Updos for medium hair: 4 stylish and trendy styling ideas for medium hair

Hairstyles for medium hair are the elegance of curls, clear geometry of lines and slight carelessness, which gives image play of coquetry. The simplest way to change in a few minutes is daily styling, which you can do yourself, using a flat iron, a curling rod or fixing hairpins.

Let’s find out updos for medium hair in our article.

updos for medium hair, 4 stylish options for medium hair

Stylish ideas

Stacking delicate shell

To create such updos for medium hair, you will need bow or gum, invisible hairpin in number of two pieces, classic clasp, and elegant hairpin. If you have curls, it’s recommended to straighten wavy hair first, so that it’s easier to lay it.

updos for medium hair, stylish delicate shell for medium hair

We divide hair into two identical parts, drawing line in middle of occipital region, using comb with sharp end for this. Upper part of hair is collected in ponytail and bandaged with elastic band.

Lower hair slightly reduces by sprinkling with varnish.

Picking up lower curl and bangs, we begin to create flagella, closing half-assembled tail.

After that, we fix one shell and add extra volume.

updos for medium hair, stylish shell hairstyle for medium hair

Of remaining hair quickly form similar bundles. This will be easy if you wet your fingertips with fixative mousse or foam for styling. Resulting shell should be half-dissolved, add a decoration to center of hairstyle.

Updos for medium hair: trendy ideas

Quick laying Aurora

Such updos for medium hair are considered to be an ideal option for daily styling.

Initially, you need to collect curls in careless tail. If your hair is in ladder style, then bundle should be made higher. To fix it, one-toned rubber or stylish clip will fit. Free edge of tail neatly wrap in inside of beam to form asymmetric oval. Curl the freer curls, the more smooth transition will be between crown and bundle.

updos for medium hair, stylish Aurora hairstyle for medium hair

If you have a curly oval, then you should not straighten curls. Each curl will easily frame face and give image flirtatious note.

updos for medium hair, stylish Aurora hairstyle for medium hair

Hairstyle collected on the contrary

This is Greek version of everyday styling, which suits owners of haircuts or cascades. Collect upper part of hair in smooth tail, avoiding formation of coils. For these purposes, it’s better to use comb with frequent denticles.

updos for medium hair, stylish hairstyle on the contrary

After tail is assembled, slightly pull elastic band downwards to loosen bundle. Then gently pass tip of tail into hole near crown and pull it from wrong side. We repeat same simple process with lower locks. If you have liquid hair, then you can make magnificent coat in area of root zone. Tighten free edge of two tails and fix. For these purposes, hairpin or miniature crab is suitable.

Updos for medium hair: modish ideas

Volumetric spikelet without weaving

This laying is a kind of ancient Greek version of evening hairstyle, which modern designers adapted to everyday style.

Initially, comb hair, pre-treated with spray for easy straightening. Tie along entire length of hair 5-6 identical tails, using single-toned gum. To each element of hairstyle turned voluminous and elegant, use thick mousse for styling.

updos for medium hair, volumetric spikelet without weaving

After that, from each tail we make bagel fast, twisting hair into long flagellum and wrapping elastic band around it. Received bagels fix with new clip or special hair ornament.

updos for medium hair, stylish volumetric spikelet without weaving

Starting to roll bagels best from the lowest tails. Then each subsequent stacking elements will neatly overlap each other and create additional volume. As an ornament, you can use bow, felt flower or scarf, transformed into bandage.

updos for medium hair, stylish ideas for medium hair updos

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