutting techniques, hair coloring tips for pixie haircuts 2019.

pixie haircuts 2019, most fashionable options and styles for pixie hairdo

 Options of pixie haircut

Pixie haircuts 2019 is symbiosis of bright short hairstyle and asymmetrical lines. If you want to create bright and attractive image that looks dynamic and gives youth, pay attention to pixie.

pixie haircuts 2019, styles and options of pixie haircut 2019

Short haircut Pixie 2019 with asymmetry

Pixie haircut in 2019 promises to be bright. In particular, stylists recommend paying attention to asymmetric options for pixie. Initially, pixie implies haircut, in which master cuts hair on back of head, making them as short as possible. But hair on crown, in temples and bangs, remain elongated. Asymmetric options stylists recommend choosing with long front strands of hair of different lengths. Such haircut allows not only to form additional volume but also to correct oval face.

pixie haircuts 2019, fashionable asymmetrical pixie 2019

Cutting pixie sideways

Lateral haircut pixie is one of the most beautiful hairstyles that are popular in 2019. Stylists create short hairstyle, focusing on modern trends in fashion world. So, hair in back of head is incredibly short. But hair in region of crown remains elongated and also formed with lateral parting on side. This hairstyle looks incredibly strong and bright. You should understand that lateral laying of pixie haircut forms unusual youth image. So, it’s ideal for girls under 30 years.

pixie haircuts 2019, stylish sidecut pixie haircut 2019

Trendy styles of updo

Pixie haircuts 2019 with shaved temple

This creative hairstyle looks amazing. Approximately, if you don’t want to show shaven whiskey around, you can just lay your hair in another way. But area of shaved temples stylists recommend creating variety of drawings that show image of popular stars, as well as drawings in form of strips, cobwebs and so on.

pixie haircuts 2019, stylish pixie haircut with shaved temples

Haircut pixie with shaved nape

Another option of creative haircut pixie suggests shaving nape of neck. Pay attention to pixie with shaved head and drawings. Unlike hairstyle with shaved temple, pixie with shaved head is more unusual and individual.

You can’t hide shaved necklace area, as well as drawings on it. So, this hairstyle looks more creative and unusual. On shaved nape of head, stylists form wide variety of drawings, including such patterns as stars, stripes, letter numbers.

pixie haircuts 2019, stylish haircut pixie with shaved nape

Pixie haircuts 2019: modish hairdo ideas

Hairstyle with elongated bang

Pixie haircuts 2019 is in perfect harmony with bangs. Many girls believe that pixie perfectly fits with long bun. However, in reality, this is far from being case. In particular, pay attention to pixie hairstyle with elongated lateral bangs. This option is preferred by many Hollywood celebrities. Pay attention to variations of skewed bangs, which can correct elongated shape of face. Slanting bangs are contraindicated in case you have thin hair.

pixie haircuts 2019, stylish haircut pixie with long bangs

Pixie hair with torn locks

You can use such styling elements that form additional volume. Pixie with graduation involves strands of hair of different lengths. Styling this hairdo is quite simple, but it looks bright and unusual.

pixie haircuts 2019, stylish haircut pixie with torn locks

Pixie haircut with short bangs

If you want to create bright hairstyle with short bang, pay attention to pixie haircut, which involves short bang. In particular, you should remember that pixie looks bright and attractive in case if you complement it with oblique asymmetrical short bang. In 2019, also in fashion, straight short bangs.

pixie haircuts 2019, stylish haircut pixie with short bang

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