Shag Haircuts 2023: No Matter The Length, The Best Idea To Adopt This Year

shag haircuts 2023 Women hairstyles

Shag haircuts 2023 are here! Has this ever happened to you? Your hairdresser convinced you to dare a new hairstyle and you now have trouble recognizing yourself in the mirror?

The new look had to be really great though. This would never have happened with a classic hairstyle like the 70s shag.

Just like with the rest of the trends, the hair shag haircuts 2023 are also inspired by the styles of yesteryear. One such hit that is making a comeback on the scene is the shag cut.

shag haircuts 2023

A typically vintage hairstyle, very popular during the 70s, which is now revisited and refined with a modern touch.

So if you want to experiment with a new hair transformation, in this article we present the shag haircuts 2023 in all its splendor by examining its greatest assets and the many ways to adopt and wear it easily.

The shag haircuts 2023 list is built on a layered hairstyle and the hair is combed close to the scalp. The style radiates in all variations, in short hair at the level of the earlobe or at the shoulder.

shag haircuts 2023

A long side parting highlights a shag hairstyle. The shag goes very well on fine hair if the covering hair is not cut too short.

If your hair is very thick and strong, the shag haircuts 2023 should be tapered and light to achieve a more docile and less heavy appearance. How do we style them? A blow of hair dryer and voila!

Short shag haircuts 2023: the most extraordinary idea

Also called shag cut, this degraded hairstyle born in the 1970s returns to the front of the stage, worn by models as well as personalities. Want to adopt it? Here is everything you need to know about the shaggy haircut.

“It was the hairstyle of singer Patti Smith in the 1970s.

This cut between the long square and the mullet, very degraded around the face and at the level of the eyes, had already made a comeback in the 2000s on Kate Moss or Helena Christensen”, recalls Delphine Courteille, hairdresser backstage and at all Paris.

shag haircuts 2023

Since the fall of 2022, this shag haircuts 2023  expert has been making this cut on many young women looking for a more rock look.

“This allows you to break the wise side of a wavy bob with parting in the middle, without falling into the extreme side of the long mullet-style neck.”

What is the shag cut: short shag haircuts 2023

The English word shag refers to wool or a fringed rug. We understand the idea: short or mid-length, the voluminous hair falls around the face in the form of long bangs that form like a curtain, to end in locks of different lengths on either side of the neck and shoulders.

“A skilful game of shading and picketing, explains the scissor pro.

Many clients have been traumatized by a slightly too marked shading that grows back badly, but it is above all the excessive tapering that impoverishes the material, destructures nature hair and amplifies frizz.”

shag haircuts 2023

Suffice to say that the shaggy cut requires technique not to fall into the mullet cut and to keep this volume on the top of the skull which makes the whole more harmonious.

Who can wear the shaggy cut: shag haircuts 2023

The good news is that shag haircuts 2023 goes to everyone, since we adapt the gradient and the length to the shape of the face and the type of hair.

“On a soft or straight nature (but not too thin), it will still be easier to achieve and maintain than on very curly hair, warns Delphine Courteille. On full and curly hair, this cut has the advantage of thin the mass.”

How to maintain it: shag haircuts 2023

“The cut should be lightened every two months if you have thick hair, but if not, you can completely let it live for three to four months because the gradient from the eye grows back harmoniously”, says the hair expert.

Drying is simple: upside down for maximum volume, or in the open air if the hair is already full and supple.

shag haircuts 2023

For better sheathing, the pro simply recommends spraying styling water (or two dabs of gel mixed with water in a spray) and texturizing the locks with your fingers while drying them.

The next day, a blow of dry shampoo will restore swelling in the roots. Since we have gained a little length, our square or our bangs have grown back, the shag cut is really THE trendy hairstyle to adopt after deconfinement.

What characterizes the shag cut?

In general, the shag(gy) cut is characterized by a relaxed and textured look with tapered and layered lengths. It was a real rage during the second half of the 20th century, the 1970s in particular.

Halfway between the neo-mullet and the degraded cut, the shaggy haircut frames the face while giving volume and structure to the hair. In short version (more for thick hair), mid-length or long, it is the ideal solution to offer a chic vision with a touch of je ne sais quoi.

shag haircuts 2023

And if we play the variant card with bangs, the result is even more attractive! As a basis for your shaggy cut, you can opt for a square or a Pixie.

Then, we add texture with a few layers and marked ends. However, the secret here is to bet on the balance so as not to go for a mullet or degraded cut with excessive tapering.

What we want here is to keep the volume on the skull.Volume, texture and layers: these are the distinctive features of the star cut of the year.

Why opt for a short shag haircuts 2023

First of all, it should be noted that the shaggy cut will be very current in the months to come and this is not without reason. First of all, this type of hairstyle adapts excellently to each face shape.

Thanks to its versatile nature, it is a suitable choice regardless of your age. The shaggy haircut works perfectly on long and short, thick or thin hair. One of its greatest advantages is its low maintenance.

Shag Haircuts 2023: No Matter The Length, The Best Idea To Adopt This Year

In fact, you won’t need to spend long hours in front of the mirror to do your hair, because this cut focuses on the natural effect, a little relaxed and carefree. How to wear your new woman haircut 2023?

Shag haircut in the spirit of the 70s

Want to adopt the shaggy cut in its traditional version of the 70s? It should be noted that the classic cut emphasizes volume at the top of the head and not so much at the ends. In this way, we enjoy a more boyish look, so it is a suitable option for independent and strong women.

Shag Hairstyle with Soft Waves

For a casual yet sweet and romantic vision, here is an excellent idea how to style your shaggy cut.

Curtain bangs frame the face while giving it a more captivating, fresh and youthful look. The delicate waves highlight the layered cut by adding a girly and dreamy note. Natural waves and a curtain fringe: the perfect combo for a modern and romantic shaggy vision.

shag haircuts 2023

Short shag haircuts 2023  for a glamorous vision

Want to catch the eye? So, one of the simplest variants is to simply curl your tips to highlight the beauty of your layered cut. Soft curls are a cool way to enjoy a feminine, slightly wild and glorifying vision.

In addition, they are harmoniously combinable with a formal and elegant outfit, for example, with an evening dress.

Messy short haircut with straight hair

If your hair is naturally straight and straight and sometimes seems too flat and lifeless, this type of cut is ideal for giving it more structure and volume.

To add a more chic touch to your look, you can, for example, use a comb and a styling spray/paste applied to the skull. For a messy look, add wavy-effect mousse to the lengths.

Shag Haircuts 2023: No Matter The Length, The Best Idea To Adopt This Year

The shag cut: big trend of the moment

The shag cut, also called shaggy hair, is characterized by a long tapered and degraded bob so as to give this impression of several “layers of hair” in the lengths.

Also recognizable by its curtain bangs, which degrade on both sides of the face before blending in locks with the rest of the hair, this hairstyle never goes unnoticed!

Generally worn with a center parting, the trend does not rule out the side parting version. Sport your shaggy hairstyle as you wish.

So many it-girls let their shag cut fly in the wind, do not hesitate to tie it in a ponytail at the back for a more feminine look. Finally, know that your hair is curly or straight does not matter!

Shag Haircuts 2023: No Matter The Length, The Best Idea To Adopt This Year

Indeed, the shaggy hairstyle will know how to give volume to straight hair as much as to accentuate the spring of the curls of curly hair. You will have understood it: the shag cut is one of those with the art of sublimating all types and lengths of hair, but also each face and color.

How to style your shag hairstyle?

In order for your shag haircut to look nice and your hair not to fall apart, it is best to use a texturizing spray. You can also, just after washing your hair, use a mousse to add more volume and movement.

If your hair is thick, we recommend that you return to the hair salon to lighten it approximately every two months. If this is not the case, then you can let your hair live freely for three to four months.

Indeed, thanks to the characteristic gradient of the shaggy cut, your hair will grow back in a harmonious way and that’s good news!

Shag Haircuts 2023: No Matter The Length, The Best Idea To Adopt This Year

The most beautiful inspirations of shag hairstyles to discover in our slide. Stock up on ideas before falling for this degraded hairstyle with a very trendy style, to adopt as soon as possible. Charlotte Gainsbourg hair is yours!

Lately, the beauty trends of yesteryear are coming back to the fore! Among the most successful vintage haircuts, it is no surprise that we find the shag hairstyle.

Is shaggy for every face?

As early as the 1970s, women and men already appreciated this trendy haircut, with a cult and elegant style. Over time, the shag cut and its relaxed rock look have not only found their place on the biggest catwalks, but have also won the hearts of our favorite stars and influencers.

shag haircuts 2023

No wonder this enthusiasm! Do you know another hairstyle that is so casual and so easy to achieve? Because yes, this crumpled haircut does not ask to drag on in his bathroom in the morning. Quite the contrary.

Do you want to adopt this degraded hairstyle like no other? Here is everything you need to know about the shaggy haircut.

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