Yellow hair color: Sunny mood


Blonde hair shades include unusual ones undeservedly disadvantaged by popularity in past, but gaining it nowadays. Yellow hair color becomes modern bright blondes’ choice, appears in colorful hair ideas for brunettes. It’s shades variety richness allows finding any appearance type suitable one.

Let’s discuss it’s nuances in our «Yellow hair color: Sunny mood» article.

Yellow-hair-color-blonde-hair-shades-colorful-hair-ideas-blonde hair shades-colorful hair ideas

Yellow hair color: Contradictions of yellow

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Yellow considered being capricious tone. So, first, we’ll list cases, when you’ll better go another color.

  • Age after 40. It’s relative advice. Yellow makes look elder.
  • Skin problems. Yellow accents redness, acne, uneven skin tone.
  • Deep tan, expressed yellow skin tone. Blonde hair shades with yellowness better suit ideal fair skin.

Yellow-hair-color-blonde-hair-shades-blonde hair shades-colorful hair ideas

  • Lack of time. Yellow hair require perfect competent make up, otherwise face will be «lost» on bright hair background.
  • Damaged hair. Wait with any colorful hair ideas until treatment end, especially it’s actual for yellow! You need shining fantasy hair, without straw effect!

Colorful hair ideas: Find your yellow!

  • Autumn color type rules here! Choose any yellow shade you like, if you have fair skin. Avoid reddish or orange yellows, if you’ve got freckles.

Yellow-hair-color-blonde-hair-shades-for-autumn-color-type-blonde hair shades-colorful hair ideas

  • Autumns without freckles and warm Winters could try «fiery» hair!

Yellow-hair-color-fiery-hair-colorful-hair-ideas-blonde hair shades-colorful hair ideas

  • Cool color type’s owners, especially winters, should pay attention on cold yellows: lemon, pure chartreuse, neon yellow. Ashen yellow should give you noble look also.

Yellow-hair-color-blonde-hair-shades-colorful-hair-ideas-for-cool-color-type-blonde hair shades-colorful hair ideas

  • Most mermaid colorful hair ideas with yellow ideal for Winters.

Yellow-hair-color-mermaid-hair-colorful-hair-ideas-blonde hair shades-colorful hair ideas

  • Springs should shine with pastel yellows, banana shades, peach, amber.

Yellow-hair-color-blonde-hair-shades-for-spring-color-type-blonde hair shades

  • Summers need noble blonde hair shades: vanilla yellow, pastel yellow, beige, moon yellow. Avoid too bright tones.
  • Yellow hair make brown eyes fiery shining, accent sunny tone in green eyes and create admirable contrast with blue and grey ones.

Yellow-hair-color-with-eyes-colors-Yellow hair color

  • If you’ve got too much yellow, neutralize it with violet toner.
  • Yellow hair need frequent tone updating! Though, it’s tone easy changes, if you wish.

Hopefully, our «Yellow hair color: Sunny mood» article should inspire your brightest makeover!

Yellow-hair-color-blonde-hair-shades-colorful-hair-ideas-Yellow hair color

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