Rose gold hair 2019: trendy hair coloring trends and tips in rose gold color

Fashion for certain colors and shades can walk in a circle for several years or regularly come back into use every few seasons. Now rebirth of powdery shade of pink, which in palette of hues is designated as rose gold. Its popularity has lasted for several fashionable seasons in a row. Let’s get acquainted with rose gold hair 2019 trends.

rose gold hair 2019, hair coloring trends and tips in rose gold color

Rose gold hair 2019: how rose gold trend appeared

Today, world celebrities and Instagram celebrities dye their hair in this color. Rose gold hair 2019 is one of modish trends of this season.

rose gold hair 2019, features and trends of rose gold hair 2019

Pink has long history in world of fashion and beauty. Almost any of this shades correspond to certain style, for example, if pure and bright fuchsia is punk style, then color of pink powder is vintage elegance. Rose gold itself combines two gorgeous colors into something unique, elegant and stylish.

rose gold hair 2019, trendy ideas for rose gold hair 2019

Many celebrities experimented with rose gold (Bella Hadid’s or Salma Hayek’s wig at a party in Cannes).

Also Blake Lively, Kaylee Jenner, Katie Perry, Hayley Baldwin, Sienna Miller, El Fanning, and many others. Love for pink shade, which we often call strawberry blond, unites stars from Jemima Kirk to Kate Hudson.

rose gold hair 2019, celebrities with rose gold hair 2019

Stylish rose gold tones

Let’s find out stylish tones of rose gold hair 2019.

Warm golden with peach: fashionable pink is close to peach and golden is closer to yellow. This is very good for women who have darker skin, but for owners of pale skin, such shade also would be good choice.

rose gold hair 2019, golden hair color with peach hair color

Lavender and ashy blond: cool shades of rose gold are perfect for girls with light shade of skin and hair. If your hair by nature has shades of light-blond, then purple-ash-pink will be much better combined with your type of appearance.

rose gold hair 2019, lavender hair color with ashy blond hair color

Rose gold balayage: it’s ideal choice for those who have darker natural shade and want to avoid frequent discoloration.

Color of rose gold goes well with almost all natural shades of hair, so you can dye only lower part of hair, not caring about roots, or paint few strands near face in shades of bright pink and gold.

rose gold hair 2019, fashionable rose gold balayage hair 2019

Rose gold hair 2019: how to care for rose gold hair

In order to preserve rose gold hair 2019 little longer use our tips:

rose gold hair 2019, fashionable shades of rose gold hair color

Use shampoo for colored hair marked without sulfates – it delicately cleanse hair and helps to keep color in marvelous, original condition.

  • Don’t use shampoo too often. Frequent washing quickly washes away color and doesn’t benefit health of hair. Find a middle ground between frequency and purity, gradually taming hair for rarer washing.

rose gold hair 2019, stylish tips for rose gold hair care

  • Arrange for your hair regular nourishing, healing masks or use coconut oil to keep your hair healthy and shiny as long as possible.
  • Wash hair with cool water.

rose gold hair 2019, stylish tips for rose gold hair care 2019

Try not to use styling electric heating devices that overheat hair and harm their structure. If you can’t do without drying with hair dryer or styling with curling iron, use thermo-protective hair sprays to help protect them from damage.

Avoid chlorinated water in swimming pools or don’t forget about swimming cap.

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