Pixie Cuts 2023: Top 10 Trendy Ideas To Change The Little Hair Madness

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Pixie cuts 2023 are definitely amazing hair transformation for the change lovers!

When returning from vacation, going to the hairdresser is almost a mandatory stop before resuming daily life. Which haircut will you prefer the upcoming year?

The choice is vital: the Copper bob, the “Bardot” cut, or the iconic pixie cuts 2023?

Who doesn’t plan a hair appointment before the start of the new year?

Pixie cuts 2023

The winter is a busy season for hairstylists in general. And for good reason: hair needs to be cared for after weeks of being out in the sun, in the pool or the sea, or even simply hidden under a hat.

Going to the salon can result in a drastic change in haircut, aside from a deep hydrating treatment: 2023 pixie haircuts are waiting for you!

Or, as some celebrities do, a little hair madness. As a result, we’ve chosen the seven haircuts that will be on everyone’s head this fall. Deal!

Pixie cuts 2023: the inspo

The pixie cut is ideal for achieving a glamorous, exquisite, classy, and practical new look. At first glance, these ultra-short pixie cuts 2023 may appear threatening, but they’re easy to master.

Pixie cuts 2023

We draw inspiration from Mia Farrow’s iconic Vidal Sassoon cut in Rosemary’s Baby for this super short style that exudes confidence and a super chic head carriage.

And if we dared pixie cuts 2023

Pixie cuts 2023 are one of the most beautiful short haircuts. If the pixie haircut comes in infinity, it is however inspired by the famous hairstyle of Pixie Geldof. If you hesitate to take the plunge, discover the anthology of the most beautiful models of pixie cuts.

Pixie Cuts 2023: Top 10 Trendy Ideas To Change The Little Hair Madness

The pixie cut is truly a staple when it comes to haircuts. Very fashionable in the mid-90s, it is still at the top of the trends today. Before daring this very short haircut, here is everything you need to know about the pixie cut.

Pixie haircuts 2023: the timeless trend

If the pixie cut may seem like all other short haircuts, it is not.

The pixie cut differs from other short haircuts thanks to its rounded shape, and its subtle gradient which is generally characterized by a large lock brought back behind the ear.

Pixie cuts 2023

With it, we obtain a light and graphic cut at the same time which modernizes the well-known “boyish” cut.

Many celebrities, including Halle Berry, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and, most recently, Michelle Williams, have adopted this new look with  the most trendy pixie haircuts 2023. However, it was the English singer Pixie Geldof who popularized this hairstyle.

What face is ideal for pixieness

Good news: almost any face shape can sport a pixie cut! Just twist the cut according to the shape of his face. Thus, those who have a square face will see their features soften with a few degraded locks subtly placed to surround the face…

On the other hand, those with an oval face can flatten a large asymmetrical lock.

Pixie cuts 2023

For a round face pixie cut, some will be able to juggle locks of different lengths, especially on the top of the skull, to precisely break the curves.

It’s up to you to tame the pixie cut as you see fit! You can opt for a long pixie cut or an asymmetrical pixie cut.

How to style the Pixie cut

Despite what people think of short haircuts, it is possible to play with your hair and style your pixie cut as you wish. For a hairstyle with a chic and pointed look, slick your hair back and play with the wet look effect.

Or, bet on a hair accessory: pull out your most beautiful headband or a pretty barrette to style your original pixie cut. This is the ideal solution for a pixie cut for fine hair.

Pixie cuts 2023

Another option, more bohemian: you can give a wavy effect to the lock that covers the forehead and accentuate the movement on the rest of the hair using a texturizing spray.

For a more rock look, go for the shell effect, for a wildly retro look.

If you have decided to take the plunge and dare the Pixie cuts 2023, come and pick up ideas from our selection of the most beautiful models.

How to adopt the pixie cut?

Do you want to take the plunge and cut your hair short? Bet on a pixie cut, whose asymmetrical structure offers a good compromise between a short nape and a longer lock on the front.

Pixie cuts 2023

In English, pixie haircut means “little cut”. Not very engaging, and yet, it is making a strong comeback this year.

Pixie cuts 2023: per aspera ad astra

This asymmetrical cut, which is distinguished by a short neck and a long lock or fringe on the front, has what it takes to give our face a mischievous and childish look, like the stars who have adopted it: Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson or Michelle Williams.

Pixie cuts 2023

Modulable, you can add a fringe that falls over the eyes for a retro sixties effect, a long lock that bars the forehead or even a rockabilly twist pulled up with an invisible pin.

Pixie cuts 2023: ideal style for everyone

“Those who ask for a pixie haircut in the salon are mainly young women who are between 18 and 35 years old, with an already very assertive look,” says  studio hairdresser.

And with social networks as catalysts of trends, many women push the door of their living room, smartphone in hand, to show what they want.

Pixie cuts 2023

The hairdresser can then direct them to the best according to the shape of the face, the time they are ready to devote to it and the expected result.

“They are no longer afraid of the result or of what those around them will think, according to Etienne Sekola, hairdresser who exercises his talents within XVI Opéra.

They have confidence in themselves, know their hair and know what they want, while remaining open to discussion so that the final rendering best reflects their inspiration.”

Which option of pixie cuts 2023 to choose

If you don’t know which pixie cut to adopt, you should know that hairdressers are currently moving towards a 2023 version of the “five point” cut created by Vidal Sassoon in the sixties.

A pretty neck and refined legs, slightly short on the forehead like Jean Seberg or Françoise Sagan.

Pixie cuts 2023

“We are moving away from the rock pixie that we could see a few years ago on Scarlett Johansson or Jennifer Lawrence and we are coming back to this pixie of the sixties, very chic, with healthy hair, a pretty color with a little depth but without sweeping to keep this very natural side”, explains Delphine.

He adds: “If you have a lot of hair, ask your hairdresser to taper well in places to avoid the Playmobil effect.”

Pixie bob hairstyles 2023: how to maintain

The pixie cuts 2023 have the biggest advantage of being combed very easily, in a few sprays of texturizing spray like “jumping out of bed” to tame any spikes in the morning. ”

Spray it on the top of the scalp the day after shampooing to style and add volume or, if you have thick hair, run your hands through the hair with a little water, it will help to dissipate the creases of the hair. night”, recommends Brad Mondo.

Pixie Cuts 2023: Top 10 Trendy Ideas To Change The Little Hair Madness

Also, avoid lacquers, gels, or powder products such as dry shampoos which “will mattify the fiber, draw out the strands and give your pixie a slightly cheesy look”, indicates the hairdresser.

The only real downside to the pixie? “It’s a cut that requires regular maintenance and that involves going back to your hairdresser every two months or so to rework it. Three months maximum,” warns the hairdresser.

Here’s how to adopt the gray hair pixie cut with panache!

Today, salt-and-pepper hair is so popular among women that we all want to have it, no matter our age. But which haircut should you go for to complement the trendy coloring?

Pixie Cuts 2023: Top 10 Trendy Ideas To Change The Little Hair Madness

The gray hair pixie cuts 2023 are one of the best options. Young women can achieve a more youthful and extravagant appearance by using it.

On the other hand, this hairstyle makes mature women appear younger. In conclusion, you can’t go wrong with the pixie cut, as evidenced by the photos below.

The pixie cut is part of the list of the most trendy styles of 2023.

Adopted by Hollywood and Instagrammers, it is even about to replace the eternal French square. If you’re brave enough to make this major change, you absolutely must see these trending options below.

Add a touch of color

Being halfway between the short tapered bobs and pixie cuts 2023, this look is perfect for the summer season. It adds volume and style to every gait.

To twist it to the advantage, add a colored lock or opt for the combination of gray hair with pop tips. The most fashionable shades this year are orange, purple and pink. Which is yours?

short pixie haircuts 2023

If you’re a member of “Team Fringe,” you’re aware that there are numerous ways to wear it. However, when it comes to short haircuts, the one shown above is one of the best options.

She gives the haircut the appearance of a bob in the front, but when you flip it around, you can actually show off your pixie. This will definitely set you apart!

The asymmetrical pixie cut in gray color is another stunning possibility that adds volume to the hair.

First it’s super trendy, second – it will strengthen the roots and lengths of your hair.

Gray is the new black

Many women are self-conscious about their first gray hair and attempt to conceal it with permanent dyes. Those days, however, are long gone. Gray hair has become the new black.

The care is vital, because white hair is more prone to turning yellow over time, owing primarily to sun exposure.

This is because UV light causes the proteins in the hair to turn yellow.

Pixie Cuts 2023: Top 10 Trendy Ideas To Change The Little Hair Madness

Melanin normally protects them, but silver hair contains little to no melanin. Finally, we must emphasize the importance of using sunscreen products.

Layering and shape, tailored to the shape of the face, make the perfect short haircut.

Women with round faces, for example, may require a little more height on their crown, which is easily achieved with an undercut and a few longer locks on top.

The Pixie with an undercut is ideal for daring women who aren’t afraid to experiment. They can show their power through fashion with bangs.

Fringe is chic

Fringe is chic! But you’ll probably ask “Which bangs for which face?” Well, it depends on your face shape and your lifestyle. If you don’t have enough time to style it, choose longer looks.

Also keep in mind that shorter bangs should be refreshed every 3 weeks (depending on the hair). But it is equally valid for the pixie. The shorter it is, the more often you have to go to the hair salon.

No matter which one you choose, one thing is certain – bangs can dramatically enhance your features, while bringing symmetry and balance to the face.

Pixie bob hairstyles 2023: What about the length

The long pixie haircut is a stylish way to style short hair. Many celebrities have already embraced this hairstyle, which can be very glamorous, elegant, and sophisticated.

Here are some of the best ways to wear  long pixie bob hairstyles 2023.

short pixie haircuts 2023

Long Pixie Hairstyle with Long V-Layer A longer pixie allows you to try out different looks. You can do it by  varying the amount, length, and position hair

You can experiment with cutting the hair shorter in front and longer behind.

On another hand, you can go for an extremely short shape with a layered top.

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