Upstyles for long hair: 8 fashionable options and trends for long hair styling ideas

Long luxurious hair is undoubtedly wealth of woman. But you can’t always wear loose strands. There are times when hairstyle is simply necessary, and even variety in life is necessary.

Let’s consider what upstyles for long hair with their own hands can be done independently in just 5 steps.

upstyles for long hair, 8 top trends for long hair styling

Upstyles for long hair: trendy ideas

Simple laying on tail base

Laying with tail is chosen by many young ladies.

Such upstyles for long hair will be appropriate everywhere. On a date, like daily hairstyle during working hours or holiday.

If you do haircut, then your hair will appear bulkier, and with a few rubber bands, longer.

Tail can be located on top, bottom or side. To decorate hairdo it’s possible having wrapped basis with own hair, having added scythe or having made wave.

upstyles for long hair, fashionable tail for long tail


  • Collect all hair in tail
  • Divide in half
  • Separate small strand to decorate base of tail
  • Take main strands and begin to twist tows clockwise
  • We twist what happened and fix with rubber band.

upstyles for long hair, fashionable tail-rope for long hair

Tier tail

  • Make ordinary tail
  • Brush it
  • Process with varnish
  • Visually divide curls into equal parts and fix them with decorative or monophonic elastic bands
  • Place of interception can be wrapped with strands, and tip of tail can be fluffed or smoothed.

upstyles for long hair, stylish tier tail for long hair

Upstyles for long hair: stylish ideas

Inverted tail

Such upstyles for long hair are often used as business hairstyle.

  • Make a low tail
  • Pull elastic from back of head down a few centimeters
  • Divide hair over elastic band into equal parts
  • Strand together with rubber band is carried into resulting hole from above
  • Pull up elastic and comb your hair. If you want to slightly complicate styling, you can make two such tail.

upstyles for long hair, stylish inverted tail for long hair

Quick laying out of braids

Spit is always very popular. With their help in image notes of romanticism and tenderness are introduced. Braid can be basis of hairstyle and can become easy unobtrusive addition.

upstyles for long hair, fashionable braids for long hair

Bezel rim

  • Separate strands on right and left behind ears
  • Braid two pigtails
  • Throw each on opposite side
  • Ends are hidden from eyes with hairpins.

upstyles for long hair, fashionable bezel rim for long hair

Loose hair with scythe

  • Thus take a strand over the temple
  • Plait of it French scythe or fishtail
  • Weave in direction of occipital part of head
  • When braid reaches middle of nape, we fix it with elastic band
  • So perform similar actions on other hand, connecting braids and fix them.

upstyles for long hair, stylish loose hair with scythe

Upstyles for long hair: modish ideas


  • Comb hair back
  • On right and left, they take in strands
  • Place right over left
  • Next, a new left strand should be placed under right, and new right knit with left
  • Also, fix ends.

upstyles for long hair, fashionable hairstyle with spikelet


From nodes

  • Make tail where beam should be
  • So divide hair into two strands and tie them in a knot
  • Repeat until hair runs out
  • Folding out what happened in bundle
  • Thus fix it with help of hairpins.

upstyles for long hair, stylish beam from knots

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