Short haircuts 2018: Fresh women’s hair ideas from catwalks

Trendy Short haircuts 2018

Short haircuts 2018 can be boldly called feminity’s apogee! In past short haircuts for women were kind of protest against women’s right infringement. With rebellious spirit short cuts came to bohemia and then – to broad masses. Today short hair ideas aren’t so revolutionary. They’re firmly entrenched among glamorous ones. But history makes it’s work. Equality struggle shade makes them radiate freedom spirit and true powerful feminity charm.

Fashionable stylish Short haircuts 2018

Need trendy ideas? Read our «Short haircuts 2018: Fresh women’s hair ideas from catwalks» article.

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Options: Short haircuts 2018

Variety is perhaps short haircuts 2018 best feature! Let’s see trendiest options.

  • Buzz haircut has less than 1cm length. Such short hair ideas should save your time. Trendy options get combined with bright hair colors. Be careful with radical shortness! Such haircut fits women with correct head shape and small face elements.

Buzz haircut Short haircuts 2018

  • Different length bob stays most popular between short haircuts for women.

New trendy bob 2018 Short haircuts 2018

  • So called shaggy bob transformed, becoming shorter or less volumetric. Typical shag feathering comes more accented on tips.

Shaggy bob new transformation Short haircuts 2018

  • Geometric bob present on runways, but mostly shortened.
  • Noon By Noor presented charming short pixie in two styling options. We see how beautifully it works with young oval face and fresh makeup!

Charming short pixie two options short haircuts for women

  • Longer pixie options stay actual also. Ensemble with bangs plays big role here. We’ll write about it little below.

Longer pixie with featheres bangs short haircuts for women

  • Tomy Hilfiger show caught eye with trendy combined short haircuts for women: for example great bob and mullet mix.

Hilfiger inspired mullet bob short haircuts for women

Short haircuts for women: Trendy bangs

Bangs presence or absence in short haircuts 2018 isn’t strictly defined. Proportional oval face looks perfect without it also. But we all love changes.

  • Fully graphic lines we’ve found on Kenzo show only. It spreaded on bangs also. Piercing clear hair colors add technogenicity charm.

Kenzo graphical cuts short haircuts for women

  • Straight and sided bangs with feathering make woman look younger.

Straight and sided bangs short haircuts for women

  • Long thick feathered bangs create mysterious image!

Thick and sided bangs short hair ideas

  • Long sided bangs never lose actuality. Such short hair ideas should be useful to smoothen sharp face elements.

Short hair ideas: Trendy styling

And let’s make finishing touch to short haircuts 2018 – cool styling! Here we have some surprises…

  • Got buzz cut? Use gel with color or glitter to upgrade your look for party!
  • Straight hair never goes out of fashion!
  • Need short hair ideas for businesswomen? Sleek hair back using wet effect gel. You’ll look both strict and elegant!

Sleek back elegant styling short hair ideas

  • Leave you curly texture free – it’s very trendy in 2018!
  • Feel your inner power! Go spiky!

Curly texture for short hair short hair ideas

  • Experiment with bangs and whole length directions.
  • Wear diadems for parties.

Hopefully, our «Short haircuts 2018: Fresh women’s hair ideas from catwalks» article inspired you for great makeover!

Trendy Short haircuts 2018

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