Long Hairstyles For Women 2023: Top 5 Unique Ideas That You’ll Want To Try

Long Hairstyles For Women 2023 Women hairstyles

Long hairstyles for women 2023 are ready to inspire you  to make the best change for the upcoming season!

When you have long hair as a woman, there are a multitude of Long hairstyles for women 2023 possibilities, you still need to have ideas in order to always have long and impeccable hair.

Whether you are on vacation, at work, at sport, at a wedding or for a daily hairstyle, here are some ideas and tips to adopt.

Long Hairstyles For Women 2023

Long hairstyles for women 2023:The bun

The bun can be a chic and sophisticated option among  long hairstyles for women 2023 as well as a casual one.

For a casual and cool look, opt for an unstructured high bun such as the messy bun which is a loose, messy bun.

You can also make a low chignon with falling locks on the forehead. You can twist your locks to create different effects.

For a more chic, sophisticated and elegant side, the well-drawn classic bun will always be a sensation from long hairstyles for women 2023. For a special event, a high, braided bun is the perfect combination for a stylish and different hairstyle.

Long Hairstyles For Women 2023

Advice on long hairstyles for women 2023: give a cool and elegant side to your bun by decorating it with a scarf, a perfect hairstyle for the summer!

Ponytail and its varieties on top of  long hairstyles for women 2023

You have the classic easy, quick and effective ponytail that you can achieve using a simple rubber band.

However to make this type of  long hairstyles for women 2023 more sophisticated, you can make it more voluptuous by creating front curls and lightly backcombing to give volume.

You can also use a strand of the ponytail that you will surround around the elastic with flat pliers. This will give a pretty illusion to your ponytail.

Long Hairstyles For Women 2023

You can also make it cooler by loosening a few strands on the top of the head and loosening the strands around the face.

The braid

The braid is still THE trendy one among  long hairstyles for women 2023! Very easy to decline you can opt for the hippie chic version with a braid on each side.

The classic or African braid, ideal for a good sports session without hair in front of your eyes.

Very trendy at the moment, the two small braids around the face with loose hair, the detail of fashionistas!

Finally, for a cooler side, the braid on the side is very easy to achieve.

Long Hairstyles For Women 2023

Another long hairstyles for women 2023  advice: to give a disheveled but elegant side to your braids, once it is finished, do not hesitate to slightly loosen the different crossings.

The half-tie

The half-up is the perfect compromise to keep the hair loose while having the urge to have your hair pulled. You can give a very feminine and romantic look with or without the occasion by curling the loose part of your hair.

With or without occasion, the half-tie emphasizes the features of the face and enhances your beauty.

long hairstyles for women 2023:loose hair

For beautiful loose hair and a romantic side, make waves with a curling iron or styler. An easy and quick hairstyle to achieve during the week.

Our tip: place your hair on the side and position a pretty barrette on the opposite side.

Long Hairstyles For Women 2023

You can also dress up your hair with accessories such as:

  • Headband,
  • The barrettes,
  • A fabric headband
  • A hair ornament…

You will easily find beautiful long hairstyles for women 2023 tutorials on the internet but do not hesitate to go to Lucie Saint-Clair to make the perfect tie or hairstyle for each of your events.

Our expert hairdressers can help you find THE ideal hairstyle according to your style and for your occasion for a beautiful makeover!

Side bun as novelty on long hairstyles for 2023

If you bet on elegance, nothing could be simpler with for raised hair. On your next night out, opt for a side bun and highlight your shoulders. Reinterpret this classic bun and reinvent glamor by adding texture and volume.

Dancer bun

Opt for the bun and restore vitality to your long hair with this perfect version of the dancer bun. Timeless and elegant, this bun is not only chic, but it also adapts to all circumstances. To be worn day and night, high or low at the base of the neck. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to score style points.

long hairstyles for 2023

Long hairstyles for women 2023 tip: Brush your hair before styling using the ghd oval brush for a smooth effect.

Crown Braid outcome: long hairstyles female 2023

Add a divine touch of romance to your long hair with this fishtail halo braid. Ideal on long hair, this hairstyle with elaborate braids exudes a mystical beauty. Go soft and place a few neatly styled-disheveled locks around the face.

From an easy hairstyle to the most sophisticated, long hair can afford everything! Whether for the office, an outing with friends, a romantic dinner, the range of hairstyles is vast, whether you have straight or curly hair.

And sometimes inspiration is just around the corner. Low braid, braids, wet hair, high pony tail, Y2K inspiration… Here are most  ideas for long hairstyles for women 2023 seen on girls in sight with long hair, which can be worn in all circumstances.

long hairstyles for 2023

Bun, braid, ponytail… The stars inspire us, with ideas for long hairstyles for women 2023 on long hair for all occasions: everyday, in the evening or for major events.

Whether on the red carpet, on television sets or in everyday life, stars with long hair inspire us with original and sophisticated hairstyle ideas.

Always at the forefront of the trend, celebrities experiment with all hairstyles: braided bun, XXL shell banana… And often, it’s a success. We draw inspiration from it without moderation by twisting the classics or betting on sure values ​​like the high, smooth or wavy ponytail.

From Blake Lively to Ariana Grande, via Nicole Kidman or Emily Ratajkowski, here are the main trends in hairstyles for long hair, to adopt without delay.

The bun, a must-have for long hairstyles for women 2023

A great classic of the red carpet, the bun is the favorite hairstyle of women with long hair.

No doubt because it can be reinvented ad infinitum: from the fuzzy chignon made hastily in the morning to go to the office to the tight chignon bun for the evening, via the braided or accessorized chignon.

It comes in all shapes and sizes and suits all hair types. Smooth or curly, thin or thick, each has its own bun.

long hairstyles for 2023

Worn low at the nape of the neck, high on top of the head, to the side, or styled in a banana bun, the bun seems never to lose its title as the quintessential hairstyle for long hair.

The braid from every angle

A time reserved for girls in schoolyards, the braid has been making a comeback on the red carpets for several years, allowing stars to break an overly sophisticated look with a wild braid. Here is another hairstyle that allows all eccentricities and that we have seen reinvented over the seasons.

The classic braid (French braid) has worthy heirs: the spike braid, the glued braid, the braided crown, the waterfall braid… We also use the braid to accessorize other hairstyles, we insert it into chignons, we surround with a braid the knot of a ponytail or we braid a few locks to twist curly hair.

Long hairstyles for 2023: Try the cascading curls

Very Hollywood, the curls sublimate the long hair, since they do not take away the charm of the length.

long hairstyles for 2023

You can opt for the wavy curls version to give spring to long hair, or for a much more sophisticated XXL curls version, or even notched curls for a retro look. Worn cascading over the shoulders or pulled to the side in a romantic one-shoulder or with a faux half-hawk effect, stars never seem to get tired of curly hairstyles. And neither do we!

Bet on sobriety with the ponytail: long hairstyles for women 2023

As for the ponytail, this great classic is an everyday ally and also allows, on special occasions, to clear your face while creating a chic look without fuss.

Whether we wear it very high or on the contrary on the nape of the neck, on the side, smooth or wavy, whether we crepe the hair for a wild effect or on the contrary that we flatten the hair for more sophistication, the tail -de-cheval is also a perfect hairstyle for long hair, especially for thick hair.

We twist it to infinity by accessorizing it, by surrounding the elastic with a beautiful scarf, by braiding a few locks or by bringing it to the side.

How to wear a headband: long hairstyles for women 2023

The headband is this little headband that hippies wore in the 1960s and 1970s. It is back in fashion since you can wear it with everything and have a casual chic bohemian look. An accessory to give a touch of originality to your style.

The headband has become an essential accessory for those who do not want to spend hours on their hairstyle. It gives a chic and casual look that can go with any outfit.

Above all, it is suitable for all hair lengths: short hair as well as long hair through mid-length.

long hairstyles for 2023

If it remains easy to wear and position, there are still some tips that will help us vary the styles.

Classic, on the forehead

Straight or curly, wavy or curly hair, the headband worn simply on the forehead is a safe bet. To do this, simply pass it around the head by passing it over the forehead.

You can even let out a few strands to give a little messy but glamorous effect. Avoid of course for those who have bangs. The forehead must be clear, and this way of wearing the headband will go all the better to oval faces and elongated by the forehead.

Easy, on the head

Fringe enthusiasts will be satisfied with this way of wearing the headband. We put our accessory on the head, and voila.

Our lock will be able to sweep our forehead in style without being flattened or messy. We wrap a few locks in the headband, guaranteed bohemian look.

We will have this “hippie chic” style that fashion has been dusting off for some time. All that remains is to choose the clothes that will go with our headband.

Sloppy effect, with a bun

When you like chignons, it is quite possible to combine them with the headband.

Just like the accessory, the “neglected” style has become a symbol of glamour. No more pulled up buns, the loose is in the spotlight.

long hairstyles for 2023

We therefore gather our hair in a “messy” bun, preferably with a parting in the middle. We put the headband, and we let out wicks on the side of our face. A good compromise that will put a little fantasy in our buns.

Back to the 1930s, with the rolled up

A way of wearing the headband that is increasingly popular and observed: the “1930s” style bun.

It’s about putting the headband around your head and wrapping the strands of hair one by one in the elastic. This method takes a little longer, but it gives a totally retro look.

The extra touch, with a braid

Do not hesitate to slip a headband with our braids or our ponytails.

Make a straight or side braid, and add the headband. We can also find this accessory in fabric to attach it to the side of the braid or ponytail to let the edges fall on the shoulders or between the shoulder blades.

long hairstyles for 2023

In the end, for a hairstyle that looks like us, regardless of our style, it’s all about choosing the right headband.

Long hairstyles for women 2023: how to style our lengths with ease?

The length matters. To style long hair on a daily basis without having to worry, here are two ultra-trendy versions with tips from Olivier Lebrun, hairstylist Garnier Fructis.

When we are lucky enough to have an XXL mane, we often want to have fun with our lengths.

long hairstyles for 2023

However, our long hair does not make our life easier when it comes to styling it.

So to vary the pleasures without complicating life, here are two hairstyles proposed by Olivier Lebrun, creative hairdresser at Garnier Fructis.

Try the flexible brushing for a blurred hairstyle

What if we succumbed to ultra-supple brushing? Thanks to him, we obtain the ideal compromise: “smooth but not stiff” hair.

In practice: Wash your hair with a formula that repairs it and “boosts” it along its entire length, especially if it is flattened due to repeated straightening.

After the shampoo, pre-dry them by starting to discipline them with the help of a large detangling comb.

Apply a dab of smoothing mousse from roots to ends.

Separate the hair into four thick strands (top of the head, sides, back) and shape them with a blow-dry with a large round brush, in a flexible and rounded movement.

Rework with a curling iron or hot brush an asymmetrical and smaller section from above, to impress your style.

long hairstyles for 2023

Little tip: to limit the effects of curls and waves: it looks younger… Skip the hairspray so as not to freeze the hair.

Play with styles by tying our hair: long hairstyles for 2023

With a ponytail or a bun on the back of the neck: we want something strict.

In practice: Detangle, draw a parting in the middle or asymmetric, and on each side, smooth in a backward movement using an iron.

Take a little fixing gel with an eyebrow comb to mark the parting.

Apply a wet look gel to mid-length and tie the hair at the nape of the neck: in a ponytail with an elastic band or in a dancer’s bun with pins.

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