Shag haircut 2019: stylish shag hairdo ideas and tips for various hair length

In this article, we will examine the main features of shag haircut 2019, the technique of its execution and examples for different lengths of hair. Shag from English translates as shaggy. Indeed, this haircut in its structure looks ragged and ruffled. Peculiarity of this haircut implies presence of milled or torn tips. It was created in early 70’s abroad.

Shag looks great on short and long hair, which makes it even more popular. It is gaining popularity every day and is becoming one of the trendiest haircuts 2019.  You can read in our material who does such haircut suit and whose starry hearts has it already won.

shag haircut 2019, top stylish ideas for shag haircut for various length hair

Shag haircut 2019: features of haircut shag

Shag haircut 2019 is different from others with its chaos and disorder on the head. It’s created at expense of voluminous crown and torn strands chaotically laid on the head.


In view of the fact that such haircut adds volume to hair, it is highly recommended to girls and women with fine hair.

shag haircut 2019, trendy features and trends for shag haircut 2019

Don’t think that if your hair is thick, then shag will not work for you. On the contrary, for disobedient hair, shaggy haircut is simply the best solution. It not only relieves them of excessive density but also gives correct outlines of strands sticking out in different directions.

Shag haircut looks very marvelous, but you need to remember that it suits those who are impatient and a bit erratic. In case you are a too correct (in all senses of the word) woman, it is better to find another option as a haircut.

Technique for cutting shaggy

Shaggy haircut can be performed both on the entire length of hair and on any specific areas. Basic rule of this hairstyle is to pull-up to 90 degrees and scale milling. According to the technique of execution, such haircut is a bit like a ladder.

shag haircut 2019, stylish techniques for shag haircut 2019

Shag haircut 2019: shag on short hair

You should do shag haircut on long hair carefully. Inaccurate haircut and brute force can severely damage your appearance. We have talked also about Hair color trends 2019.

shag haircut 2019, fashionable short shag haircuts 2019

The ideal length for shag haircut 2019 will be average length or short hair. On curls, this haircut looks more messy. When getting shag on curly hair, strands are twisted into flagella and then cut to length.

Short hair

As we said, this haircut looks simply amazing on short hair. It can also be glamorous (if you slightly lighten your hair while creating layers), and romantic (if you have curly hair), and business (if you treat it carefully with a hairdryer and a brushing machine). Generally, if you are a bright and mischievous person and you have short hair, then get haircut shag bravely.

Shag on medium hair

We have already said that average length is suitable for creating absolutely any hairstyle. Shag haircut is no exception. Yes, and stacking such hair is much easier than long hair. Just create volume at roots, and put tips in random orders.

shag haircut 2019, shag haircut ideas for medium length hair

Shag haircut 2019: hairstyle for long hair

With long hair, the situation is certainly a little different. They are harder to pack, and the volume on them is worse. However, if you select means of fixing properly, even on long hair shag haircut will look very stylish.

It may seem that shag is just such artsy disorder on head. In contrary, shag is still a haircut with soft layers of torn strands around the perimeter of the head, which lie quite naturally.

shag haircut 2019, stylish shag haircuts for long length hair

Visually shag looks more spacious and airy than classic beans and quads, so it is believed that this haircut is simply ideal for women with thin hair.

The length of the hair doesn’t matter for this haircut, but the average lenghth is optimal. In general, stylists believe that all modifications of haircuts below clavicles are no longer real shag.

The main advantage of this haircut is that you can wear it with or without bangs. The hairdo still looks harmonious. Styling on oblique parting will help to correct an oval face.

shag haircut 2019, stylish shag haircut 2019 with bang

Stylists assure that any modern hair dyeing technique will favorably emphasize haircuts and make the style memorable.

Shag haircut 2019: tips and tricks

Current shag haircut 2019 echoes the styles of 80’s and a bit of 90’s, which is now especially popular. In general, shag is in demand, because today light natural negligence is in trend.

As you can see, this hairstyle is just universal. It rejuvenates, gives hair liveliness, creates volume, makes your style incredibly feminine and elegant. It seems this is godsend for a modern woman!

Choose your version of the haircut shag, to be fashionable and beautiful!

To whom is haircut shag suits?

Shag is an ideal option for owners of fine hair. This haircut visually adds volume to hair and makes them thicker due to hair milling and creating torn strands, which are located chaotically around the perimeter of the head.

Modern shag fits any length of hair: on short hair, it looks daring, on medium it looks refreshing and stylish, and long hair adds lightness. In case you desire to adjust the shape of your face, add bangs to shag.

shag haircut 2019, stylish tips and tricks for shag haircut 2019

Shag haircut 2019: modish trends

Shag is an excellent replacement for quads. The only thing in 2019 fashion is the shorter shag, which you can easily replace with usual square! Shag on short hair will suit both women and young girls. Shag will refresh and make you look younger.

In case you comb bangs on one side, uneven edge of strands will give hair volume. This will look very impressive. As stylists recommend, shaving should be done with the help of a gel. Ruffle curls with your hands to lift hair at roots.

In addition, such haircut is ideally combined with trendy coloring techniques:

  • fine marking
  • Venetian highlighting
  • marble staining
  • balayage.

shag haircut 2019, stylish shag haircut 2019 in balayage style

Shag haircut 2019: choice of stars

Watch the celebrities with shag haircut 2019 and be inspired! As we can see, more and more famous people change their styles, haircuts, and most often their choice falls precisely on fashionable shag hairdo.

Among these stars are Taylor Swift, Sienna Miller, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and many others. See how short shag changed singer Fergie! Such haircut created her stylish image, and now her face seems more elongated.

shag haircut 2019, stars hairstyles in shag haircut 2019

An excellent example of shaved shag for average length is Eva Longoria’s look! With such a fashionable haircut the celebrity looks much younger.

Victoria Beckham managed to surprise everyone when she decided to shave her long curls and make textured shag.

shag haircut 2019, stylish shag hairdo-choice of celebrities

It seems that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will be very beautiful even bald .

Singer Taylor Swift prefers short shag. Her style has a touch of audacity and sexuality.

Famous model Chrissie Teigen with long shag haircut and with trendy staining balayage looks delicious.

shag haircut 2019, fashionable stained shag hairdo 2019

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