World beauty secrets: Home hair treatment


Hair beauty importance was understood since ancient times, when it has even magic meaning. No wonder people took care about hair health before first manufactured cosmetic products and, a fortiori, shampoo appearance (just in 1903!). Organic hair care made them look wonderful and strong. Now, we can use world humanity wisdom for perfect home hair treatment.

Home-hair-treatment-organic-hair-care-hair-health-home hair treatment-Organic hair care

COOL HAIRCUTS makes common recommendations based on aged-old knowledge. Make allergy tests for individual usage!

Let’s discuss best world recipes in our «World beauty secrets: Home hair treatment» article.

Home-hair-treatment-organic-hair-care-hair-health-home hair treatment-Organic hair care

Home hair treatment: Peoples’ wisdom


Home-hair-treatment-organic-hair-care-hair-health-Malasia-home hair treatment-Organic hair care

Ancient Malaysians washed hair with crushed Licorice roots. Modern science proved: such organic hair care acts as UV-filter also.

Malaysian women used next conditioner for hair health and beautiful copper shade achieving. Sandal tree’s crushed bark handful + Licorice root handful + 1l warm water + 1tbsp fruit vinegar. Leave for 15 min. Rinse hair with decoction after washing.




Tahitians call coconut palm “The Tree of Life”. They gave us unbelievable coconut oil secret: just gently rub small amount in hair, keep whole night, wash.

Modern home lamination recipe, modified from old Tahitian one: coconut milk – 3 tbsp. + 0.5 lemon’s juice + olive oil – 1tbsp. + starch – 1.5 tbsp.

Result makes positive shock!




Bulgarians used rose water for hair aromatization. Rose smell stimulates endorphins production. It’s effective for hair health also: fighting with hair loss, head skin inflammations.

Recipe: rose petals + boiled water in proportion 1:2. Cover and wait 2 hours.

Recipe 2 (for more fragrance): boil decoction with same proportions, then lower gas and keep petals until they’ll lose color. Separate water from petals.

Distillated water fits better.




From old times Japanese revere Almond tree as shrine. Organic hair care with it makes wonders!

Dissolve 1 tsp. sea salt in cup of mineral water. Add 1 tbsp. Almond oil, mix. Rub into hair then accurately wash.



Hopefully, our «World beauty secrets: Home hair treatment» article gave you much fun and shining hair with unbelievable aroma! Like this article? Find more interesting stuff about hair health on COOL HAIRCUTS!



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