Watermelon hair: Keep summer on your head!


Long time red-green combination considered being bad taste alarm, sometimes even causing «calm» color schemes’ lovers shock. Despite that, it causes not only disharmony in human mind…

Imagine juicy cold watermelon peace, saving from frazzling summer heat… It feels like in fairy-tale, doesn’t it?

Those wonderful associations became base for crazy watermelon hair trend creating!

It’s all watermelon shades’ combination opportunity. And it looks incredibly beautiful!

Watermelon-hair-hair-coloring-ideas-hair-dye-tips-Watermelon hair

COOL HAIRCUTS’ hair dye tips should help you find perfect tones fitting your image. Watermelon hair concept includes millions hair coloring ideas and we show most successful ones.

Already interested? Read our «Watermelon hair: Keep summer on your head!» article immediately!

Hair dye tips: Watermelon shades choice

Remember any negative image. Maybe, you’ve noticed your red t-shirt or roses turned green? It proves red is green antipodes, so their combination stays pretty capricious. You should choose hair coloring ideas competently.

  • Women with autumn color type, don’t worry! Clear watermelon colors made for you! Just be careful with pink shades – choose warm ones with yellow sub tones.

Autumn-color-type-watermelon-hair-Watermelon hair-hair coloring ideas

  • Winters would add some icy sparkles and cold sub tones. Though they’ll look bright also.

Winter-color-type-watermelon-hair-Watermelon hair-hair coloring ideas

  • Pastel watermelon colors would ideally accent Springs and Summers tenderness.

Summer-and-Spring-color-type-Watermelon-hair-Watermelon hair-hair coloring ideas

  • Dark hair needs previous bleaching. Hair dye tips for fair base should be easier: just toning with previous brass removing.
  • Watermelon shades suit any eye color.

Found your optimal shades? Now, time for inspiration has come!

Hair coloring ideas: So different Watermelon hair

  • Watermelon ombre became most popular and easy option.

Watermelon-ombre-hair-hair-coloring-ideas-hair-dye-tips-Watermelon hair-hair coloring ideas

  • Green hair with magenta highlights turn to watermelon fantasy!

Watermelon-hair-hair-coloring-ideas-hair-dye-tips-with-magenta-Watermelon hair-hair coloring ideas

  • Think watermelon hair coloring ideas won’t be useful for modest girls? Look at that pastel watermelon options!

Pastel-Watermelon-hair-hair-coloring-ideas-hair-dye-tips-hair coloring ideas

  • Need hair dye tips, you’ll easy realize by yourself? Try watermelon dip dye – for bold persons only!

Watermelon-dip-dye-hair-hair-coloring-ideas-hair-dye-tips-hair dye tips

  • Second easy way – split watermelon hair.

Split-Watermelon-hair-hair-coloring-ideas-hair-dye-tips-hair dye tips

  • Watermelon shadow roots make your hair vivid and incredibly cool!

Watermelon-shadow-roots-hair-hair-coloring-ideas-hair-dye-tips-hair dye tips

  • Complicated watermelon hair coloring ideas should be made with great stylist only. Just look at Ursula Goff‘s, real hair masterpieces creator, interpretations!

Ursula-Goff-Watermelon-hair-hair-coloring-ideas-hair-dye-tips-hair coloring ideas

Hopefully, our «Watermelon hair: Keep summer on your head!» article inspired your real summer look!

Watermelon-hair-hair-coloring-ideas-hair-dye-tips-hair coloring ideas

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