Simple updos for short hair: 4 fashionable hairstyle ideas for short hair

Hairstyles with short hair turn out to be the most foolproof and swift hairstyles. Subtle and faint hair looks decorous in short haircut, rather than in long one. Let’s see what simple updos for short hair you can do in home conditions.

simple updos for short hair, 4 fashionable hairstyles for short hair

Simple updos for short hair: trendy ideas

Simple updos for short hair in Greek style

Some believe that Greek goddess’ image they can create with help of long hair. It’s feasible to make efficacious styling in Greek style, even on short hair. Minimum 10-15 cm hair length must be needful since to curl hair in curls. After curling hair, most of hair must be collected at head back, creating definite elevation. Make out hair, using for this purpose tiaras, hoops, bandages, ribbons, studs with ornaments, small hairpins.

simple updos for short hair, stylish Greek style for short hair

There is another variant for creating beautiful Greek hairstyle, which involves use of fixing tape, rim, gum or bandage. Chosen accessory (we have elastic band) wear overhead over hair.

Curled pre-curls of individual small strands should be filled with elastic band around head back.

simple updos for short hair, short hair in stylish Greek style

Charming curls

Technique of creating curls on short hair doesn’t differ from classical one: for starters, curls are treated with fixing varnish, after which blandly dissociate hair by fingers.

Also, you can wind it as a part of hair, create clear horizontal dividing line. This is one of simple updos for short hair.

simple updos for short hair, charming curls for short hair step by step

Now consider option of stacking with locks step by step:

  1. First, distribute heat-protective spray on surface of hair.
  2. Collect upper part of head and fix it with studs.
  3. First of all, twist the shortest lower locks in head’s back.
  4. Hold ploy upright and twist strands from roots to tips. The longest strands on side should be twisted towards face.
  5. Continue winding curls, perennially changing direction. Twist one string to your face, and the other from your face.
  6. Curls shouldn’t be the same in thickness. They can be wound in arbitrary form, with help of which you can create head-on effect of fashionable disorder.
  7. Curling iron should be held at an angle. Try to pinch lock on top of face. Stretch bangs across whole curl.
  8. Thus fix result with varnish.

simple updos for short hair, charming curls with short hair

Smooth styling and bunch of short hair

  1. Make a horizontal parting on head’s back, thus dividing hair into two parts.
  2. So take side strands from face and fix them on back of head, using invisible.
  3. Loosen and lower hair’s top. Turn ends of hair inward.

simple updos for short hair, smooth styling of short hair step by step

simple updos for short hair, stylish smooth styling for short hair

Graceful and ordinary bun can be composed on short hair, if hair length isn’t less than 10-15 cm. Thus congregate all hair into small tail and clip it with slim band. If length of loose strands from tail permits, then collect them together and roll up around gum. If you want to hide such originative clutter, then elastic can be wrapped with handkerchief or beautiful ribbon. So for those who don’t like buckles, you can treat hair with suited mousse for styling, then slapdash brush all hair, so that hair will be better hold.

simple updos for short hair, stylish bun on short hair step by step

simple updos for short hair, fashionable bun on short hair

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